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This is a unaltered historic archive site dating back from the first days of the web ... 1996.
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Response to that Age newspaper article (30 April)

Enquiry (since 1st July 1995: 43,236,456)

In June 1995 Australia's largest and most popular web site was born.
This is the home page - Global Web Builder's Australian Cyber Station.To access one of GWB's major web sites simply click on the image to the left or the text link below.

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Some facts about the links to this page:

GWB's web sites carry over 50 megabytes of content.

there are over 10,000 web pages - largely Australian oriented.

over 6 million people have visited them since June 1995.

there are no adult sites or links on the GWB web site.Search engine:
The GWB text based Search Engine provides instant access to related information. Just about anything Australian is here. (For example, try: Waltzing Matilda or Keating or Sydney). Alternatively, try the Australian Definitive Lifestyle Guide to discover over 5,000 Australian web sites by lifestyle selection.

For the family:
The family oriented Koala trouble by 5 year old Alex Balson won the inaugural 1996 Australian Financial Review/Telstra award for the best web site for children under 15 in Australia. Over 130,000 people have visited this web. The Kids locker room (now gone) has links to hundreds of educational and children's web sites as well as over 100 Australian school webs.

Updated daily since October 1995 this independent and hard hitting searchable Australian news archive is updated daily and is the oldest on-line Australian news web site.

Commercial sites:
The best way to find these is through the Search Engine, but the larger commercial web sites are listed under GWB Gold and the new but rapidly growing World Wide Webster family features cartoons, fun and characters that anybody can relate to.

The DLG concept has been so successful that it is now going global with several franchisees taking up franchises all over the world through Globe International. There are business opportunities for web builders here.

For fun participate in the World Wide Websters, the FIRST FAMILY OF THE INTERNET, or check out Collection of CRAZY Australian Web Pages or the Global heroes - monthly cyber heroes selected from June 1995.

In April 1997 a major project was established for Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party to ensure that the biased cover that she recieved in traditional media was counteracted.

The research on the work done by GWB can be found at Making the News.

To see how well GWB has been recognised check out the Hall of fame.

International search engines:
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