The discredited 60 Minutes report “Call to Arms” promoted by them as proof that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation was associated with loony extremists in the US.

Sunday 7th June 1998

Reporter Jeff McMullen
Producer Julian Cress

Jeff McMullen: “According to most opinion polls Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party will perform strongly at next week’s Queensland state election, perhaps winning seats, maybe even holding the balance of power. But listen to her speeches, and delve into what her party stands for and you find, like we’ve done you find that One Nation has very little to do with our nation. From the theory of the United Nations new world order espoused in a speech by Pauline Hanson this week, to laxer gun laws to attacks on minorities and immigration. One Nation is taking its cue from America. From extremist groups and what a weird, warped view of the world they have.

(Group of soldiers running towards the camera, singing “I’m in the armed corp...”)

JM: “They call themselves patriots and God’s footsoldiers. In every American state they form militias secretive, private armies that are preparing for a war against their own federal authorities.

“Don’t think of them as weekend warriors, many of them are battle heartened veterans trained to kill by the US armed forces.”

Boge Rites: “Regardless of what Washington DC might do, or the world might do, up here. It was God that gave us our rights, not Government. So Government will not take our rights away. There are some things worth fighting for.”

Rites speaking on radio:

Right fasten your seat belts, get your helmets on secure this is “Freedom Radio” talk over America coming to you shortwave.”

JM: “High up in the mountains of Idaho retired Colonel Boge Rites calls his troops to arms.”

Boge Rites: “Now let’s get serious. It says the following types of firearms will be banned all over Australia.”

JM: “Bog Rites is certainly America’s most charismatic leader among the militia leaders. The most highly decorated Green Beret Commando, a Vietnam war hero, a commander who once rubbed shoulders with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but with no foreign enemies left to fight he has taken to the hills believing that he will soon do battle with the forces he was once part of.”

Boge Rites: “We have a righteous rights that I have to defend my family, my heart, my dog, my home, my way of living, I will do so.”

JM: “And no matter what gun laws they pass will you keep the guns to defend those rights?”

Boge Rites: “Of course.”

Change of scene to meeting Boge Rites speaking to audience.

Boges: “People have to worship the image of the beast (hold up UN flag and then burns it while McMullen talks). Here it is its beautiful.”

JM: “The patriots here believe that their own government is selling them out.

Like Pauline Hanson they believe that international treaties are undermining the power of national governments to make individual decisions. It’s a much derided global conspiracy theory. The four “Cs” countries such as Australia and America buckling under a new world order imposed by a UN army.”

Boge Rites: “If you live and support a satanic system, you end up just as the Bible says, a crispy critter. This thing smells. It is ugly, when it finishes burning you take a piece of it home just as a little bit of a reminder.”

We move to some trade show....

Woman, “What this study shows is that 50% of the landbase in the US will be set aside for wilderness areas off limits to human beings.”

JM: “When the patriots gather with their survivalist sideshow the paranoia is palpable.”

Talks to man...

JM: “This man believes we will soon be implanted with computer chips so big brother can keep an eye on us.”

Man, “Well according to the bible says that a mark of some kind will be placed into the skin of the right hand of the forehead without which no buying or selling will occur.”

Another Man, “These are Russian police in front of a high school in Lincoln Carolina in the place we grew up.”

JM: “While the conspiracy theories fly thick and fast it was a surprise to hear that Australia is to play a key role in the UNs master plan for global conquest.”

Man, “Yes it’s one of their number one sites. They want to take Australia soon and quick so that they can have a safe haven for their wealthy industrialists to live there

and they will have foreign mercenary armies to protect their enclaves and of course Pine Gap is one of the areas that they have picked to do that.

JM: “Just what every family needs to bury arms and food and Jack McLamb thinks that Australian families should have these too. This ex-cop and Vietnam Veteran leads another group called “Police against the new world order”.

“McLamb visited Australia on the invitation of people who are now strong supporters of the Pauline Hanson movement.”

Move to interview room with Jack McLamb

JM: “Pauline Hanson has been talking about a civil war, do you expect a civil war?”

McLamb: “I think so. I do. and I think so in your country, because I have talked to people in your country and so we are hiding the guns, doing what we call in America midnight gardening. I understand from a lot of people in your country that the same thing is going on.”

New interview with another man.

JM: “Is Pauline Hanson your kind of gal?”

John Cochrane: “Yes I would say so, absolutely. I would to say those in Australia to make sure that they have got all the provisions that they need so that they can prevent tyranny and so that they can stand without support from outside.”

Move to session where the man talks to a group of people.

Cochrane: “Number three we won’t have your fingerprints left on firearms or you will have your fingerprints appearing at a crime scene.

