Email sent to Brisbane Writers Festival in 2007

NOTE: The man who authorised my arrest in 1999, Labor MP Matt Foley, is now closely associated with the Brisbane Writers Festival so it could well be that my story will have to be told in a state outside the state I live in.

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I have been writing books for seven years now but this is my first formal approach to the Brisbane Writers Festival.

I live in Brisbane and have written eight books including several best sellers - all self published and promoted through the new media - the Internet.

One of my books, Enemy of the State, has just been put into a film documentary which will be launched in August and will be the subject of media interest.


My books about to be launched include a major work which has taken 30 years to finalise - Children of the Mist, the lost tribe of South Africa, will be launched in S Africa in October this year. See: and and a very different romance novel Salaam, finding perfect love on earth co-written with my partner which will be launched early next year. Background at:

While Enemy of the State is a controversial book as it questions the integrity of the current QLD Govt under Peter Beattie and the role of The Courier-Mail (QLDs only daily newspaper) it is now seven years in print and has never been legally challenged. If anything it has been the subject of a careful cover-up by the media. See: The documentary film, produced by a Victorian film production company, is based on my book. (For the record none of my books have been legally challenged) - a copy of Enemy of the State was supplied to the State Library many years ago and can be viewed there.

I am normally an intensely private individual but I would welcome the opportunity to address the writers festival later this year on the book, the documentary film and the implications of what happened to me on Queenslanders when it comes to the democratic right of freedom of speech. (In need I would be able to organise a pre-release viewing of the documentary film which runs for about 70 minutes with key festival organisers).

While the subject matter would be of grave concern to all Queenslanders it is carefully researched and fully supported by documentary evidence. For all free thinking writers the issue is not what happened to me but what is being done by the system to control what we write.

My contact details are below.

Scott Balson