The dark side of Kerry Packer

The purpose of this web site is to reveal what the mainstream Australian media is failing to do. Quite simply an archive of some of the questionable actions of Australia's richest man, one Kerry Packer.

The mantle of this wealth is being shifted to heir-apparent James Packer who, from reports that you will read here, appears to be in the mould of his father.

Feel free to send us your comments, attachments or thoughts on the Packer files.

It is important to realise that the information listed below in no way exposes all that the Packer family might have done in the past or be doing at present, but is based totally on publicly available reports that have somehow slipped through the media block.

In the late 1990s Kerry Packer's Channel 9, News Limited and all other Australian mainstream media hammered Pauline Hanson's One Nation as "racist" but now an indepth and well researched report has exposed just how racist this group of mongrels are. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.   

ABC Four Corners programme 7/4/1997 transcript

Packer and the Sydney Casino
Packer and the ANI
Print media inquiry
Packer and the Government
Packer and 60 Minutes

ABC Reporter: Sally Neighbour. ABC Producer: Mark Malley

Kerry Packer sued the ABC for defamation after this report was aired but settled out of court - the ABC, after settlement, said that they stood by everything that was aired.

While on this topic, the rich would resist any reform of defamation law. Australia¹s defamation laws are mainly helpful to the rich and powerful and frequently operate very effectively to prevent exposure of corrupt behaviour.

These laws do need to be reformed to allow public interest disclosures and to eliminate high legal costs and payouts. This, however, is unlikely to happen while Australia's Trojan Horse exists.

Other Packer dealings

Packer and the unpaid Au$143 million tax bill
Journalists conform to standards of owners
Packer and the Optus Vision shareholders deal
Packer and the prostitutes
Packer destroys a loyal staff member  Posted October 2000
Packer's secret lair Posted November 2000
Packer and the "special tax dispensation" for the Sydney casino
Packer refuses to pay the ATO hundreds of million of dollars in tax - Sept 1999
Packer v Keating - October 1999
Nothing is certain on tax with our richest man - Nov 1999
Next time you watch Packer's Channel 9 A Current Affair "exposing" someone - just gag - Oct  2003
Packer and the NSW Police Force  - 2006
Kerry Packer behind banning of "Murder by Media" which exposed  how he avoids tax  - January 1999
Kerry Packer bankrupts an innocent small business by restricting access to their tools of trade

What "A Current Affair" didn't tell you - Packer and the Australian Tax Office:
Although the listed company has had something of a dream run, privately things have been more difficult. Throughout the year, Packer has been fighting the tax office over disputed assessments served on his private companies. The tax office is seeking $143 million after conducting an extensive audit, and Packer's advice is that he is not liable. Consolidated Press's public discussion on the matter has been a brief disclosure in the accounts, stating that no provision has been made, following legal advice that the company can defeat the tax office in the courts. It is believed that some of the disputed tax assessment relates to claims for money spent on his polo business."

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