JM: “John Cochrane is leader of the Montana militia one of more than 400 of these armed groups across America.”

Cochrane: “For instance an AK 47 old style, used $1485 new $1800.”

JM: “He tells new recruits that Australia’s buy back programme is part of a global conspiracy before the UN armed forces takes over.”

Cochrane: “I paid $695 for mine brand new, and they can have it back one bullet at a time.”

Move to direct interview with Cochrane.

JM: “Do you support those Australians who won’t to surrender their automatics?”

Cochrane: “Absolutely. I am very proud of them. Don’t give up your guns. If you give up your guns you have given up everything.”

JM: “Are you in contact with Australians?”

Cochrane: “With many of them. Many good people just like us.”

JM: “How many are you armed for a fight?”

Cochrane: “Many, many millions.”

Scene back to Boge Rites talking on Freedom Radio

Rites: “If you want to do something to a free people that they will revolt over. You create a problem like a maniac in Tasmania or a city in America where a building is blow up.”

JM: “Boge Rites includes Australian events in his paranoid vision. After carrying out all types of secret missions for the American government he now believes that shadowy forces in all our governments are responsible for all our most terrible massacres.”

Rites: “You see once you create a problem then the people will rush to you. They will beg you for martial law. They will beg you to take away the guns.”

JM: “With this kind of message the militia men are now spreading their fears down under.”

You can now find their global conspiracy theories on the world wide web.”

Rites: “The best weapon for the patriot movement today is the Internet. I mention on my radio programme today that I give an order that if you own three guns you sell one and you get on the Internet, because that gives you access to the truth.”

New interview:

Morris Dees: “Someone in Australia can pick up the web site for a planned group or a neo-Nazi group or a militia group and download every single thing on the web.”

JM: “How strong are the links between these Australian and American groups.”

Dees: “Well I think that they are becoming stronger.”

JM: “One of America’s most famous civil rights attorneys, Morris Dees, has taken on the militia’s in the courts and won. He is now always under guard because he is number one on the militia hit list.”

Dees: “We had our building burned and some assassination attempts to kill me at my property and stuff like that...”

JM walking towards building with Dees

JM: “And even here it is a bit of a bunker, a lot of security.”

Dees: “We have about a twenty person full time security staff. rather like a full-time police department. You know because these guys are serious.”

Very poor footage of unnamed man dressed in balaclava holding automatic gun “Never give up power to our people” written in big red letters across the screen..

“Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters. Let’s not waste time for the armed struggle. We need to quit crying and start making hymie.”

Return to interview with Dees

JM: “Is there a strong undercurrent of racism in this militia movement?”

Dees: “It is the main undercurrent usually they pick some minority whether it is blacks, Asians, whoever, and feel these minorities present a danger and they feel that our federal government is in some way aiding and abetting these minorities to take away the rights of quote “white folks, Aryan people” in the United States. So they might blow up a federal building here in the Okalahoma city is not the only incident....

JM: “Morris Dees has warned the United States government six months before the Okalahoma bombing that small cells within the militia movement were planning extreme acts of violence.”

Scene shows injured people being taken from bombed building.

JM “After the deaths of 168 people and another 500 wounded here he has a warning for both of our governments”.

Dees: “I don't think Okalahoma city will be the last it is hard to predict where these loan leaderless cells will strike and until we have really more concentrated in depth intelligence on these groups will we able to have any kind of meaningful control over them.”

Return to Rites.

Rites: “They call me anti-government. I am exactly the opposite. I am for the law and for the government but I am anti human sewerage and when we get bureaurats and politicians that think that they can act like Nazis, that they can lie under oath to God they can run drugs into America for whatever agenda. You see that’s wrong, that human sewerage. We need to rule them out.”

Return to Dees

Dees: “Militia leaders like Boge Rites, Jack Lamb and Trofman they’re not interested in a solution to the problem. They really want an overthrow of the whole United States government.”

JM: “The militiamen told us they were training hard for the final showdown between good and evil. They fully expect chaos and bloodshed. Bombings, fires, derailing of public transport and their leaders are also certain that Australia will also be in the firing line.

Cut to McLamb

McLamb: “We are going to have a cataclysmic world war in this world during the tribulation period. We have to believe it because a lot of biblical history has come true, so why wouldn’t the end part come true?”

Cut to Cochrane

JM: “Is Armageddon coming with the new millenium?”

Cochrane: “Some people call it the new millenium. I believe that it is going to be a heck of a war and I intend to be around to see through it. I don’t think anybody is leaving here who is going to be forced to go through it. Through the great cleansing.

And those that don’t have eyes or ears that work much that don’t care much for their fellow man I don’t know why I would want the around anyway.”

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