Geelong One Nation Meeting
Monday 5th May 1997

A shocking display by radical protesters disrupted a public meeting for supporters of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party. Only 150 supporters out of hundreds who came braved the gauntlet of over 500 screaming hooligans who succeeded in taking over the hall despite a strong police presence.

There were not fifteen hundred as reported and they did not outnumber guests by ten to one.

Andrew Carne, the local One Nation representative, was forced to cancel the meeting after only 15 minutes when the protesters took over the stage.

Guests at the meeting were physically assaulted and verbally abused.

Ms Hanson summed up the criminal activity of the protesters yesterday when she accused the Labor and Liberal parties of supporting the actions and even encouraging the "bullyboys".

Andrew Carne told us today,

"The media's reporting of the event was incredibly distorted. The protesters blocked off the car park and even the street leading up to the hall. They blocked the entrance to the hall. They effectively closed the meeting down.

"The one hundred and fifty supporters who did make it had come early - I have already received 200 apologies today from people who were turned away by the protesters.

"When I asked the police to clear the way so that Australian voters who wanted to exercise their democratic right by attending could come they refused saying that it was a public meeting and the protesters could take the action they did.

"I will be talking to the police today. The protesters stripped the hall taking all the One Nation posters and documents - I arrived with political material for those attending. What wasn't destroyed was stolen.

"They made an unholy noise in the hall beating drums, talking into bull horns and blowing whistles they called me a 'Facist' while their actions were 'Facist'.

"An old lady was crushed by an Aboriginal protester as were many other of my guests. It was mayhem... and the television stations did not report this!"

The organiser of the protesters, Sam Purcell, president of the Deakin University's Geelong Students Association said the hall was packed with protesters.

"Andrew Carne stood there and wasn't able to speak because there were people playing music, and talking and yelling out," Ms Purcell said.

"Basically One Nation supporters couldn't get through."

This at a time when support for Ms Hanson's One Nation party increased dramatically in the latest News Poll:

Primary VoteSupport:Change:
One Nation7%+3%

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All mail received so far - pro and anti final letter posted 8th May 1997 at 7am.

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Letters received regarding
launch of One Nation at Geelong

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 07:42:21 +0800

Keep up the good work ! Believe me you have many more supporters than the papers would admit to.

And please do not ever give in. The good Australians need a person like you.

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

I hope Pauline does not let the pressure applied to her, stop the One Nation movement.

The other parties now realise that the One Nation party has considerable support, and will do anything to rubbish her commonsense proposals.

I hope the ground swell of support will continue to increase, and become a fully fledged Party, and eventually overthrow the "Your turn Next at the trough politicians "

My best wishes ( Dont buckle under the pressure )

Peter C

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

We are four mainstream Australians who do not support you or your views. Please do not speak on our behalf! Australia does have its problems, like any other country. However, your beliefs and opinions are based on a lack of tolerance, compassion and education (steeped in ignorance!) You and your party are in fact creating more problems rather than solving anything. You are an international embarassment. Get out of politics, you are doing this country harm.

Coo-ee Cobber
Christopher Witt
Heather Crookes
Matt Harrison
Ludmila Heath

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

hey there clueless moron

maybe the fact that 500 protestors turned up compare to 250 of your supporters is a sign that most australians don't want your hick views.

go & colonise the moon or something...

incidentally you redneck fleabrain, what are you policies on Science, Technology and Space Exploration????

or are you too busy trying to make sure your Aryan views overwhelm this country.

creationist as well??? 8-)

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

to whom it may concerns,

yes every one should have the option to ecxersise democratic rights, and I am very sorry that people got injured yesterday. Nevertheless as a german migrant who came to this country recently, I have to tell you that you play with the fire.

The discussion you started up, has happend in a very simelar way many years ago in Germany and the result was the total distruction of Germany.

Believe me, if you don't stop to distribute your disregard for other races, or every thing which is in your eyes non Australien you will start the same fire, which destroyed Germany, in your beautiful Australia.

You play with the emotion and fears of simplistic thinking people. People who believe in simple solutions for complex problems, Hitler did that as well don't think you are smarter then this evil man.

Every man and women in this country Australia has to oblige the law.

