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Wednesday 18th June 1997

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Prime Minister John Howard will use the same gutter tactics that were his predecessor Paul Keating's trademark. He will use his two week trip overseas to compare the
Independent Member for Oxley, Pauline Hanson's, rise to popularity to that of the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and right-wing French politician Jean Marie Le Pen.

In his speech scheduled for Monday night he will use the rise of Hanson to argue that there is growing support for politicians with extreme views.

Not bad after we made the following comparisons between Hanson and Howard "speak" just yesterday:

Believe it or not the extracts in blue below are extracts from the letter in the Queensland Times on the 6th January 1996 that resulted in Ms Hanson being branded a racist by the media and resulted in her being disendorsed by the Liberal Party. (See attached image of article that appeared in the Singapore Strait Times yesterday. This article perpetuates the myth created by the Australian media following the publication of this letter.) The statements in black are those made by John Howard at Longreach last month. Oh, how the Liberal Party reveal their true colours...

Pauline Hanson letter: "I would be the first to admit that many years ago the Aborigines were treated wrongly but in trying to correct this they have gone too far..."

John Howard at Longreach: "I think that what has happened in this country is that we had a pendulum of Aboriginal affairs that was over here and I think that it has swung too far over in this direction particularly because of the Wik decision and what I am trying to do is to bring it back into the middle and I think that that is where it ought to be."

Pauline Hanson letter: "I don't feel responsible for the treatment of Aboriginal people in the past because I had no say but my concern is for their future."

John Howard at Longreach: "I do not believe in intergenerational guilt when it comes to Aboriginal affairs. I am aware of the history of this country. I am aware of the fact that the indigenous people were here first. I do not exhibit a sense of shame for what our forebears did."

Pauline Hanson letter: "How can we expect this race to help themselves when government showers them with money, facilities and opportunities that only these people can obtain no matter how minute the indigenous blood that flows through their veins and that is what causes racism."

John Howard at Longreach: "I understand the resentment that the rest of Australia feel when social security services are made available to minorities that are not available to them."

Isn't it amazing that this gutless wonder (Howard) cannot speak up against the people pulling his strings and I am not talking about the Australian population I am referring to this comment by a well respected Fairfax journalist:

Margo Kingston is a very brave journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald who will not "shut up" .

Interesting that as a Fairfax journalist she had to go the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to have her point of view heard!

Here is an extract from the interview:
"The problem with Kerry Packer is that he is so powerful, the politicians aren't game enough to cross him. Look at history. Go back to 1991 when he and Conrad Black through Toorang wanted to take over Fairfax, He said, because of the cross-media (rules) he could only have 15% in print, 1) he said I don't control it, I won't try to control it, 2) he said foreign ownership restrictions are ridiculous, let's blow them out of the water. Peter Costello, then on the print-media inquiry now Packer's chief urger with Richard Alston, said back then I haven't got a problem with foreign ownership, my problem is diversity, I really care about diversity therefore I'll let foreigners in provided they don't increase concentration. Now, Kerry Packer has changed his mind. Now he doesn't care about media diversity and he does care about foreign ownership. He doesn't care about media diversity because he wants to take over Fairfax and keep (Channel) Nine, but he does care about foreign ownership because, guess what, he doesn't want to have any competition to buy Fairfax. The only competition comes from foreigners. And now, the government has completely switched its rhetorical and logical position and is again arguing for Mr Packer. Now when you have a man so powerful that he can buy Graeme Richardson to talk the Labor party around and Michael Kroger to talk the Liberal party around, and Howard and Costello and Alston jump to his every need no matter how irrational, no matter how transparently incoherent their arguments, we have a huge problem. And yes, personally I am very scared, personally, of Mr Packer taking over Fairfax."

But the truth will never get reported in the Australian media, the lies and deception will be filtered through the world media and the discrediting of the ideals of many Australians represented by Hanson will be scornfully viewed as extreme, racist and bigoted.

A letter written by several "leading" Australian left wing extremists aimed at embarrassing Prime Minister John Howard was published in The Times of London yesterday.

The letter carried the signatures of the Australian Council of Trade Unions President, Jenny George, Community Aid Abroad executive director Jenny Hobbs, Perth's Anglican Archbishop Peter Carnegy and President of the Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes Father Kevin Dance.

It read:
"It is increasingly clear that international pressure may be one of the few ways by which the Australian government can be convinced to change course (on native title).

"If the Government's native-title plan succeeds, the wrongs of the past will be compounded by the extinction of the modest native title indigenous people have only recently acquired. "Effectively this would mean the second great land grab since Captain Arthur Phillip landed in 1788."

