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Thursday 31st July 1997

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A shocking land slip at the popular New South Wales snowfield of Thredbo has resulted in about 20 people being injured or killed.

Rescuers have not been able to get to the injured which happened last night because of the instability of the ground following the slip.

It appears that buildings sitting on terraces on a steep hill concertinaed one on top of the other.

A few days ago we expressed our views on Emily Lau who did a report for Sixty Minutes on Pauline Hanson's effects on trade with Asia.

What Sixty Minutes didn't mention is that Emily Lau heads a fringe political group in Hong Kong called Frontier who are active in Hong Kong, here is what she has to say in her letter to Hong Kong on 6th July this year, and I quote:

"Howver (sic) freedom loving people from all over the world can rest assured that the freedom fighters in Hong Kong will not let the side down."

Extracts from Emily Lau's Letter to Hong Kong found on Frontier's Home Page.

"Many foreign governments do not support Peking's decision to appoint a provisional legislature to replace the Legislative Council and have publicly voiced their reservation.

"However these governments still decided to send representatives to attend the inauguration of the provisional legislature which took place in the early hours of July first. When political leaders claim they support freedom and democracy but fail to back up their statements with actions, they invite contempt. Thus it is not a question of Hong Kong being let down but these political leaders exposing their own hypocrisy and inconsistency.

"Like many other governments, London's top priority is getting a slice of the huge China market. We have also not forgotten that trade was the reason why the colony of Hong Kong was founded in the 19th century.

"1997 is not only a challenge for the Hong Kong people, it is also a challenge for humanity. It shows up the ugly side of human nature - greed, duplicity, hypocrisy and downright malice, people who want to crush all dissenting views simply because they want to make money and please Peking."

If Emily Lau was fair dinkum why did she not have a go at the Coalition Government for sending Foreign Minister Alexander Downer to the handover of Hong Kong to China? And what about Bob Hawke, or why did she not question the extensive coverage that Channel Nine gave to the handover of Hong Kong?

Here is a comment by the Singapore Times on, to quote Sixty Minutes, "one of the world's most 100 powerful women".

SINGAPORE STRAITS TIMES March 23, 1997 No more protests are held on the Japanese occupation of the Diaoyu islands; protests against the Provisional Legislature and calls for the release of Chinese dissidents have also died down. There seems to be an air of anticipation as Hongkongers adopt a wait-and-see attitude with the biggest event of their lives just round the corner. Even the ever voluble independent legislator Emily Lau has not been heard from for some time. Meanwhile, the Democrats have seized on the lull to raise funds in the United States -- something they are unlikely to be allowed to do in future under proposed changes to the law which aims to outlaw association with foreign powers. The calm is not surprising.

The launch of the Ipswich Branch of One Nation took place last night in the same building as the Humanities Centre from which the Ipswich City Council barred the meeting.

There were over 100 guests attending the launch - which closed peacefully at 9pm. There were people of all ages and all races and from all major parties signing up to join One Nation - no wonder the Labor and Liberal parties are afraid.

This is how the Queensland Times reported the event (catch the poetic license),

Heading: "Supporters nearly swamped by police"

"Pauline Hanson's supporters were almost outnumbered by police and media personnel at One Nation Party Ipswich Branch's inaugural meeting last night.

"A One Nations spokeswoman said the meeting was held to introduce members to party policy and to canvass nominations for the branch's electorate.

Elections would take place at the next Ipswich branch meeting.

"About 70 supporters signed up for the meeting, but a quick headcount revealed about 40 police had turned up to provide security, about 20 media personnel came to report and about seven protesters came to heckle supporters."

Do you remember the headings that read One Nation members outnumbered ten to one by protesters? Well this time the shoe being on the other foot, the simple calculation of the past was overlooked with the media, the protesters and the police used to present a "poor turn-out" picture. Why they didn't add passing pedestrians or other groups holding meetings in nearby halls as well is a mystery to me.

As a Labor (ex) member said to me at the meeting, the ALP would "wet themselves" if they were able to attract just thirty people to a local branch meeting.

There were actually over 100 supporters based on an accurate head count made by myself during the meeting.

What was interesting was that the anti-racism campaign told the media that they would not set up protest action outside - resulting in only four or five protesters attending and no violence - thus no need for police or the Ipswich City Council staff to be "afraid".

