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Thursday 21st August 1997
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Pauline Hanson yesterday confirmed that she will not be standing for the Senate - saying that she would prefer to lead her One Nation Party by staying in the lower house.

This means that she has to choose between the revised seat of Oxley or the new seat of Blair. Oxley, which now includes Inala, has become a much safer seat for the Australian Labor Party - the reason why Wayne Goss suddenly put his hand up as a candidate. 

David Oldfield said yesterday, "She is not taking the easy option of running in the Senate. She wants to lead her party from the Lower House and has no desire to be a watchdog crowd like the Democrats."

The man who lost his pants late at night in a US hotel, Malcolm Fraser, launched an attack calling for voters to "wipe Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party off the Parliamentary handbook" at the next Federal election.

Speaking at an Asialink seminar yesterday Fraser said, "All parties have to put her last in preferences and her party last in preferences, all parties.

"That would resolve the House of Representatives problem, but the idea of a Senate significantly influenced by three or four One Nation representatives.... fills me with absolute horror."

This view parrots the recent editorial lines by major selected News Limited papers who like their partners in deception, the major political parties, have a major interest in seeing that One Nation does not succeed at the next Federal Election.

It also comes at a time when the Democrats launched a school education kit on Aboriginal and immigration issues aimed at countering Pauline Hanson's claims. The kits will go to every school in Queensland - with the principals having the last say on whether they are to be used.

After nearly two years of native title related delays the Au$ billion Century Zinc project was given the green light with the passage of the Century Zinc Project Bill through State Parliament yesterday.

The Bill states: "This Bill reflects the state's commitments under the agreements and makes it clear that native title is not extinguished by the Bill or anything done under the Bill."

The key provisions of this messy drawn-out affair include:

The state government committing over Au$30 million to the Aborigines under the agreement.

This does not include the massive royalties to be paid by Century Zinc, the mine operators.

The man found guilty of war crimes in Canada, Konrad Kalejs, will not be deported from Australia while a new criminal investigation is established into his involvement with a killer-commando unit believed to have been involved in the execution of more than 30,000 Jews during the second world war.

The 84 year old Latvian man holds an Australian passport - the reason he was evicted from Canada to Australia. Now the world's leading anti-Nazi group, the Simon Weisenthal Centre, has called for Australia to change its laws so that Kalejs is evicted back to Latvia to face the charges.

Interesting that Kalejs has spent only 12 months in Australia since 1959. His travels have taken him to the US - the country which initially deported him back to Australia in 1995. He fled Australia for Canada following the release of secret US files on his alleged war time activities.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation yesterday issued a press release calling for Australian authorities to act on the allegations. 

Making the news.

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Federal Treasurer Peter Costello's think tank, called the HR Nicholls Society, yesterday slammed the Coalition  yesterday accused the government of failing in its task to reduce unemployment.

In a book titled "Mission: Abandoned!" published by the society it has a special word on the failures of Workplace Relations Minister Peter Reith who is accused of "shameful capitulation to his Democrat dominatrix", Cheryl Kernot, after he negotiated a revised deal with her last year to get an Act passed by the Senate.

Costello was yesterday forced to distance himself from the organisation he founded after the book caused anger to ripple through Coalition ranks. A spokesman for Costello said that he was no longer a member of the organisation although he could not remember when he resigned.

The HR Nicholls society is named after a former Hobart Mercury editor, Henry Richard Nicholls, who was charged with contempt in 1911 after describing founding Arbitration Court president Henry Higgins as a "political judge".


Rupert Murdoch has announced that News Corporation Limited will attempt to buy-back almost Au$1.3 billion in preferential shares.

This after the media giant suffered from declining profits and share prices after a very ordinary year. Murdoch revealed that News had "cash in excess of immediate needs and intends to implement an on market buy-back of its preferred limited voting ordinary shares."

In the last month News Corp preference shares have dropped from US$5.30 to US$4.75.

The Wesley Church decision on gay and lesbian behaviour:

Without trying to preach (as I am not without sin) but just for the record, here is what the Wesley Mission had to say on the subject of gay and lesbian ordination within the Uniting Church:

"The gay lobby in the Uniting Church, point to God being like the father in the parable of the Prodigal Son. They argue the father accepted back into his house and heart, his son who was despised by society for his sexual life, especially his brother who obeyed all the moral laws. They say the father accepts those whom society marginalise and despise because of their sexuality and the church should be as compassionate and accepting of them.

"Like many who use the Scriptures to excuse their sin, they never quote the whole story. This parable does speak of a welcoming, compassionate father toward the unacceptable child. But the parable is primarily about the child changing, repenting of his sin, turning from his old life-style and returning to his father in contrition, crying Luke 15:21 "Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son." It was the recognition of his sin that led him out of his old life-style and to return to the father who then accepted him. The acceptance was not the same when the boy was living a life of sexual immorality.

"The father describes him at that time as being "lost". It was only after repenting, returning and seeking forgiveness that there was full acceptance and the son was described as being "found." The lesbians who want to lead the church and the practising homosexuals who want to minister without repenting of their immorality, changing their life-style, and returning to the father saying "Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son" have pictured Jesus only a Man of compassionate Spirit, but not also as a Holy Man who emphasised moral behaviour. How different this parable would be if Jesus had said the immoral son had returned home only to ask for more money to continue to live in immorality!

"There is no such thing as a no-fault religion. Sin and repentance, turning from the old ways and living a life of holiness unto God are central themes in the Christian Gospel. Christians still can be exorcised. Holy living is still a requirement. I checked this in a long private conversation with Dr George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury this week. He assured me my approach was consistent with that of the whole Church, and that gay people need the power of the gospel and to realise that same sex relationships are wrong. There was no hesitancy: the Archbishop said same sex relationships are wrong!

I am placing this on the record because there have been some interesting diversions and implication placed on my initial page on this subject, in the aus.politics news group which continue to misquote my support for the Wesley Mission in their stand against the Uniting Church putting a float in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and against the ordination of gay and lesbian church leaders.

The politically correct have, of course, labelled me as a "gay basher" for giving my support on the Internet - not because it is my view but because of my involvement with the Hanson web pages.

Now the anarchistic comments of some on aus.politics would suggest that my views are One Nation's and that One Nation is now "gay bashing". Obviously both assumptions are ridiculous.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another magnificent day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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