Howard said he doubted the issue would effect his visit detrimentally saying on the Australian Broadcasting Service's radio, " It's not for me to give the US advice on domestic affairs and I can't imagine an American president or a British Prime Minister presuming to give me advice on Australian affairs."

Interesting comment from Brisbane's Archbishop Hollingworth in saying "You would not use an occasion of this kind to try to use that sort of leverage that could only embarrass your Prime Minister.

"This isn't the way we go about it. Anything we would want to do as churches, we would speak to the Prime Minister directly."

Appears that some in the "frock" don't agree with that point of view.

Whatever the petty politicking by the "wannabees" the real damage is being felt by the rural sector with a conference in Brisbane yesterday confirming that a bank could immediately demand repayment of its loans with a primary producer if they faced a native title claim.

Queensland Graingrowers Association president Ian Macfarlane said that the largest rural lender in Queensland, the QIDC, had inserted a clause to that effect in its mortgage documents.

"QIDC has taken the unprecedented step of including a clause in its mortgage document which classes a native title claim, combined with any subsequent devaluation of the land, as being a reason to classify a loan as being in default.

"A loan in default gives the bank the right to demand immediate repayment of the loan and, failing this, the right to sell up the landholder."

Check out this link for a taste of how the media distort the news in Australia.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Official home page.


The Howard government have taken a very brave move under their current sliding "popularity stakes". Basically they have disenchanted hundreds of thousands of struggling families by proposing a total rewrite of the social security payments to children under the age of 21 years.

The onus in the case of children under the age of 18 to support children will now be on their parents with special circumstances such as children or marriage allowing them to receive what is to be called the Common Youth Allowance.

From July next year over 33,000 people aged between 18 and 20 will receive lower social security payments and nearly 13,000 will lose their benefits altogether. This happens when the combined income of their parents exceeds Au$41,000 or Au$58,000 if they live away from home.

In justifying the changes the Social Security Minister Jocelyn Newman said, "If you want assistance from the taxpayer, you must first go to your family."

While the move can be justified it has got the Australian Council for Social Services (ACOSS) up in arms with the president, Robert Fitzgerald saying, "If their parents earn a gross income of more than Au$450 a week their payments will be cut.

"This threshold is so low that even families on pensions who have small additional incomes would be affected."

Labor Opposition spokesman, Jenny Macklin, said, "They are saying to low-middle income families, 'You're the ones that have to support young adults even though they might be actively looking for work, you will have to support them entirely."

The scheme will provide 137,000 young people with slightly higher social security payments while another 378,000 would not be affected.

The scheme is aimed at forcing teenagers who leave school at the age of 16 to go to TAFE to gain tertiary qualifications to assist them in obtaining a career.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: elites

According to the Sydney Sun-Herald, former Liberal Leader John Hewson has attacked the Prime Minister for showing a 'clear lack of leadership' on economic and race matters. They still don't get it.

Actually Mr Howard has shown leadership - it just isn't the leadership that Dr Hewson and all the rest of the self-styled elites want. He hasn't caved in to their squawks. While Justice Alastair Nicholson criticized Hanson supporters in the most intemperate language, saying 'that the "inaptly named" One Nation party appealed to "disgruntled, dysfunctional people" and was motivated by "racial intolerance, xenophobia and misinformation.' (Australian 6/5/97), Mr Howard knows very well that it would be political suicide to insult and marginalise what are probably some of the hardest-working and civic-minded people in Australia who are fed up to the back teeth with PC and Australia's direction in both economic and social areas.

Pauline Hanson and Bob Santamaria are the only people in Australia with alternatives to the current policies that are reducing Australia to a basket case. Neither Liberal nor Labor have any real plans to turn Australia from a country where millions are idle through government policy, a large percentage of the young have no hope, family breakdown is endemic, etc. They may as well form a coalition for all the choice they offer voters.

I prefer Santamaria's blueprint to Hanson's, but surely in a democracy anybody who has alternative ideas can be heard with a bit of respect? In any case it's looking very much like Howard acknowledges the legitimacy of many of her concerns. Abstudy has been brought more into line with Austudy. Childcare for women who are at home has been limited. (Why non-working parents expect to get ANY subsidised childcare is beyond me.). Migration has been tightened.

By the way, did anybody else smile in glee as President Clinton announced his new idea of One America? Will the lachrymose Mr Beazley quip that at least it's not 'Ein Reich' as he did with Pauline Hanson's One Australia?

Yours sincerely
Antonia Feitz

Subject: Guts


A recent visit to the North West of West.Australia revealed astonishing support for Pauline Hanson. Right through the Kimberleys the sentiment seemed to be the same: `Native Title and Multiculturalism are now completely out of hand and only ONE NATION can hope to restore a balance.`

A completely surprising factor was that some of the more remote aboriginal communities also voiced support for Pauline. Saying they did not want the country taken over by Asians and yella-fellas.