Wonder what Cr Paul Tully has to say for himself now?

Pauline Hanson's One Nation, quite correctly, considers the move by the Ipswich City Council to be a breach of simple democratic principles.

The television cameras left the One Nation meeting early - maybe they should have gone to Brothers League Club in Silkstone (a suburb of Ipswich) where an Aboriginal Rugby League team tried to beat up the referee in the car park after they lost a match. The incident happened at about 9.30pm.... but there again that would be "politically incorrect" no reports of this ugly scene was reported in today's media.

In the meantime Lord Mayor Jim Soorley has got on the bandwagon proclaiming that One Nation will not be allowed to hold meetings in the city's venues.

"Pauline Hanson is unwelcome in Brisbane", Soorley said, "She peddles racism and she is destroying the social fabric of our society and our future. Pauline Hanson can speak in King George Square but she is not welcome in council buildings."

Soorley, is of course, a member of the Australian Labor Party.

Yesterday Queensland State Premier Rob Borbidge called the Ipswich City Council's decision stupid giving them the "dodo award" - wonder what he will give Soorley!

"We live in a democracy and I think it is very dangerous for a city council, or any authority, to say that people can't express a point of view, even though they may disagree with that point of view."

Pauline Hanson jump station.


Federal Treasurer Peter Costello yesterday welcomed the Reserve Bank's decision to lower interest rates by 0.5%. This reduction takes about Au$30 monthly off a Au$100,000 loan. Costello was saying yesterday that since the first of the five interest rate reductions monthly repayments on a Au$100,000 loan have dropped by Au$330.

The drop means that, for the first time since deregulation in 1983, interest rates are lower than those in the US, now standing at just 5.5%.

Several banks immediately dropped their home lending rates following the announcement.

Special recognition received by Australian News of the Day:

31 July 1997

The Editor
Australian National News of the Day

Dear Sir/Madam

The issue of long term access to online publications is creating interest among librarians around the world. The National Library of Australia aims to retain in perpetuity a copy of all titles published in Australia in printed form in order to ensure that Australians will have access to the accumulated knowledge, activities and achievements of its citizens in all forms of human endeavour. In line with the objective, the Library is also committed to preserving selected electronic publications of lasting cultural value for access by the Australian community now and in the future.

For some months, we have been assessing online electronic materials and identifying those that we consider have national significance. We have set up a project named PANDORA (Preserving and Accessing Networked DOcumentary Resources of Australia) to develop and implement procedures for managing the archiving and provision of long term access to online Australian publications.

We realise that this needs to be done in cooperation with publishers and authors. With your permission ,we would like to include the title, Australian National News of the Day, in the Project. I would be grateful if you would let me know whether you are willing to assist us to achieve the goal of an online archive of Australian electronic publications.

If you would like additional information about the Project, you may wish to visit the PANDORA site on the Library's server

Yours sincerely

Paul Koerbin
National Library of Australia

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You say:

This is what our "friends" at Left Link think of the Ipswich City Council's decision:

July 30, 1997

Attention Chief of Staff, Newsroom:


"Ipswich Council's attempt to effectively ban the use of Council facilities by the racist Pauline Hanson's One Nation party is an attack on freedom of political expression and assembly", said Democratic Socialist national spokesperson, Mr Peter Boyle, today.

"Like the Howard government's attempt to deport US black activist Lorenzo Ervin, this decision seriously threatens democratic rights in this country. It sets a very bad precedent," Mr Boyle added.

The Democratic Socialists believe that racism can only be defeated politically.

"This anti-democratic move does not advance the anti-racist movement which we strongly support and are actively building." "Restricting the access to council facilities for any political group is political censorship. Censorship merely drives racist ideas underground and makes them harder to defeat. In addition, censorship threatens everybody's democratic rights", said Mr Boyle.

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Subject: Democrats

I have just heard that the Democrats have set up an educational pack to be distributed to secondary schools to teach against Pauline Hanson and her attacks on Aborigines and asians. I, not long ago left school and I believe that teaching about the support or disapproval of a political party is not part of the curiculam.

The democrats know with the support One Nation has at the moment, if there was an election in the near future they would lose the balance of power in the senate.So sorry Cheryl there is a new woman on the block and she cares for the nation not herself.


Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

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