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Wednesday 30th July 1997

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Hypocritical comment of the week or year, depending on your political leanings, Australian Labor Party Leader, Kim Beazley, in Singapore, 'calling for a bipartisan political assault on Pauline Hanson by Australia's political leaders saying that it would "win the argument against extremism".

So Wayne Goss would stand against Pauline Hanson in Oxley? Perhaps he better first think over allegations of past "systemic corruption" by the State Labor Government under his leadership. Oh, and this is all on the public record - the shredding of records sought by the courts.

Here is an extract:
"The shredding of public records commonly known as the Heiner Inquiry documents and tapes by order of 5 March 1990 of the Goss Government was a deliberate act to obstruct justice and destroy evidence required in known foreshadowed litigation.

It was followed by a cover-up."

Here is a link to the Hansard report in which Queensland Senator Woodley raises the issue in May this year.

In the interim, before we released this expose on the Goss government, the Australian Labor (ALP) Heavyweights had turned their attention and the "heat" on former leading pre-selection candidate for the ALP, Anne Scott, for having the temerity to stand up to Goss who had suddenly done a backflip to stand for Oxley following the redistribution of the seat.

An ALP source was quoted in today's Queensland Times as saying, "If she (Ann Scott) continues to make attacks on the party and Wayne Goss, officials have expressed their concern - as have some members - that disloyalty charges should be brought."

Mrs Scott said in response, "I will not comment on any comments made by a Labor member who won't give their name."

The whole bunch of them (ALP candidates and members of federal parliament) are no more than the equivalent of political grapes hanging from a vine. They feed off the ACTU and the infrastructure that pulls in these traditional blue collar voters and extreme groups of left wing protesters - Beazley's bover boys.

They have less guts than a fruitfly being the masters in the art of covering their own backside to the detriment of anybody who tries to get in the way of their political ambitions. Hanson has more guts than the lot of them thrown together... thus the growing support and encouragement that she gets at a grassroots level.

We will keep unwrapping more and more of this sorry saga involving Goss and his government over the next few weeks so that the public can see just how the mainstream media protect those entrenched in power in Australia.

Now isn't it a surprise that 60 Minutes', Emily Lau, didn't cover the story below..... but there again maybe not because this Channel Nine's programme has little credibility anyway.

Transcript from Bangkok Post, Thailand.

Italian tourists out of danger Police arrest suspect Phitsanu Thepthong Chiang Mai

"Two Italian tourists who were shot at the province's international airport on Saturday by an irate policeman who lost a lover to a Caucasian man are out of danger.

"Franco Sanna, 42, shot in the right arm and left shoulder with the bullet exiting from his back, and Francesco Rigattieri, 27, hit in the right cheek with the bullet passing through his neck, had been in critical condition but doctors yesterday pronounced that they were out of danger.

"However they were still in the intensive care unit of Chiang Mai's Ram Hospital.

"Pol Maj-Gen Anusit Attasart, head of Chiang Mai police, said Pol Corporal Rungroj Somjai, attached to the Mae Ping police station, was arrested yesterday at a guest-house in the Mae Rim district office and charged with attempted murder.

"Pol Maj-Gen Anusit said Pol Corp Rungroj admitted to the charge. He was reportedly angry at Caucasians after his mistress, Kalaya Mancharoen, who is also his sister-in-law, went to live with a foreigner.

"Drunk, he lost control of himself and decided to vent his rage on foreign tourists at the airport on Saturday afternoon.

"Dressed in camouflage military pants, dark jacket and wearing a motorcycle helmet, the policeman walked up to a group of Italian tourists at a ticket counter of Chiang Mai airport and opened fire without warning.

"He fled on a motorcycle but police investigation quickly pinpointed him as the chief suspect.

"Pol Corp Rungroj would be sent for a psychological examination, said Pol Maj-Gen Anusit.

"Found in his possession were the pistol believed to have been used in the shooting, a few cartridges and three spent shells. The suspect was yesterday detained at Phu Ping police station."

Now is that action racist, should we fear going to Thailand? Why was it not reported in the Australian press to reveal racism within that country - which just a few days ago slammed Australia for "racism" by Pauline Hanson and One Nation.

Get angry, out there... get angry. Write to your local paper, no matter how little chance of publication you feel your comments will get. Tell people what is going on. Protect your democratic right to free speech in this country.

If you want to be kept informed of One Nation's position please complete the form to go on the electronic newsletter mailing list. Thousands in Australia already have.

We have an organised attempt by factions of the Australian Labor Party to close down a democratically elected platform.

Despite what Kim Beazley might say.

The ALP's latest attempt is to prevent One Nation from addressing a meeting in venues owned by the Ipswich City Council. The man behind it, yes you guessed it, it is the man on the right Labor councillor Paul Tully. (Ninety percent of the Ipswich council is Labor).

The official reason given by Mayor Cr John Nugent was, "Last time we (One Nation) had a function here there was a demonstration against them and windows were broken, but we were not concerned about the damage.

"But representatives of the staff have put to us that it was a terrifying time for them, and we looked at the situation and what our duty of care to the staff is."

I will be attending the Ipswich Branch Meeting of One Nation tonight which is to be re-located to a venue nearby.

Phone the Ipswich City Council on (07) 3810 6666 and ask for the Mayoral Office to tell him what you think about the Council's decision.

Pauline Hanson jump station.


Here are the latest Newspoll results:

Despite claims after the last poll that Pauline Hanson's support had peaked her support has started to climb once again - at the expense of the Australian Labor Party.

PartyJul 25-27Jul 11-13June 27-29 June 13-15 May 30-June 1 May 16-18 Election - March 1997
Coalition 42%4243% 44% 43%41%47%
ALP 36%40%37% 36% 37%37%38.7%
One Nation7%6%6% 7% 7%9%N/A
Democrats5%4%6% 3% 5%4%6.8%
Greens3%2%2% 2% 1%2%1.7%
Others7%6%8% 8% 7%7%5.8%

The Federal Government is considering new tax breaks to encourage people to save for their retirement.

Federal Family Services Minister Judy Moylan said, "These costs will predominantly be associated with ensuring adequate retirement incomes and appropriate standards of health and long-term care where these are needed."

email the editor

You say:

Dear Sir

I believe Australia is in a very serious situation, our government is massive in size, and gets larger by the day, it is being used as a gigantic gravy train for low achieving petty academics of the social engineering type, these low achievers are pouring out of our uni's and any excuse to add another carriage to the great Aussie gravy train is soon adopted to accommodate them, I see this as the reason why there is such a strong left wing following with in the uni's as a left wing government stands for big government and lots of administration to run every aspect of our lives.

Now my main reason for compiling this letter is that I see the great propaganda campaign to break Pauline is not racial issues but the fact that she is a threat to the establishment, whom have long passed their use by date, they use the race issue as a cover.

The reason why these carrion select the failed multi race system is purely it requires a huge administration, and keeps society divided, thus adding to their career opportunity The sad truth is we have three great wonders of the world the Great divide the great Barrier reef, and the great Australian gravy train, and if you are not on board then you simply have not got a career.

What annoys me is little John before he was elected bleated on about small gov. Today it is even bigger than the Keating empire complete with its grants for one legged surfing lesbians.

I feel better now I have got that off my chest and I hope I have sent this email to the right address


Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another beautiful day in paradise.

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