But Cury (Aboriginals) people deserve a special treatment by Ausustraliens as jewish people deserve a special attention and care by modern germans.

This is because Germans have killed so many of them, and Australiens have killed many of the natives of Australia.

You can not change this historical facts, and if you try people will die. You will be responsible for this!


Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 17:51:28 +1000

Thanks for the truth yet again. I visit this website almost daily for the new stuff. It will be very hand when I commence the local branch/support group.

By the way my own research and a few surveys have revealed Pauline Hanson's One Nation is running at about 75% support across Australia. Are you in a position to clarify? My own research also shows support around 75% or more.

Regards and thanks.


Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Don't let the rent-a-crowd morons stop you from helping to give ordinary Australians a chance to make their feelings known. Those who stand to lose their power over the current batch of politicians know that you have the support of the majority of real Australians and are very worried.

Please make your position on the gun laws known as I will never again vote for those parties who supported those laws and would like to know where you stand on this subject so I can decide whether to give you my vote as well as my support.

Colin S. Clark

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

The noisy few trying to shut up the silent majority again. I hope this time the "silent" majority wakes up and does NOT remain silent.

Keep up the good work.

I faxed my membership application. Hope 10,000's of others do the same. It is our last chance.


Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 20:54:41 +1000

If the protesters at last night's launch represent mainstream Australians (as they say they do) then this once great country is in real trouble.

Personally, I feel that these protesters represent a foolish minority and I doubt that many of them have taken a few minutes to hear or read Pauline's maiden speech to parliament.

Yours Proudly
Cameron Burke

Subject: Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party

-- Hi! Everybody,

The following are my views on the a/m.

If ONP can attract mainstream Australian voters and Australians continue to exhibit srong support for ONP in the next election then so be it.

In my view if Australia would like to "go back to the past" and isolate itself from the growing and vibrant Asia-Pacific, I would not be unhappy. In the "kiausu" spirit, I would be happy. This means the following:

Firstly, it is their (Australians) democratic right to select whichever and/or however way they want to live out their life therfore if they choose ONP it is their democratic right. In Geelong, the demostrators have their right in demostrating but they should also allow other people to exercise their right to free assemblies and free speech too.

Next, if in the next General Election, ONP would be able to amass enough support whether to solely form the next government or be part of the next governmrnt and hold the bigger ALP or NLP to "ramson" and start programs that are hostile to Asia-Pacific, then good luck to Australia. Their economy will in this case continue to improve at a slower rate if not deprove. Unemployment would continue to remain high or increase to another record. And the society as a whole will start to degenerate. This means that as a whole while Vietnam, Burma, Philippines and other LDC would be able to catch up. And most importantly, Asia will have one competitor less.

I would like to appeal to all of those people who would read this email to voice objections to Australia being allow to join Asia-Europe Forum as a member representing Asia as endorsed by German Chancellor and Japanese Prime Minister. Do give your support to Dr. Mathathir of Malaysia who has strongly voiced this objection.

Best regards,

Subject: Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party


I would just like to congratulate you on your page. I think the information you have given us is very informative, and very correct. I live in an area in Western Australia where I've seen a lot of "extra's" given to Indiginious people. We can tell when it's their pension day, they come into town & drink in the streets. Straight off the desert, they squat to go to the toilet, and the toilets that are provided are damaged by these people. They drive around in new 4 wheel drive vehicles, because they don't have to pay them off, like the normal working white Australians do. They get paid for their children to attend school. If they use all of their pension money on grog, they just go to the Department of Social Security and ask for more, which is given.

For those of you who would not agree with my views, I would say travel to South Hedland in Western Australia & have a look around on Pension day. These people are given the run of the town & the police sit and do nothing.....Why am I upset? Aboriginals want the same privlidges as White Australians......ha, what a joke.......they get a lot more than White Australians do!

Pauline is doing a wonderful job, and I think her views are true and correct, it's about time we were one nation.....all equal! Q Why do we have to fill in on Birth Certificate's a box asking if the child born is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island desent?????

We need less imigration into this country, until we can get our nation into some sore of order, we should stop imigration all together!

Why do we hear about so much hatred towards Pauline Hanson......hey, all I can say is THE TRUTH HURTS.

