The attempts by Channel 9's Sixty Minutes
to discredit Ms Hanson

The very public attempts by Kerry Packer and his media empire to discredit Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party are spearheaded through Australia's top rating Current Affairs program, Channel Nine's Sixty Minutes which runs nationally every Sunday night at 7.30pm.

Interview with Pauline Hanson - 19th May 1997

Interview without Pauline Hanson - 28th July 1997

"A foreigner remains a foreigner regardless of how long he resides here or how fluently he learns to speak the language.

Even if he acquires Thai citizenship, the local community withholds integration. He may have the customs and mores down pat, nevertheless he lacks the requisite prejudices."

Sixty Minutes' Fairytales - 6th June 1998

See the background to the story. and what an independent commentator says about Sixty Minutes

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