Subject: LL:Hanson's five clicks to Nazism

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 14:35:22 +1000 (EST)
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Thought Leftlink subscribers might be interested in how the right-wing Australian News web site (a Hanson front organisation) continues to portray Leftlink.

This is from todays edition:

Marg Hutton
Leftlink moderator

                           Thursday 14th August 1997
     A message from Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin - courtesy of the Australian
     Labor Party....
     "...and as I promised you I would begin to conduct the international
     boycott against the white Austrailian government. This has begun even
     as we speak. i have set up the Boycott 200O Coalition in those 17
     countries which protested my false imprisonment in Australia, and I
     assure you that many others, white, Black, Asian, Native Americans,
     Mexican-Americans, and the whole of humankind will hear of your
     plight, and join you to obtain the birthright to which you are
     entitled: land and independence.
     "Your letter is so important because it not only makes your wishes
     known, but it confirms our statements that an international boycott of
     these bread and circus Olympic games, on stolen land soaked with the
     blood of your ancestors, is really the way forward to winning the
     human rights of the Indigenous people in the land known as Australia."
     Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
     An extract from the 
     So when a boycott of the Sydney 2000 Olympics is organised remember
     that it was our friends at the ALP and the ACTU who promoted and
     supported it on the Internet.
     The letter by Ervin is in response to a statement by the
     ..... who say on their home page, and I quote,
     "The smell of the white man is killing us" but that is not a racist
     comment... oh no, it only works one way!
     we also uncovered what appears to be  - located here in Australia and run by our "Angry"

  [end of extract from Australian News of the Day]
  This `attack' is predicated on the faulty logic that because the
  Leftlink homepage is only `five clicks away' from the ALP website, it is
  therefore an arm of the Labor Party.
  [See press release issued by Hanson last month that outlines this ridiculous assertion

  The same `logic' can be used to demonstrate that the Australian
  National Action Party is the militant wing of Hanson's One Nation
  Party -

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