You can count on my vote Pauline,

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Don't Worry ONE NATION WILL KICK ASS at the next election.

You got my and my whole families vote.
Steve. Casino NSW

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

She says in the same breath that aboriginals should be treated the same as anyone else (re:social benefits) and *yet singles them out on her homepage as that person who attacked an elderly woman at the launch of her one nation party.

Her views will be reflected upon in 40 years time in a similar way that todays generations reflect upon acts by previous governments such as removing aboriginal children from their parents under the guise of assimilation.

To forget to treat aboriginals differently to other Australians is an error. The best way to understand the aboriginal situation, in my mind, is to compare aboriginals to an abused child (this requires very little stretching of the imagination). From this point it is neccessary to win this child over and to regain its trust. A good start is to admit that they have been maltreated, and to do an action (not just words) which will help make up for it. Additional money, in the economic world we live in, is, unfortunately, the only realistic compensation we can give them (we cannot take back the mass slayings in the 1700's, the beatings and social degradation imposed from that time through to the 1960's, the forced seperation of families et al).


*These comments were not made by Pauline Hanson. That is made very clear at the start of the page. Secondly, why should Aboriginality not be mentioned? We wish to keep this report accurate.

Then Fran shows her class in this follow-up response:

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Pauline Hanson's a smelly, fat faced, dumb slut whose only purpose on this planet is to give head jobs to overweight balding smelly dirty ugly men who are shorter than 5' tall, and then to provide anus cleaning services by way of licking out dogs butts with her pointy tongue.

By the way, Rover says thanks for the arse clean on Thursday - saved him the job.

P.S. Joke - Q: Why have dogs stopped licking their balls?
A: Because Pauline Hanson now does it for them.

Reader's response to Fran:

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

In regard to Fran's attempt at humour,

I would just like to say that those pathetic comments she decided to type up are just that, pathetic, It is also people like our friend Fran who Spread stupid rumours just to hear there own voice, with comments like those Fran, you are just making yourself look really really stupid, for god sake woman GROW UP, and if you don't support what Pauline has to say don't visit this page, bearing in mind that it isn't even written by Pauline.

Peter Gable

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong
Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 00:25:29 +0800

Disgusting !!

Will only enforce what we a know ..

There are a lot racists about ..

But Pauline is not one of them.


Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

I think is is expected that the radical idiots will come out of the woodwork.

Rest assured Pauline has a lot of support from people I know. I am fed up with the policies of the present major parties and I think it is about time this country changed direction and hopefully that will come in the form of "One Nation".

I am certainly not a racist, but I am getting concerned that the average working Australian is being forgotten in this Country. Keep up the fight and be guaranteed of my vote.

I just hope Pauline will not lose face in the heat of all the un-democratic lobbying of the radicals and Goverment individuals, that must be getting a little concerned with her popularity.

Ray Folland.

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Dear sir,

Pauline - Hang in there and stick it to them. 95% of people i have spoken to support your views.


Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

All I can say is" what you sow , so shall you reap ". Geelong was only a sign of things to come. If your One Nation comes to my area I hope we can allow ourselves peaceful informative discussion. There will always be the violent fringe element , and I believe with the topics you are raising there is a place for that.

Any time you get up peoples noses then you should expect trouble. However common sense will prevail and although I do not agree with anything you stand for I believe as Aussies we should talk about your issues calmly.

This is probably wishfull thinking, because as you get bigger so will the opposition and therefore the radical fringe element. I just hope we don't see the first well known ( controversial) politican in this countries short history bumped off. I'm afraid to say that I really do think there is a chance of it happening. Be carerful!!!!!

John Tosi

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong


You've got the bully boys on the run now - they're scared, really scared of the tidalwave of your support, so keep the pressure up. Right behind you!!

Pat Herley.

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

You have 7% support in the polls. Are you trying to tell us that 7% of the population are "mainstream Asustralians" and the other 93% aren't


Subject: (no subject)

I attended the party meeting in Geelong this week. I wanted to hear more about your proposed political party, but was prevented by protesters. I am now a supporter because of these people screaming abuse and blowing whistles. If these people had any political power, we wouldnt have jobs we would just be blowing whistles and chanting. Thankyou protesters for supporting Pauline Hanson. If you had any intelligence you would have had an orderly debate. (part eastern european part dingo part anglo saxon full australian)

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Dear One Nation People

It is sad that you people are so bigoted and hate motivated that you have directed your energies into such a destructive and anti social activity as the creation of this rediculous party.

