The discredited Sixty Minute Survey
on "Call to Arms"

Who was manipulating the figures at Channel 9....?

Printed hard copies with date and time from the Sixty Minute web page confirming this survey manipulation are held by Global Web Builders.

Note I started monitoring the page closely after the 3.50pm screen refresh on this 60 Minute page revealed a major change to figures that had stayed fairly static over a 24 hour period. (The ability to vote was removed early Sunday morning).

Statement and monitoring by Scott Balson, Global Web Builders, 7th June 1998.

All screen dumps (except last two) taken Sunday 7th June 1998
Image taken at:
(note my computer clock is about 2 minutes slow)
% pro-concern over UN/new world order stance Survey Counter shows
2.15pm 85% No register
3.50pm 25% 1661 votes
4.03pm 18% 2365 votes
4.04pm 16% 2580 votes
4.07pm 15% 2751 votes
4.08pm 14% 2891 votes
4.11pm 14% 3062 votes
4.14pm 13% 3240 votes
4.16pm 13% 3240 votes
4.20pm 13% 3240 votes
4.22pm 12% 3360 votes
4.28pm 11% 3638 votes
4.31pm 12% 3639 votes
4.33pm 12% 3639 votes
4.35pm 12% 3639 votes
4.37pm 12% 3639 votes
4.42pm 11% 3756 votes
4.43pm 11% 3863 votes
4.45pm 11% 3966 votes
4.49pm 11% 3973 votes
4.53pm 11% 3973 votes
4.57pm 11% 3974 votes
4.59pm 11% 3974 votes
5.08pm 11% 3974 votes
5.13pm 11% 3975 votes
5.20pm 11% 3976 votes
5.25pm 11% 3976 votes
5.30pm 11% 3976 votes
5.34pm 11% 3976 votes
5.43pm 11% 3977 votes
5.50pm 11% 3981 votes
5.58pm 11% 3982 votes
6.25pm 11% 3983 votes
At about 7.45pm Sixty Minutes ran their report
This is the survey the next morning at 5.15am 26% 4855 votes
Wednesday 10th June 1998 -
several days later
10am 32% 5487 votes

What is the basis of the vote rigging allegation?

What impact did the vote rigging have on the result?

In conclusion, Sixty Minutes cast about 66% of the votes in the survey on this page. They were all "no".

You say:

Subject: Gutter journalism and poll rigging, who do you yhink you are kidding?

Really !! you people have been caught with your pants down this time! Re your poll on the Call to Arms hatchet job. I have hard copy evidence of the Worlds Greatest Swing , the really MIRACULOUS turn-around and triple summersault with twist,that has occurred,incredibly,in YOUR poll!!!

Amazing ,really ,isn't it, that your poll goes from a 91% yes ---9% no vote to..............................26% yes -----74% no ,in the space of 24 hrs!

I have another set of figures that you might be interested in, they relate to your Credibility,.........0% now -------0%in the future

Disgustedly yours
Steve Nichols

Subject: 60 Minutes

Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 00:10:55 +0800

This evening when I looked at the 60Min page the poll about fears of the United Nation and New world Order was 91% should fear.

But when I looked at the poll again at midnight it had changed to 76% against.

Does this mean that Channel9 has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes or were the figures made up?

I myself do believe that there is justification for fear of a One World Government.


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