Pauline, the Hanson Phenomenon - by Helen Dodd
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Editorial Courier Mail, 1st August 1997: "Those who try to silence her risk demonstrating the very trend she claims is occurring: Australia is becoming a nation dominated by elites who do not care what the average citizen thinks."

"Until a sustainable population is achieved, a low level of immigration will be continued with the annual number of immigrants (including refugees) set so as to not exceed the number of permanent departures of the previous year." from Democrats immigration principles.

"The Packer/Murdoch media in Australia have not only put Pauline Hanson and her party, One Nation, on trial but by so doing have challenged the very basis of our democracy in contrived and misleading reports. Love her or hate her, this fact alone makes her very political survival essential." - email Scott Balson.

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December 1997 - MAI - The BIG Political Lie The Hanson Phenomenon. Launch of One Nation in Ipswich with images and full transcript of Pauline Hanson's speech. 11th April 1997. Launch of several One Nation branches. The biased mainstream media and blatant political collusion with the media moguls. Threats to Global Web Builders (GWB). Senator Boswell's lie. The Lawrence Ma fax and the extremist right fiasco. The role of Sixty Minutes in undermining Pauline Hanson. The extremist left wing protesters link to the Australian Labor Party. Left Link, Ervin, the Sydney 2000 Boycott and the Australian Labor Party. The changing face of the Australian Council of Trade Union links. The threat of a physical attack against Hanson. The media response to the threat to Pauline Hanson. The ALP thug files - the ugly face of the ALP. Scott Balson's challenge to the ALP in Oxley. Conflicting editorial views on city council's banning of One Nation meetings.

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The launch of this authorised biography, "Pauline, The Hanson Phenomenon" - 21st November 1997

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