I am not sure as to the motivation of Ms Hanson; as to whether she is so blinded from her own bitterness and xenophobia and purely driven by hate or whether her motivations are more cynical by dragging every red neck in Australia out from under their rocks. What I am sure of is the number of neo nazi and extreme right lunatics such as the League of Rights who are thriving on this rotten corpse of hate. Just as magots thrive on a rotten corpse, you extremists thrive on the stench of hate.

May I say that I will be there when you try to launch your party in Melbourne. I will be there with those people who intend to bury your campaign of hate and misinformation and in support of a free, open and tolerant society.

P. Watson

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

I would like to congratulate you on your fair sense of free speech for publishing both email for and against One Australia's policies.

It is sad that the radicals (I cannot call them a minority until after the next general election, when they hold no seats in Either house of parliment) should seek to remove another's right to freedom of speech, choice and movement in this country.

The mere inclination that anyone should seek to sensure ANYONE else, is not in the interest of Democracy or Australia, no matter how important they think their ideas are.

The actions of the Chinese Ethnic Groups come to mind, which I find the most disgusting paradox. In their own country, they would be lying in a paddock outside Bejing with a gunshot to the back.

Most voters are too lazy or stupid to put thought into their vote, except for a number beside one of the major parties that they habitually vote.

Those voters who do use their brain and think carefully about why and who they elect make up the balance of power. The One Australia party may not hold a clear majority, but more than likely will hold a enough seats in both houses of the Federal Government to effectively control the balance of power.

So I ask these questions:

I support those who oppose the One Australia Party, to exercise their right to free speech, but not illegal and unsocial activities such as Assualt. Too bad some of those same people seek to remove my rights, the very same ones that let them be there in the first place.

- Ashley

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Keep up the Good work Pauline!

You're got my vote!

Brad , Coffs Harbour.

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

You can not win lower house seats with only 7 % of the vote. I think you will not even get that. Why vote for a minor party when only your second preference will count. You need to develop some real policies that relate to the running of the country not just isolating minority groups. By the time the next election comes along your party will not exist

Meredith Farmer

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

So Pauline and her supporters don't appreciate the violence and hatred directed at them. Considering the amount of hatred and violence Pauline and co. have managed to create for Asians and Aboriginals. I consider it poetic justice!!!

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

My view : Fuck off you facist Aussie scum.

My prediction : Pauline won't last the year. Her "earthly container" will be leaving us soon!

Jay McFarland

Maybe Jay would like to speak to this respondent directly?

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Here we go again,

Why everytime I look at this page do people like Jay Mcfarland have to express there opinions by using these to words...F**k and Facist??. This really puzzles me, is it that they just have a really poor vocabulary, or could it be that they dont understand what they are saying? who knows maybe they just get a buzz from using filthy language, but one thing is clear they are making themselves look really stupid.

Maybe if they opened there eyes, shut there mouths and listened to what Pauline Hanson has to say, they may just agree with her, they might not but even the dumbest dog can learn a new trick occasionly.

I am sure I will get some filthy E-Mail from people but so what, I am a big boy I can handle it, If you agree/disagree with me I would like to know so drop me a line... But be warned I can give it as good as I can take it.

Lachlan Bugarin

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

It's only a simple question really.
Why do people throw eggs at you?
Why do people either love you or hate you?
What is your purpose?????
Is Australia a better place for you being here?

Pauline. PLEASE be quiet! Understand that the world is full of amazingly different people and cultures. some are the oppressed some are the oppressers. We can't change the past but we can acknowledge it and deal with it as moral human beings (ie the aboriginal people deserve some understanding)

Whether we be black or white it really doesn't count. But Australia was originally an aboriginal continent and we are the migrants.

For the record I am a "mainstream australian" I am white and male, have lived in ipswich (am a subscriber to gil) have never been on the dole or been in a protest march (not that that means anything)

Anyway I've had my say.
You're doing much more harm than's obvious really!

Steve Grayson-Riley

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