Enemy Of The State
by Scott Balson

Peter Beattie resigns as Queensland State Premier
days after "Enemy of the smart State" film documentary
released. (10 Sept 2007)

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August 2007: Breaking News - Enemy of the State film documentary - 2007 ++++

Balson's landmark 2008 win against The Australian and Chris Mitchell

Letter to Peter Beattie in August 2007 signed by eminent members of the legal profession:

Quotes: We believe that it is the democratic right of every Australian to expect that the criminal law shall be applied consistently, predictably and equally ..... prima facie double standards by Queensland law-enforcement authorities

Balson's latest book (release 4th Oct 2007): CHILDREN OF THE MIST

Overview of "ENEMY OF THE STATE":

What happens when an ordinary citizen, Scott Balson (right), challenged the integrity of a corrupt media and corrupt two party system?

The corrupt establishment pits all its forces against the individiual in an attempt to silence him.

Balson was charged with naming  Labor MP "Bill D'Arcy as a man facing child-sex charges on the Internet" in July 1999. At the time D'Arcy faced fifty child-sex charges including rape and was sitting in Parliament as the Deputy Speaker  supporting Peter Beattie's minority Labor State government. (D'Arcy presided as acting-Speaker during discussion on paedophilia in Parliament in 1999!) Balson is the only person to have ever been charged under an obscure 20 year old Act, unique to Queensland, that prevents the naming of a person facing child sex charges before they are committed to trial. He was acquitted by an Ipswich Magistrate 9 months after being charged and arrested.

Balson was arrested on the direct instructions of Labor MP Matt Foley (Attorney-General) just two days after The Courier-Mail laid an official complaint against Balson with the DPP and obviously with this paper's blessing.

Quote Labor Attorney-General Rod Welford July 2004: Naturally the Government supports the principle of equality before the law, and that the law should be applied consistently. This is why decisions relating to the charging and prosecution of alleged offenders are not made by the Government.

This book is a true story detailing the disturbing background to the motivation for charging Balson and how he fought back and used the system against itself - destroying the credibility of The Courier-Mail and the fallacy of political democracy in the Queensland judiciary system.

Balson's battles with the system continues as he seeks a return of power to the people.

23rd August 2001, Supreme Court, Justice Richard Chesterman on the media:

"The appellant's argument exaggerates the influence of the tabloid media. The public is well aware that its function is to generate income for its proprietors and that the dissemination of information and expression of opinion by it is secondary to that purpose. Information published by the media is often inaccurate and is frequently distorted by the need to create sensation. The distortion is sometimes deliberate. Journalistic opinion tends to be populist rather than responsible and is often the product of ignorance and prejudice. Contrary opinions are suppressed."

The grand hypocrisy of the bureaucracy, the government and the media
Balson (targeted by corrupt system) Establishment (above the law)
The journalist's guide to media law by Mark Pearson pg 148 (Used by students in journalism at Universities around Australia)

Arrested within two days of The Courier-Mail lodging a complaint with the DPP (27 July 1999). Direct instruction by Matt Foley
The article leading to my arrest

This article published the day after my arrest reveals complicity between The Courier-Mail and the police.

Bulletin magazine breaches act in January 2000 - June 2000 no charges laid by Labor Attorney-General Matt Foley.

Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) report in March 2001 confirms that no action will be taken against The Bulletin - only because the Queensland Police Service took too long to respond to the complaint (ie 15 months - and police's eventual response prompted by Balson's complaint to the CJC).

The CJC's final report in October 2001 dismissing Balson's claim is full of contradictions and nonsensicle arguments signed off personally by the Chairman, Brendon Butler. The CJC (now CMC) reflects its political bias in another totally unrelated case involving a murder and related to the shredding of documents exposing child abuse in state detention centres by the Labor Cabinet in Queensland. 

The judicial "watchdog" in Queensland is a politically active lapdog of the Beattie Government.

Balson's response to a request for assistance from the CMC in January 2004 over their Hanson Report and their reference to Balson's earlier complaint of political interference in the judiciary "It must be said at the outset that, although the Commission received some submissions making (in some instances, rather wild) allegations of political pressure or other gross impropriety, the Commission’s diligent examination has not unearthed any real evidence of such pressure or other impropriety in relation to the civil proceedings or prosecution."

Corrupt judiciary in Queensland - see Lindeberg petition. Matt Foley has intentions of becoming a Supreme Court Judge when he leaves politics... God save us! - Matt Foley on human rights
On the 25th July 2000 a member of the public phoned Bills and Papers at Parliament to get a copy of the Lindeberg Petition. He was informed that it would cost $10.74 and the clerk then referred to the "free" version" on the Internet - ie at the link opposite. This is quite extraordinary as only the official version with the parliamentary stamp holds any credence. Check for yourself phone 3406 7111
Defends himself after running up nearly $10,000 in legal expenses during trials aborted because of police incompetence. Alleged paedophile Bill D'Arcy resignes from Parliament in early January 2000 just days before being charged on 50 child sex charges - takes a $660,000 cash payout.
The Courier-Mail and State Premier Peter Beattie name D'Arcy as the man facing child sex charges weeks before he was charged.

You can see a scan of The Courier-Mail article dated September 1998 at this link.

