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February 1997:

The Editors of Luckman Interactive - Congratulations! It's not every day that stars fall out of the sky. In fact, that kind of thing is bound to hurt someone. Nonetheless, we're dropping a few stars on your site for its excellence. Of the more than 250,000 Web sites that we've checked out, our editors believe that your site* should be publicly recognized as a Five-Star winner.

January 1997:

NetGuide Gold Site Awarded NetGuide Gold Site Status.

October 1996:

Koala trouble - Wins the inaugural Australian national web site awards, sponsored by Telstra and The Australian Financial Review.

August 1996:

Nominated by Infinet into their competition for the cool site of the year after being selected as their cool site of the day in October 1995.

July 1996:

Eye on the Web - listed the Aussie DLG as the best in its category after careful selection from thousands of similar web sites around the world.

Thanks boys and girls.

May 1996:

Starting Point Hall of Fame - the Definitive Lifestyle Guide joins the elite few of the very best webs on the Internet in the world today. (Referred to as Australian Web Guide).

Thanks to our friends at Starting Point!.

February 1996:

Record hit rate for this site: 363,429 hits in one week period - 5th to 12th February 1996. See our statistics based on over 600,000 hits on this site.

Record hit rate for this site: 216,687 hits in one week period - 28th January to 4th February 1996.

Two educational sites, Koala Trouble and The Kids Locker Room listed concurrently under Netscape's WHAT'S NEW and gain a very rare "must see" recognition from YAHOO.

January 1996:

Clearinghouse approved

November 1995:

City Net add the Definitive Lifestyle Guide to Australian Webs to their register.

October 1995:

Extract from email dated 12th October 1995:
Your home page has been rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internetby Point Survey.

8th October 1995 Glenn Davis' cool site of the day.
Record hit rate for this site: 185,545 hits in one week period - 8th October to 15th October 1995. See our statistics based on over 600,000 hits on this site.

September 1995:

The excellent US "List of Global Cool Sites" lists this guide amongst a few other elite webs like SPIDER and DYNAMITE SITE OF THE NITE as THE place to discover Australia's "cool sites.

Record hit rate for this site: Over 130,000 hits in the week of the 24th to 30th September 1995. See our statistics based on over 600,000 hits on this site.

August 1995:

We received this email on the 18th August 1995:
Congratulations, your site has been chosen as our
"Dynamite Site of the Nite" for August 19, 1995!
We've picked your Web page because it has interesting content, great graphics,and unique features.
Of all the Web sites we surf to, there is something about yours that makes it stand out from the rest.
Congratulations again on a great Web site! Keep up the good work!
Rob Thayer

16th August the popular Euro Net lists this guide permanently as one of its select global few cool sites.

The famous US based Internet Starting Point's site listed this guide as its hot spot on the 14th August.

That master Internet search vehicle the "SPIDER" selected the guide as it's site of the day. Thanks Bob!

3rd August The Winmag Site lists the guide as its Hot Spot for the day.

July 1995:

What's new on Netscape (The guide was listed on the week of 21st July 1995) Netscape comment: Because there are now so many other what's-new lists that feature each and every new site, we'll be going through our submissions and presenting sites that are not only new to the Net but that use or advance the technology of the Net in new ways.

Record hit rate for this site: Over 125,000 hits in the week of the 23rd to 29th July 1995.

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