Newcastle One Nation Meeting -
Friday 30th May 1997

The house full signs went up at Newcastle's Civic Theatre last Friday as 1500 people attended the launch of One Nation in one of Labor's strongest and longest held seats.

Locals have a saying that the Liberal party won't do anything for Newcastle because they believe they can never win the seat, and Labor wont do anything because they think they can never lose it!.

The arrival of Pauline Hanson offered the local voters their first real choice for someone who will do something for them and they loved it. Pauline was received like a pop star and the audience gave her several standing ovations as she aroused their support with a strong, jobs oriented speech.

The evening opened with a 12 minute video on the creation and origin of the Australian flag. It explained how our flag has been taken with Australians to war and to our greatest moments and achievements such as the Olympics. It was a great start to an evening heavily spiced with patriotism and love of this great country.

After a short speech by David Oldfield (Paulines political adviser) and then some opening remarks by Peter Archer who convened the meeting, the house rose when Pauline entered the stage. It was a wonderful moment and the mood of the guests was one of respect and great admiration - A reaction not usually associated with a politician. Pauline delivered a speech that was greeted with constant applause as she touched the hearts of voters who have been neglected for years by Government policies. The recent closure of a garment manufacturer named 'Rundles' and the recent announcement by BHP of the closure of their steel mill has left Newcastle people feeling the hopelessness of a future with diminishing employment prospects.

Police were expecting up to 10,000 protesters and were there in force. They had closed off streets and placed barriers that held the protestors back and well away from the venue. This allowed our guests to enter the venue without having to push their way through crowds. The usual placards were evident and they all incorrectly focused on the same old racist and Nazi themes. If only those protestors could have been inside where they could have witnessed a dignified and concerned group of people seeking answers to problems they believe are changing Australia's future. No racism, No zealots, No bigots, just regular, decent Australians who want the best for this great country. The protestors would have thought they were protesting at the wrong meeting!

We closed the meeting with everyone singing Advance Australia with a level of patriotism and emotion that is rarely seen. The verdict? Pauline Hanson won the hearts of at least 1500 Newcastle residents and at the next election they have at least one chance to vote for someone who will make some changes to their lives and futures.

The Police were fantastic and kept control at all times. Pauline was able to enter and leave without any harrassment. Congratulations to the NSW Police, many of whom travelled from their usual Sydney bases to support their colleagues in Newcastle.

The protesters do not dignify their cause. They display an extreme point of view which is irrelevant because it is misdirected. Criticism is not racism and yet the comparisons to Hitler and racism are the only two arguments our detractors can find to use against us. We believe that as time goes by and we are able to sell our moderate policies to a wider audience, the media will gradually adjust their vitriol and the protesters who are inflamed by it might also start looking for other people to target with their un-Australian behaviour. In the meantime they guarantee us National publicity and a regular spot on every news service. We can at least be grateful to them for that.

The Democratic Socialist Party's view on their protests at Newcastle

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Letters received regarding
launch of One Nation at Newcastle

Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 20:00:29 +1000

Pauline, I am glad at last someone has the guts to stand up for Australia and if you Field a candidate in The Dubbo electorate I will be giving you my vote. Please do not let them get to you.

Bill Edwards

Subject: Pauline Hanson

Scott Balson,

Thank you for publishing Pauline Hanson's Newcastle speech, and the story of dastardly events in effort to prohibit the speech. What a shocking lack of the world-renowned Aussie, "Give it a Fair Go Mate", policy!

The One Nation background mosaic has disappeared from my window's 3.1 opening screen.....and I miss it.

Keep your powder dry,
john hamilton

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Newcastle

Just what do you think racism actually is?? I find it laughable that so many of my fellow caucasoids think of racism in terms of something they can experience - eg, prejudice and name-calling. Racism is neither of these. Racism is the systematic discrimination and subjugation of a people in every area of human relations - an ideal of lesser worth.

Hanson does not use racial slurs. That does NOT mean she is not racist. By very definition, implying that Asians are responsible for home invasions and drug racketeering is-racist! It states that a persons skin colour dictates their modes of behaviour and social status.

I challenge any of you to stop and think for a moment what it might be like to walk down the street in black or yellow skin and see the looks of some of your supporters, to have those doors slammed in your face. Maybe you might just for a moment conceive what we are protesting.

Justin Wood

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