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Global Web Builders (GWB) has become the centre of some dirty and unprovoked attention by a small number of Internet users who have tried various means to intimidate and discredit the company since we produced the official Hanson pages on the Internet. As web builders we depend on providing business solutions to hundreds of commercial clients, both big and small on the Internet.

Because of the actions of these individuals (including those of a senior member of a university) we now feel that it necessary to clearly express our stand on Pauline Hanson's One Nation. This was not our initial intention.

We are a true-blue 100% Australian owned company that pioneered computer based marketing in Australia in 1990.

We are a free-thinking company that have the best interests of Australia in mind. Above all we believe that concentration of media ownership in this country represents the greatest threat to our society... our children.

The distortion of the truth by the mainstream media is epitomised in the Hanson debate. Like any other country in the world, in Australia, the sad reality is that the people's vote is only sought by the heirarchy of the Liberal and Labor party when an election comes around. The rest of the time the Canberra-based lobbyists (representing the well-heeled) and the senior bureaucrats actually make the political decisions with the politicians espousing their perceived benefits to the general population. (Remember Costello's deregulation of the petrol industry in January this year - what has happened to the price of petrol since then? Costello promised it would come down.)

How do politicians gain credibility for their policies and actions? Through the support of the mainstream media.

There is, without any shadow of doubt, a growing unholy alliance between the media-moguls, their lobbyists, the senior bureaucrats and the politicians in issues that exclude the general interest of the mainstream Australian population. The ownership of Fairfax is but one example - that News Limited have exposed because it suits them to do so.

A recent example of the role of lobbyists was confirmed through the documented comment by Senator Mal Colston in May 1997 that he would not necessarily support the media ownership changes as "Graham Richardson (ex-Labor numbers man in Paul Keatings government) had spent his time lobbying the support of Independent MP Brian Harradine and had not sought Colston's support". (Graham Richardson is now a very well connected political lobbyist for media-mogul Kerry Packer). The question has to be asked "Where do you and I - the mainstream voters of Australia fit into this equation? We don't.

Pauline Hanson has always said, often not with great eloquence, that she would expose the new class elite if given the opportunity. This has been a very dangerous tactic for Ms Hanson as, in business, those with lots and lots of money are generally recognised to have few scruples - and with her stand she has become fair game (as GWB now has) to those who would control what the perception of the truth is to Australian voters.

Let us remember that Ms Hanson is not a "polished" politician, she is, as the media would constantly remind us, nothing but a "fish and chip" lady. That might have been so in her past, but she is also outside the entrenched system and she has been honest to the voter - she wants the Australian people to regain their democratic right.... a tall order, but Ms Hanson has already taken on far more formidable foes.

Remember Evita Perron? Like Evita, Pauline Hanson has been thown into the limelight. In fact Ms Hanson is the modern day equivalent of Argentina's Evita Perron.

Politics is all about perception....

GWB do not support all the issues that Ms Hanson represents. However we do, unequivocally, support her right to be heard. What happened in Geelong and Perth and Hobart at the state launches of One Nation is largely a result of biased media reporting on Ms Hanson's stand on issues and a disgraceful reflection of a country whose agenda is, at times, being run by politically active minority groups.

What happened at the launch of One Nation was swept under the carpet by the Australian mainstream media. It was not expedient for them to cover the event with any honesty at all. The only reason that you have this archived summary of the evening is because we were there and because of the Internet. Without the Internet this story would not have been told. Think about it.

Our comments above are factual and, we believe, are accepted to be so by mainstream Australia. We believe that it is the undercurrent to the support that One Nation is getting in this country - a backlash by mainstream Australia against the manipulation of our democracy by the new class elite.

The direction that Australia is going under One Nation will be dictated by people power. If Ms Hanson breaches this trust that has been her platform from day one she will lose her popular support overnight. She knows and understands this yet our Prime Minister states in his first major attack on One Nation, "The Hanson cure would be worse than the disease." The truth is that the Liberal and Labor parties are the disease - because they fail to listen to their voters. Otherwise why would they join One Nation?

Pauline Hanson's One Nation has, for many, become the modern day equivalent of "Custers Last Stand" where the forces of the establishment have now rallied to put down that "controversial" politician who is bucking the system - and making a lot of people in cushy jobs in the establishment feel decidedly uneasy and reflective.

The mainstream media might, in the future, succeed in discrediting Pauline Hanson's One Nation - because that will become their focus as the party gains support. Is that in the public interest?

They (the media) might also destroy Ms Hanson but they will not destroy the issues that she has brought to our attention, the focus that she has given to the average Aussie - but for this she is labelled a racist and a bigot. She is anything but - she is an Australian to be admired for her stand whether you currently support her stance on issues or not.

We are not taking up and supporting Ms Hanson's position lightly, our small role in being the only public forum where you can get her side of the story without the media cuts and distortions will, we hope, assist her in securing a bright future for all our children where they will be able to say that they can still get a "FAIR GO"... if we let that dream slip from our grasp Australia will be changed forever for the detriment of all Australia's people, irrespective of colour, race or creed.

Ms Hanson is now the focus of the possibility of challenging the entrenched power of the elite. By being involved with One Nation GWB will certainly be in the position to play an active role in having our and your views on the party's key platform issues being raised and discussed. Email sent to us is being collated as a valuable information source for discussion by One Nation. However, if GWB had chosen to ignore the hope that Pauline Hanson promises for the future we would not have been able to participate in the biggest political revolution taking place in Australia since the birth of the Democrats over 20 years ago.

Ms Hanson has promised that One Nation will be a people's forum... your forum, my forum. Now what can be wrong with that? Let us not "shoot the messenger" - let us look at the underlying hidden forces forcing their views upon us in Australia. This is un-Australian - not the democratic rights of Ms Hanson. This is where our democracy is flawed - not Ms Hanson's publicly aired views.

Here are two sides of the argument relating to GWB's involvement in producing the One Nation pages:

Subject: Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party

Dear gwb

I've only had the most cursory glance At your site but I'm happy to say I agree with your sentiments.

Congratulations upon being a man with balls.

Yours sincerely
(Mrs) Antonia Feitz

Subject: What is your price

You are a reputable and efficient firm. How cheap you must be to accept the home page of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party. Please do not be her provider. Show that you represent decent Australians and have some corporate ethics and credibility.

David Parsons
Australian living in Jakarta

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