Cyber wars with the "left".

GWB realised that it had one of two choices when taking on Pauline Hanson's One Nation in cyber-space:

  1. wait for the ALP and others to go on the offensive as the site gained popularity.

  2. go on the offensive using the Internet to challenge the "face" presented by the ALP and others to the public.

(There was no reason to take on the Coalition government because, although we disagreed with some of their policies, they were not devious like the Australian Labor Party).

The decision was made to go on the offensive but cyber-strategies had to be put in place. These are revised on an on-going basis and are not detailed here.

Once the initial goals had been obtained GWB started revealing the truth about the links of the Australian Labor Party with the extreme left wing minority groups who terrorised guests coming to various One Nation functions.

The initial cyber-skirmishes with the enemy were small and passing. These included:

These initial cyber-skirmishes involved cyber-pawns the front-line troops who had little or no role in the actual power plays of the Australian Labor Party.

The power play with the back line of the cyber-chess board was to come later. We were careful to prepare our cyber-foundations before launching the first broadside at what was to be a very "transparent" cyber-facade put in place by the ACTU, the body behind the ALP.

When we uncovered:

  1. the ALP's "five clicks to anarchy" only a biased mainstream media prevented the story hitting the headlines.
  2. the ALP's link with extreme left-wing violent protester groups only a biased mainstream media once again prevented the obvious link from being publicised.
  3. the threat to physically assault Pauline Hanson a biased mainstream media were forced to respond thanks to an independent Perth radio station, 6PR.
  4. the link between Left Link and the Lorenzo Ervin boycott of the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

There was, however, a bonus in this media cover-up during this period because we were able to continue to gather and store  information while the "establishment" rested assured that their cosy relationship with the mainstream media moguls would save the day. 

In mid-August one of the most radical national ACTU organisations, Left Link, started to get aggravated by feedback that they were getting from their viewers who had visited our archive of Left Link posts.

The aggravation was shown by placing posts on their "notice board" (carried in the link above).

It was at this time that Left Link decided to respond to our ALP's "Five Clicks to Anarchy" with a claim that One Nation provided "5 Clicks to Nazism" using a totally different and totally discredit set of parameters.

A few days later Ipswich's Queensland Times picked up the story regarding the ALP's link to Lorenzo Ervin. This story was preceded by an unexpected pre-warning email being received by the web master of the ACTU web site to GWB denying that the ACTU had any direct association with Left Link - at last we had started to get a reaction from the backline of the cyber-chess board.

Interestingly, the ACTU web master blew his own case, represented in his email to GWB, by referring the Queensland Times to the discredited "5 clicks to Nazism" presented by Left Link as a counter arguement on their web pages.

What was most interesting was that, according to the Queensland Times, "An ALP spokesman and ACTU spokesman did not respond to an invitation to comment on the matter yesterday."

In the interim, Scott Balson from Global Web Builders, issued his second challenge, through the Queensland Times, for the ALP to provide a public forum to demonstrate that what was being claimed was true.

In late October 1997, the troubled Left Link extremists established what they believe to be a response to our expose of their hands-on promotion of the Sydney 2000 Olympics boycott. The page is headed, Pauline Hanson's online admirers with a number of links taking you to organisation we have never heard of, have no interest in and know northing about. Left Link's interest? Well, apparently they have a link pointing to and I quote: "One Nation or to a version of Hanson's Maiden speech to Parliament. Many of these sites also include photos of the Member for Oxley."

Surprise, surprise they could not, despite exhaustive efforts find any links the other way around... there lies the difference.

Labor's Leftlink and the Hawthorn protests - July 1998

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