Subject: LL:Follow up on GWB

Leftlink subscribers may be amused to hear that today's edition of the Australian News (the online newspaper produced by Global Web Builders, the ISP responsible for Pauline Hanson's One Nation web site) devotes a great deal of space to proving that One Nation Party is not connected to the Australian Nazi Party - National Action.

For some weeks now they have been attempting to run the absurd line that Leftlink and the ALP are intimately connected because Leftlink is `five clicks away' from the ALP homepage and they regularly use this `connection' to misrepresent postings on Leftlink as messages from the ALP and the ACTU.

Yesterday, I responded facetiously by posting a message on LL that showed how One Nation is `five clicks away' from National Action. However, Global Web Builders took this `claim' seriously enough to devote a significant portion of today's edition of their paper to refuting it.

I am sure that Hanson's One Nation Party is also 5 clicks away from Disneyland, the Yellow pages and just about every other page on the web!

Global Web Builders obviously have no knowledge of `six degrees of separation'... or an understanding of the workings of the web.

Marg Hutton
Leftlink moderator

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