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Thursday 19th June 1997

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The 139 Chinese boatpeople who arrived illegally on Australian shores a few days ago will cost tax payers millions of dollars in a protracted process as they apply for refugee status in this country.

Their application could take up to two years to process while Australian tax payers foot all their costs including accommodation, food, legal expenses etc.... Food and housing at the Port Hedland detention centre where they are now staying costs tax payers Au$ 50 per head per day or abour Au$2 million per year.

What complicates matters is that the group is not eligible for return to China under a memorandum of understanding signed in 1995. Australia will now have to "negotiate" their return to China.

In a previous case when illegal immigrants were returned to China post-1995 Australia had to pay Au$500,000 for the repatriation of the Chinese before they were accepted back. This was to cover processing and transport for the refugees.

No wonder we are such a soft target for illegal immigrants be they from China, Beirut or Croatia.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party has been slammed by National Party Senate leader Ron Boswell for running an advertisement in a right-wing publication, The Strategy, with alleged links to the League of Rights.

Following Prime Minister John Howard's decision to attack Pauline Hanson in London Boswell came out with a wide-ranging attack on Ms Hanson suggesting that The Strategy is a "fringe, lunatic, extremist" publication.

Boswell claimed that the editor of The Strategist, Ray Platt, had promoted a visit to Australia by a leader of the American militia movement, Jack McLamb who he alleged was linked with Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

If we reverse the implication I guess we can say that News Limited's Courier Mail is no better than a pimp as today, for example, the paper carries the following advertisements (amongst many others) under the Classifieds Online Introductions category:

And what about the raunchy trash that is carried in magazines like Cleo, etc...

But they are owned by Packer and Murdoch so I guess that's alright then.

In an exclusive comment here is the editor of The Strategy paper's response to Boswell:

Boswell attacks The Strategy

The Clown Prince of Coward’s Castle has shown yet again, when he starts ranting about the “fringe” or “extreme” right, that he can’t get his facts straight and thus misleads the Senate. Perhaps if the Clown Prince were to make an in depth study of the Constitution, if he can, he just might find that through ignorance he fits the cap of betrayal of the Australian people, and not those who he is want to collectively “rubbish”.

An outright lie - One Nation has appealed for support??? - never!

One Nation has never asked us to place an advertisement for them or to run any articles about One Nation or Pauline Hanson. All adverts relating to One Nation, that have been used by this paper, have been put out as “media releases” for all or any publication to run. We felt that people generally deserved as much information as possible to make-up their own minds as to what they wanted.

To link THE STRATEGY with any particular group, be it the League of Rights or the American Militia movement just shows the petty-mindedness of the Clown Prince of Coward’s Castle.

The obvious job of a reporting publication is to present “the truthful facts”, and that is what The Strategy aims for at all times - not like the controlled major media.

Because the Murdoch and Packer produced papers advertise a large amount of pornographic material etc and “brothels” does that make the publishers ‘pimps’?

Ray Platt
Editor, The Strategy

Ray Platt can be contacted on 03.5441 2558

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Official home page.


Prime Minister John Howard arrived in London last night to what has been called a "frosty" reception by the British press.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Howard sounding more like Hanson

Hi, GWB,

We should not be heartened by the fact that Howard seems to be stealing lines from Pauline Hanson's speeches. He's one of the 'two steps forward, one step back' crowd. When they meet with resistance they back off. But only till their critics relax a bit, then it's 'two steps forward.....'

Graham Strachan.

Ms Hanson and Australia's future

The official answer to Ms. Hanson's observations is rejection, misrepresentations and hostility. She believes in the future of a proud, unique Australia, not in a watered down, faceless Eosinocyte country. Your main political parties seem to have forgotten that.

My friendship with Australia and Australians began on April 6, 1942, when an RAAF crew operating a Catalina flying boat, saved my life. This friendship has been nurtured to a warm personal level by many subsequent events and individual encounters.

Many of my Aussie friends are persuaded that your present system of government has given rise to incompetent and corrupt officials who care little about Australia's welfare, but only about their own careers. In spite of all the rhetoric to the contrary, your present "two" parties, are really two branches of the same party. Pauline Hanson's One Nation party, may present an opportunity for you to vote for a Parliamentary Representative who meets your own personal qualifications, instead of one selected by a party heavyweight to fill a safe seat.

