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Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 10:26 PM
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Subject: Release of Hanson report


Soon we'll be releasing the report on an inquiry into issues raised in a resolution of Parliament concerning the prosecution of Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge.

I will be promoting the report for a short time on our homepage (www.cmc.qld.gov.au), and I wondered if I could use your image www.gwb.com.au/2000/samples/statephdodoe.jpg to illustrate the short paragraph promoting the report.

The image would be online only, and for a limited period (probably a month).

Could you please give me permission to use the image on our website?

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Lauren Fisher <><
Publications Officer
Crime and Misconduct Commission
GPO Box 3123, Brisbane Qld 4001
Level 3, Terrica Place, 140 Creek Street
Telephone 07 3360 6332
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Dear Lauren

Normally I would have absolutely no problem with such a request, but the CMC, like the CJC, is a sick joke.

I have, like many other Queenslanders, been on the receiving end of politicised decisions made by the CJC and have absolutely no desire to assist you.

Sorry, no you may not use the image and you will be breaching my copyright if you do.

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