If the people of the North are a yardstick for the next election we should see a landslide vote in all pastoral districts going to Pauline`s Party. AND RIGHTLY SO!

The fact that John Howard is now echoing the very same sentiments, which caused him to expel Pauline from the Liberal party in the first place, should come as no surprise. Packer`s puppet is obviously willing to do an about face any time he sees the votes slipping away. As for the Labor party, they seem to have painted themselves into a corner from which there is no escape. Having completely lost touch with mainstream Australia, Kim Beazley is now bleating about directing all Labor preferences away from ONE NATION. Some wiser colleague should point out to Kim that to direct preferences you first have to get votes. Labor's slavish, submissiveness to political correctness and slimy kowtowing to Indonesia should virtually guarantee their votes will hardly be worth counting.

However, now is not the time to start becoming complacent, ONE NATION has only just began to emerge from the barrage of dirty tricks and straight out lies that have been levelled against Pauline - last night`s Four Corners is the first even halfway truthful documentary that has come out, if not in support of Pauline, at least moderately unbiased.

Pauline said at one time during this documentary that she felt `people were taking pieces of her` - and so we are. Taking some of her magnificent courage and calling it our own. Let us hope when she calls on soldiers and supporters for ONE NATION, to stand up and be counted, all New Believers can display just one fraction of the sheer guts and determination of the Lady Leader. For make no mistake there is still a long hard fight ahead and Pauline is going to need all the help she can get to defeat the scum who would destroy Australia to further their own despotic or greed driven ends.

Bill Lambe (Senior)

Subject: Carnarvon in mourning

The "West Australian" rag is telling porkie pies again with headlines about Carnarvon being in mourning for the 'indigenous juvenile' that hanged himself. The truth of the matter is that the town felt it was good riddance to bad rubbish, and that if he had not done the town a favour, someone else would have done it for him sooner or later.

Justice in this place is being conducted contrary to the dreamtime stuff of the bleeding hearts, but very much on a practical basis, that has been proved throughout history to get results, and that is, with the modern version of the club - baseball bats; the victims gaining some satisfaction that justice has been done, and the offenders never returning for another dose of same! they bugger off to sunnier climes, where justice is a little slower in coming their way.


Subject: Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party

Hi there :)

I just wanted to say that I am against what you guys are doing, but I agree that the protesters actions were not thought out and silly. However they are having their say, even if it is in a slightly barbarous way, and I don't think your hints of sarcasm in your writing help the situation. I would also like to state that they appear to be just trying to prove your point that Australia is troubled. One thing which bothers me though is your HATE mail page. Why give these people the time of day?? Their views are their own, if they wish to express them using abuse and "...four letter words" let them, but dont retaliate with your own sarcastic comments, or even print them. Finally i would like you to post this letter where many people can see it, for I would like to say: "STOP THESE DISPLAYS OF ANGER!!! Pauline Hanson may be wrong, but we can get our message across better through debate, and NON-VIOLENT PROTESTING!!!"

Ms Hanson I believe you are wrong, a lot of what you say contradicts itself, and yes I would have to say I believe you are racist. If you take this letter as an insult then you are close minded, but if you print it, and respond with argument or agreeance I would be most shocked, and gratified. It isn't time for oppression and action now. Now is the time for discussion and argument.

from Mic

Thank you Mic it is really nice to see an anti-Hanson view which does not come laced with four letter words.

Sadly, believe me, the chasm between pro and anti-Hanson views seems to be as clear cut as the use of "f" words amongst others to try to make a statement....

We have had to resort to leaving many of the anti-Hanson viewpoints out because our large readership was getting offended and believed that we were only carrying those which displayed a lack of decorum and were shown because they were so offensive.

Sadly this was not the case.



Another 1.5 million shares were traded in Fairfax yesterday with Brierley Investments Limited (BIL) being the rumoured buyer.

The 11.06 million shares were traded between Au$3.23 and Au3.31 with the buying done by James Capel through parcels bought from Merrill Lynch, JB Were, ANZ McCaughan, Macquarie Equities and Prudential Bache.

James Capel acts on behalf of BIL which already owns 19.97% of Fairfax and from Monday was able to buy up another 3% in the company.

This purchase follows the acquisition of Westpac's 3% in Fairfax by James Capel just 11 says ago.

And while media ownership becomes a big closeted secret for the elites the politicians in the major parties go pandering to their pawns and wonder, in return, while the mainstream population of Australia feels disenfranchised.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another gorgeous day in paradise with sunny skies... although it was cold in the morning.

The presentation yesterday on the future of society in the on-line world to a large group at the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane went extremely well with several other invitations to present a similar theme now being made.

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