Packer's secret lair

After reading your site, I have realised that Packer is not exatly a well liked man..

During the beginning of this year a friend and I did a weeks work experience at his building in the city

any way to cut a long story short, we were asked to go collect some boxes from the basement, coming from the country we were not used to seeing and especially being in such large buildings we ended up getting lost and ended up on the lower basement, which was Packers 'secret cave' there was a door labeled "Do not enter without the permission of Kerry Packer". Anyway being the curious and excited teenagers we are, my friend 'dared' me to knock at the door.. I was answered by a somewhat polite woman in her 50's, the woman informed us to go up the lift and ask the security guards where we were suppose to be..

Once informing the security guards where we had been he looked at us in astonishment an said "you went on Kerrys level? and when we answered yes they were completely astonished and couldnt beleive it..

Kerry informed the girls we were working with and told them to give us an early mark, much to our distress..