Following the launch of Scott Balson's book "ENEMY OF THE STATE" a tour of Queensland was organised by Jeremy Lee. The tour took in most of Queensland and lasted two weeks. The links below provide a brief insight into what happened during the tour.

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The Speakers:

Scott Balson: Ex-One Nation webmaster, author and Internet expert. Just been acquittedfrom a politically contrived arrest authorised by the Queensland State Labor Attorney-General Matt Foley. His experiences resulted in the publication of the book "ENEMY OF THE STATE" in April 2000.

Jeremy Lee: One of the pioneers alerting Australians to the dangers faced through the big business agenda and globalisation. Lee has his own website and is an author of many excellent books.

Ian Dailey: Heads up the Income Tax Professionals in Queensland. His talks looked at the impact of the GST on small business.

Images left to right: Balson, Daley, Lee

The "three muskateers" in Kingaroy

Order of speaking: Balson first, Daley then Lee

The Tour:

Over 100 copies of "Enemy of the State", 30 copies of "Murder by Media" and 30 copies of "One Voice, Many Issues" were sold during the statewide tour. About 650 people attended the various meetings around Queensland.

The Itinerary

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