Enemy Of The State book and film order package

This hour long documentary is based on the book "Enemy of the State".

The film crew can be seen at this link.

"Enemy of the State" was based on the actual events leading up to Scott Balson being found not guilty after three trials following a politicised arrest for naming a sitting member of Parliament as a paedophile.

The MP, Bill D'Arcy, was later arrested and jailed for 13 years after facing over 50 child sex charges.

Incredibly Balson's arrest was forced by the Murdoch owned Brisbane-based The Courier-Mail which lodged a complaint with the Department of Public Prosecutions claiming that Balson had broken an obscure 30 year old law.   

The Courier-Mail has breached the same act in the same week Balson was arrested yet Balson remains the only person ever arrested under this act.

The background to Balson's political arrest and prosecution is as follows:

  1. Balson upset The Courier-Mail by writing a best selling expose "Murder by Media" which exposed the paper's based and unethical reporting techniques. The book was published six months before his arrest.
  2. Balson upset the Beattie led Queensland Labor Government because of his expose on their cover up of the shredding of the Heiner documents. This expose, still online despite his arrest can be seen at this link.
  3. Balson was the One Nation web master and ran Australia's first daily online newspaper - that challenged the integrity of both The Courier-Mail and the government. He stopped running the paper soon after he was found not guilty by an Ipswich based Magistrate.

At this link you can download a printable order form on a spreadsheet. You can order the film, the book or both in a special package.

You will be blown away by the abuse of power and corruption of the judicial system in Queensland.

Article in Queensland Times - 25th September 2007 (page 4)

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