The Courier-Mail lodge the official complaint eight months after publishing D'Arcy's name - alleging that Balson had named the paedophile on the Internet. The paper then writes an article on the day of Balson's arrest charging him as guilty - as charged by them. A classic case of the media as Judge, Jury and Prosecutor. This trashy paper then uses its pages to deny this fact. Never setting the record straight when it's lies are exposed in Court. The Courier-Mail article at this link Separate law for Laws clearly demonstrates what happens when a paper compromises its ethics.  
Found not guilty exposes the role of The Courier-Mail in trial by media. The Courier-Mail run series of articles denying involvement and claiming Balson guilty. Have not mentioned Balson since they briefly reported that he was found not guilty.
October 2000, District Court refuse my appeal over $500 in costs because my lawyers, Gilshenan and Luton, stuffed up. (Gilshenan and Luton's fees were about $10,000) 1st November 2000, D'Arcy found guilty of 18 charges of child sex including rape. Keeps his $660,000 tax-payer payout. Read The Courier-Mail's predictable response to his conviction.
News Limited full of sick, racists He told the NSW Supreme Court he was called a "coconut head", a "poofter", "monkey face" and a "black man" by his former boss at News Limited Lance Chaloner.
The Journalist guide to Media Law Confirm The Bulletin and The Courier-Mail broke the law under which Balson was charged - yet no charges  were laid against them by the DPP - clear double standards in the application of the law.

Page 148 at this link

"Enemy of the State was
tabled in the Queensland Parliament on 13th April 2000

"Scott Balson's "Enemy of the State" is a superlative demonstration that the courage of a determined individual causes ripples in the stagnant pond of monopoly. Such courage is badly needed in the Australia of 2000. It should be read by journalists, politicians and ordinary citizens if they want to understand what is happening to the "lucky country".

Jeremy Lee, author and publisher, Toowoomba, Queensland

Balson's April/May speaking tour of Queensland

The book is over 300 pages with 16 pages of colour plates and documents.

Breaking News 

September 2007 - Queensland Times Article - click thumbnail right - page 4 (25th September 2007)

August 2007 - is shreddergate about to sink Rudd's chances over allegations of abuse of power? See what Piers Ackerman thinks

August 2007 - the letter served on Queensland Premier Peter Beattie by eminent members of the legal profession.

August 2007 - eminent Judges and QCs question the Beattie Government's integrity -  as "Enemy of the State" film released. Copies to be delivered this month to mainstream media in anticipation of major development regarding allegations of abuse of power and abuse of separation of powers allegations against Peter Beattie.    

June 2007  - the Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF) find "Enemy of the State" too hot to handle and have declined to accept the film which is highly topical, disconcerting and very well produced. Of course BIFF's two main sponsors, The Courier-Mail and the Queensland Government, are the two bodies exposed in the documentary so it's banning in Queensland is not surprising. The producers will now launch the film in another Australian state later this year - the banning of the film in Queensland will make an interesting closing comment in the final production. This is a classic case of censorship in action - ironically The Courier-Mail are blasting the Queensland Law Society in today's  (14th June) paper claiming they are curtailing freedom of speech! 

May 2007 - Film "Enemy of State" reveals how the Queensland police fabricated a fictitious criminal charge of "possession of dangerous drugs" on Balson on the day of his arrest - this fraud was held from Balson. These documents were only later secured from the Office of Crown Law under discovery when Balson sued the State of Queensland for a malicious prosecution. The Office of Crown Law unable to explain the fraud and no investigation into the blatant and disturbing fraud was ever pursued by the government.  

May 2007 - Matt Foley, the man who authorised my arrest in 1999, is now the Chair of the Queensland Writers Centre which is associated with the Brisbane Writers Festival... the greasy clutches of politics spread right through to the most independent of Queensland's organisations. See Qld Govt Cabinet press release (February 2007): Matt Foley Chair of the Queensland Writers Centre - quote: Queensland Writers Centre (QWC) Chair Matt Foley led the selection committee, which also comprised QWC CEO Kate Eltham, Queensland Poetry Festival Director Graham Nunn and Brisbane Writers Festival Director Michael Campbell.

May  2007 - email sent to Brisbane Writers Festival 

February 2007  -  "Enemy of the State" now being put into a major film documentary. The documentary will be launched at the Brisbane Film Festival in August 2007 and is being produced by Victorian based Animus Industries - the media in Queensland have covered up what it takes a private production company to expose. A link to their overview of the 60 minute documentary can be seen at this link

May 2003 - Tony Morris QCs statement of claim exposing the political interference in Balson's arrest

20th February 2003 - The University of Queensland's resident Journalist confirms the double standards of the Department of Public Prosecutions in Queensland when discussing the "Shreddergate" affair. (The Shreddergate archive at the University of Queensland).

11th February 2003
The Courier-Mail editor Chris Mitchell's bigotry and unethical reporting stance confirmed in a an article "What to expect from Mitchell at The Oz" published in Crikey.com.au

Balson lodges Supreme Court action - 13th July 2001
After waiting for 8 months to get a response from the Queensland Police Service addressing his complaint with the Criminal Justice Commission Balson lodged a Statement of Claim in the Supreme Court against the QPS and The Courier-Mail. The writ for $8 million claims abuse of process, defamation and a malicious/political arrest.

16th June 2001
CJC response to complaint by Balson over judicial double standards confirms his worst fears while the media, led by The Courier-Mail, censor the facts (April - June 2001).

15th February 2001
Criminal Justice Commission delay the release of the report until after the Queensland State Elections. See my late January 2001 press release ignored by the unethical mainstream media in the lead-up to the election which saw Beattie's corrupt government returned with a massive majority.

13th November 2000
Criminal Justice Commission to act on complaint by Balson against the DPP over an allegation that the department is politically compromised.

1st November 2000
ex-Labor MP Bill D'Arcy found guilty of eighteen child sex charges including rape in the Brisbane Supreme Court: Premier in escape act - The Courier-Mail on D'Arcy's conviction as a paedophile - 3rd November 2000


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