My Grandfather worked for one of Kerry Packers printing companies for 44 years. My grandfather was told in his 44th year of employment " you no longer have a job and your total payout inc superanuation is $40,000. the company is bankrupt"

My grandfather had a heart attack two weeks later and will never function again properly.

My grand father is a non-smoker & non-drinker (his hole life) he was a active member of a local swimming & running club for 30 years. He was in excellent condition before his heart attack.

My opinion is that Mr Packer is a weak and coward man, he does not have any dignity as a person. Mr Packer feels that he can hide behind a cheque book. It suprises me how such a rich man could be such a coward. If Mr Packer was a man he would make a 30cent phone call to my grandfather and say sorry. My grandfather does not want any money (although he is intitled to it) he would simple forgive Mr Packer and wish him well. My grandfather does not need a cheque book to hide behind, because he has dignity as a person.

John Dennis