First hand account from university students of Ms Hanson's launch of One Nation in Perth -
Saturday, May 3rd

Dear Sir/ Madam.
Just dropping a quick note.  I was at Ms Hanson's Speech on Saturday 3rd May at the Mt Claremont Superdome and I must say that the subject matter was quite relevant to the situation today.

Although there were a few funny incedences:

Finally, these sheep are the first to complain when their freedom of speech is stripped, well I saw pretty much the same "thought police" actions that night, but after a minute, they could no longer be heard. They want the freedom to say and think what they like, how about showing the same to everybody else? Stop pissing in the pockets of the minority and look at the bigger picture, MS HANSON ONLY DECREES "AUSTRALIA FOR AUSTRALIANS" and that means all citizens, not the illegal types or those looking for solutions to 200 year old problems.

Yours Sincerely
Nathan Street
Brian Gillett

Letters Received:

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Geelong

Hang in there Pauline, you may be getting a rough time from the rent a crowds but be assured that nearly everybody in WA , and certainly everyone I have spoken to is on your side.

We all think you are a very brave woman. I hope it will be reflected in votes at any by election or at the next federal election.

John Parkinson Wanneroo Western Australia

Subject: Launch of One Nation

As a former Geelong boy now living in Perth, I was naturally disgusted to see the scenes at West Geelong with the launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party. I attended Geelong High School in the 1980's and witnessed a high "ethnic" content at school. I have also witnessed the shocking anti-Pauline Hanson demonstration in Perth recently.

Can I add, since I left Geelong in 1983, I joined the Royal Australian Navy and travelled the world, seeing many cultures in action on their own turf. Can you buy a house in Japan? Not likely - you take it out on a 99 year lease. I have been to Hiroshima. It is terrible what "we" have done to the Japanese - is there any mention of why this terrible atrocity happened - no. Can you talk to a woman in the Middle East - not likely. You don't even acknowledge them under their veils. The religious police will beat you if you look sideways at a woman.

Australia portray a terrible image overseas with their treatment of Aborigines. Is this justified? I think not. The Australian government have bent over backwards trying to assist these people, providing houses, land, cheap finance (like when they buy a car, make one payment on it, claim they can't afford it and have the government pick up the tab). Where does it stop? And to have these people claim they will portray Australia in a poor light at the 2000 Olympics? That's where I draw the line - enough is enough.

Please Pauline - I know you're copping a lot of flak, but you're the voice we so desperately need. The immigration policies of the last 20 years have been so so wrong. Please lead us out of this quagmire - we are behind you!!

John Bain

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