In my lifetime I have seem the USA transformed from a free country, a democracy with rule by consent of the people; to a tyrannical oligarchy, government by the few, exercised by a small and privileged group for corrupt and selfish purposes. The major factor that provided the opportunities for this degradation © voter's failure to keep our elected officials accountable! It saddens me that I see the same thing happening in Australia that has happened to my country, unless you do something about it!


john hamilton
10548 Rivulet Row
Columbia MD 21044©2420 USA
Advocates Individual Responsibility,
Personal Accountability and Freedom from Government! 410.730.7536
fax 410.997.1868 e©mail

Subject : policy clarification and One Nation media bias

Pauline Hanson is surely one of the top five names in Australian politics at this time. However, it is surprising to note that she has gained this prominence without having to categorically defend the means by which she will implement her stated objectives. I was amazed to see Ms Hanson (on the ABC's "Four Corners") stating her policies, many of which are, on "the surface", very logical. However, these views are often left unexplained. For example, she speaks of supporting small business. The crowd cheered, and Ms Hanson continued, without clarifying HOW she was going to do this. Often the actual implementation of her views is the downfall of those views. Does Ms Hanson seriously believe that a "reversal of Wik" would pass through the Senate AND survive numerous High Court cases? Almost all political observers think otherwise.

Secondly, congratulations on a very well constructed web site. However, it dismays me to read that you cannt simply publish news in an unbiased and clear manner. You accuse John Howard of "gutter tactics" in the opening paragraph of what you call "International News". That is not "news", that is an opinion. Of course, you are welcome to your opinions, but please DON'T pretend that they are "gospel" fact, by labelling them as "News". Such propoganda only serves to appease those who already support "One Nation", but disgust those who do not. It will win you no supporters.

Finally, I totally agree with "Mic", when he argues against the use of abusive language. If you were truly committed to an even and fair discussion, you would refrain from printing articles which use such abusive language and tone. They only unfairly further your cause, at the expense of well written articles such as you could obtain from leading media outlets. Perhaps these articles (such as that by John Pasquerelli in a recent Bulletin magazine) would give a truly even debate, rather than simply the impression of one.

Thank you for your efforts - I may not agree with your views, but you ARE allowing open debate on one of this nation's most controversial topics. Please think seriously about my suggestions, and PLEASE consider publishing this letter.

Yours sincerely,

You might be interested in yesterday's (unedited) press release by Pauline Hanson regarding Howard and his "gutter tactics".


Subject: Skeptical Kooks

It's funny to me that skeptics are always trying to keep tabs on me. This latest post from a known skeptics makes my point.

Another question is. Why do they keeping signing onto my web site is they are all that skeptical or just looking for answers in there own life?

In regards to the lottery comment. I have hit the New York State Lottery's second place (5 of 6 numbers (1-54)) three time in the past 6 years,and I rarely play it.

The Thin Blue Line,
Riley G
Psychic Detective & Remote Viewer
Retired New York City Police Officer


Labor Senator Stephen Conroy who has been singled out by ex-Liberal president John Elliott following his appearance before the National Crime Authority (NCA) on allegations of fraud.

Senator Conroy in return tabled some interesting evidence from the NCA hearing under parliamentary privilege. In the allegedly sworn evidence given by Peter Scanlon, Elliott's former co-accused to the NCA in January 1991 Scanlon allegedly claims he initiated conversations with former Equiticorp chief Alan Hawkins over the first of two foreign exchanghe transactions behind the alleged Au$66 million theft from Elders IXL.

Conroy claimed that Scanlon told former Commonwealth director of public prosecutions that he then spoke to former Elders Finance boss Ken Jarrett who then went ahead with the proposed Au$200 million hedging contract.

Scanlon lashed out at Conroy last night calling him an NCA stooge.

"This is just one more action of a corrupt body immersed in illegal and deceitful conduct," he said.

The same evidence read by Conroy in parliament yesterday was ruled inadmissible by the Coalition controlled joing statutory committee on the NCA last week after Ellioot appeared before the body saying that he was suing the NCA for Au$200 million in damages.

"I'm not on trial here, you are," Elliott shouted at Conroy while giving his evidence to the body.

Elliott refused to answer Conroy's questions shouting, "I am concerned about the political intentions of Senator Conroy."

Scanlon is due to appear before the NCA on Monday.


Today the second Ashes test starts at Lords.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another beautiful sunny day in paradise, but it was cold overnight.

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