Transcript of an Intelligence report
received 15th July 1997 by One Nation

Undisclosed source.

To: Ms Pauline Hanson MP, MLA
Mr David Ettridge, National Organiser, One Nation

Last night, 14th July 1997, at the "Anti-Racism" Committee's meeting" at the ACTU house in Peel street, Brisbane a number of matters were discussed including the following:

  1. Their legal adviser/solicitor "George", a half-caste Aborigine, said they should become incorporated and then they would get funding from ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission).
  2. They should hurry up and book King George Square in Brisbane for the "National Day of Action" on the 31st August 1997 before someone else books it. This will be followed by a march to the Executive Building, presumably Parliament House, and then to Musgrave Park. Jim Soorley is on their side.
  3. "George" believes Herron is sympathetic to the Aboriginal people and should not be harassed.
  4. The Committee's priority is to shut down ALL Pauline Hanson meetings.
  5. They want to get someone (and there was a volunteer - a Hispanic ethnic) to break through the crowd and physically assault her. It was felt that in order to do this and not to have much repercussion in the media (on this Committee) it should only be attempted when they can organise more protesters, ie over 500, as a "few loose cannons" are more significant among a small group than a much larger one.
  6. Their efforts (the Committee's) should be targeted on Howard and Hanson. Not the Coalition and One Nation.
  7. The Committee must actively approach other groups for sponsorship, that have been contacted in the past, ie The Trade Unions, the Greens, ASU, ACTU and the Murri Organisation. (Sam, thought to be Watson, attended the meeting for some 25 minutes and then departed).
  8. A Dick Martini to be approached to see if the PA fee can be waived.
  9. "George" is disenchanted with the Chinese community for their lack of support. He feels they - the Committee - are carrying them in their fight. Note: For an anti-racist he does not seem to like Chinese anyway.
  10. A Jean Shears and Jack Shellington of the Hiroshima Day organisation want support at a Rally "because that would give them "Hiroshima Day" the right to march. The police had refused them a permit and they were upset about it.
  11. The cost of one bus to the Gold Coast rally was $395 and $185 was collected towards that and the rest was paid by the PTU (it's thought that might be the Parent Teacher Union).
  12. The attached flyer is for information, especially the last item. The Committee are trying to organise a rally against the Ipswich meeting.

The ARC respond to the intelligence report - Queensland Times 23rd July