Matt Foley, the Labor Attorney-General,
demonstrates why he can never serve as a Supreme Court Judge

15th May 2000 

Comment: Matt Foley is playing with the truth. He authorised my arrest just two days after the Courier-Mail lodged a complaint - there was no evidence against me and I was acquitted. Consider how the Bulletin was treated.

From: Bill Feldman
To: The Attorney-General and the Minister for Justice and the Minister for the Arts (Mr Foley)

Questions On Notice

With reference to your swift action with respect to the arrest and charging of Scott Balson following the alleged naming of Bill D'Arcy over child sex offences on the Australian National News of the Day on an overseas website on the Internet and the call by Civil Liberties President and Bill D'Arcy's lawyer Mr Terry O'Gorman for an even handed approach to the application of the law:

  1. What does he intend to do with respect to the Bulletin magazine which was in clear breach of the same law when it published the name of Bill D'Arcy in that magazine in the 18 January 2000 edition on page 10?
  2. What investigation of this matter has been done to date and will any charges be laid?
  3. Can the Attorney-General explain the difference in the swiftness of the action taken against Balson (who was acquitted) and the slowness and almost hesitant response of the Minister to the Bulletin magazine?
  4. Can he explain the difference in the response by the Minister and the DPP to the clear breach by the Bulletin can be interpreted as anything else other than the law not being administered and applied by him in an even handed fashion?
  5. Is there a statute of limitations that will effect the future charging of any journalist or executive or publisher of the Bulletin magazine should the Minister and the DPP continue to drag the chain over this investigation?


Mr Foley:

Although the edition of the Bulletin is dated 18 January 2000, the article was drawn to the attention of the Director of Public Prosecutions on 13 January 2000. As a result, the very same day the Queensland Police Service was asked to investigate with a view to a possible summary prosecution under the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 1978.

On 6 April 2000, the Queensland Police Service advised that further investigation was required to establish whether all elements of an offence could be established.

The allegations implicit in the questions are baseless and offensive.

My press release to the media on 15th May 2000:

Press release - 15th May 2000

From: Scott Balson, Phone: 3201 1353

The Attorney-General does not represent the people

The Attorney-General, Matt Foley's obligation as the first officer of the law is to represent the people with equity regardless of political beliefs.

In this regard he has failed dismally - yet he has ambitions to be a Supreme Court judge!

God save us!

I enclose herewith his answer to a set of questions sent to him on notice by the leader of City Country Alliance, Bill Feldman, on 13th April 2000 and his response stamped by the Legislative Assembly on 15 May 2000.

Foley does not answer the serious questions raised. I was arrested without any investigation by the police but because of pressure from The Courier-Mail on the instructions of Mr Foley just two days after this paper laid a complaint against me (I was subsequently acquitted). The Bulletin has not been charged on the same offence despite clear evidence that they named Bill D'Arcy in their 18/1/2000 edition (prior to his being committed to trial).

Equity in the law? Bah humbug.... as a citizen of this state who I ask is not fair-game to be targeted by these compromised judicial bureaucracies if they "step out of line"? Could it be you? Is this the democracy that Australia is all about or do Queenslanders live in a fascist state?

"If the law is to be even-handedly applied by the Attorney-General, then that national magazine should also be prosecuted." Terry O'Gorman on ABC Radio 21st March 2000

I have just returned from a two week speaking tour around Queensland and sold hundreds of my latest book "ENEMY OF THE STATE" which reveals corruption in the State government, a politicised judiciary and a highly compromised, unethical Murdoch paper, The Courier-Mail.

As a result of my tour the Parliamentary Bills and papers (3406 7111) have been inundated with requests for the Lindeberg Petition which exposes the politicisation of bureaucracies including the Criminal Justice Commission. (Over 300 copies were requested last week alone).

The Lindeberg Petition is a ticking time bomb. You know it and I know it. The people are only now starting to find out for themselves why. No thanks to you.

As a member of the media I put you on notice that the people of Queensland are learning about the blatant disregard of the separation of powers by this Beattie and earlier state governments through means outside the traditional media channels. You and your role (as the mainstream media) in the cover-up will be part of a major publicly driven call for accountability unless you start being fair-dinkum.

You have been warned.

Scott Balson

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