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Monday 28th July 1997

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Special expose on Channel Nine's "38 Minutes" - 27th July 1997

The Packer inspired attempts to discredit Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party fell to greater depths last night with a jaundiced report by Emily Lau who was described in the introduction as Hong Kong's foremost journalist (seems like they don't just have unethical journalists in Australia) and a member of the Hong Kong Legislature up to a few weeks ago. One wonders if she, like Graeme Richardson, is on Kerry Packer's payroll. After last night's viewing of 60 Minutes on Channel 9 one would be excused for thinking that she was.

Here is a transcript of some of the report and our comments and links which show up the outright lies and deception that is now being perpetrated by "the joke of Current Affairs in Australia".

Voice Over: Emily Lau is described as one of the world's one most influential women. She tells a story only an insider can tell.

Lau: "The Sydney Morning Herald Poll shows she (Pauline Hanson) is three times better known than Foreign Minister Downer...

"This is the *"Yellow Race" according to Pauline Hanson "The race that will rule the world". We have been hearing it for a year now.

*See closing comments on this "report".
Lau: "Simply unbelievable, so stupid, so sad (Ms Hanson's comment above)."

Quote from the Thailand editor of the influential "The Nation" paper: "Suddenly we have an ugly creature like Pauline who came out..."

Quote by powerful Thailand Senator Michae Riladibea (unsure of spelling): "Perhaps we won't send our children there (Australia) because racism is not what we want."

Lau: "Hong Kong students just back from Australia were largely content with their experience."

Quote by student: "Hong Kong students take away their (Australian) jobs.... we (Asians) work harder." Is this comment not reverse racism?

Lau goes on to describe how one other students brought back "more alarming" stories with an Asian girl relating how she was "told to go back home".

Lau: Asian travellers are now having second thoughts about going back to Australia.

Chris Brown of the Australian Tourism Taskforce totals the losses (over the past 6 months) at Au$20 million."

Brown: "It's wrong for her (Hanson) to be sending a message that you are not welcome in Australia."

Lau: "My chance to meet Pauline Hanson came at a party rally in Geelong. One Nation she calls it but all I saw was a divided nation."

(Camera scans to Lau outside meeting with protesters chanting and Militant sign very visible in background).

Lau then makes three attempts to speak to Pauline Hanson at the Geelong dinner after telling us that she had been refused an interview with her. Her attempts are rude, crude and not reflecting the traditional manners we have come to expect from Asians, but I, for one, am not surprised - after all she is not a "normal" Asian she is "the" Emily Lau.

Lau: (trying to speak to Hanson) "I am Emily Lau from 60 Minutes..."
Hanson: "60 Minutes is a dirty word to me... breaks off conversation.

Later, Lau asking her about her racist policies, again butting in, Pauline Hanson replies: "I think that your countries are very discriminating, very racist. We are not."

Later while Ms Hanson is autographing guests shirts, paper etc... Lau joins queue and says, "Mrs Hanson it's me again." She then asks: "You did not say the yellow race will one day rule the world? You said your mother said that." Hanson immediately denied the statement saying, "I have never said that."

Good on you Anthony, whoever you are, for handing over your Pauline Hanson picture for signing... it put Emily Lau where she deserved to be - out of the picture.

Lau in closing: "What offended me most was not her racism it was her convenient lapses of memory. When put on the spot she simply denied to me some of her best documented statements."

Now, quite honestly, if that is representative of Asian manners can you blame people for thinking twice about the level of Asian immigration to Australia. Here are two more documented thoughts - the backbone to this "story" that we can now reveal. They cast a very different light on what was implied by Emily Lau and Channel Nine.

  1. We believe that the source of the "Yellow races will one day rule the world" comment happens to be from a post by James Nguyen who earlier this year tried to create a boycott of my company for establishing the Hanson web pages.

    What we do know is that Ms Hanson has never made this comment - or why would Sixty Minutes make the claim without revealing the "well documented" source?

    Obviously 60 Minutes researchers jumped on the post in the One Nation launch web pages and in the normal ethical manner that Australian journalism adopts the placement of someone else's post in this area is good enough to transfer ownership to Ms Hanson.

  2. An on-line NCA report reveals that 96% of heroin trafficking in Australia originates from Asia - guess where - in the golden triangle which includes Thailand. Maybe this is the reason Hanson is being slammed by those in power in Thailand. She would see the Asian inspired drug trafficking stopped in areas like Cabramatta.

    Ann Scott, the wife of ousted Oxley Federal Labor (ALP) member, Les Scott is now putting up a fight against the changing wishes of another ALP hopeful, Wayne Goss, who has put his hand up to represent the seat.

    In an opening gambit Mrs Scott claimed yesterday that Goss helped create the platform for Ms Hanson saying, "They (voters in Ipswich area) are not in favour of Wayne running (in Oxley).

    "He has contributed to the rise of Pauline Hanson."

    Goss refused to answer the challenge simply saying, "But I don't want to get into any public brawl with Mrs Scott or any other candidate for pre-selection."

    Yesterday I had the welcome task of uncovering the sad state affairs of Australia's media and give background to the protesters who continue to act with unreported violence at One Nation meetings at a branch meeting of One Nation at Redcliffe - north of Brisbane. No protesters, nor media attended this unpublicised meeting which attracted nearly 100.

    To the west, the rent-a-crowd mob were kept at bay by a cordon of police at the Toowoomba launch of the One Nation Party.

    Pauline Hanson jump station.

    email the editor

    You say:

    Subject: Launch of One Nation in Tasmania

    hbbbgiyughi there hanson supporters....How does it feel ....TAKING FOOD OUT OF OUR CHILDREN'S MOUTHS..

    HOW dare you blame blacks and asians for your mediocrity.

    the media spy....
    James Williamson

    Subject: Launch of One Nation in Tasmania

    Hi Guys!!!

    I just wanted to tell you something about the protestors at the launch of One Nation in Hobart not to long ago. I attended this protest and I would like to say to it wasn't us who were in the wrong there. We have to the right to freedom of speech just as Pauling does, and if she finds it necessary to express these views in the publics eye, then I don't see what is so wrong with us..the people who do not support her..expressing our views on how we feel about her and her party.

    Thanks for hearing me the way..I'm not a uni student, asian or unemployed, I just don't happen to believe a single word that comes out of that commoners mouth.

    Subject: Launch of One Nation at Newcastle

    if any one in the whole of Australia, Pauline hanson supports your views as they so ignorantly are know, I hope that by the time I have children, they would not have to put on the television each night to see the injustice and disturbance you are causing in the Australian society today.


    While Ceasar fiddles Rome burns.. In this case Kerry Packer's Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL) have been given a twelve month option to take a 20% stake in the pay television operator created by the merger between Australis Media and Foxtel.

    News Corp is set to hold over 33% of Australis following last Friday's deal which is effectively a reverse takeover of Australis by Foxtel.

    This means that PBL's share of Australis would be diluted from 14.4% to about 5%.

    News and PBL said last month that they "would work together with Telstra towards the rationalisation of the pay television industry for the benefit of Foxtel".

    The ultimate future of the deal is in the hands of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Allan Fels who said yesterday that, "he has not examined the details of the propsal".


    After a sorry tale with the Wallabies being soundly defeated at the MCG yesterday by the All Blacks, the Australian cricket team is having more success with a great 268 run stand between Ponting and Matthew Elliott - Elliott scoring 199 runs before being bowled. Australia lead by over 300 runs on the first innings result with captain Mark Taylor declaring the Australian innings at 501 runs for 9 yesterday.

    Personal trivia, from the global office:

    Another beautiful day in paradise.

    Have a good one.

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