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Explaining Major International Search Engine Options.
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General International Internet searchers

These searchers look across a wide range of computers.

Lycos (Enter multiple words separated by spaces)
min terms hits

Yahoo (Enter a multiple keywords)

InfoSeek (Type your search in plain English or key words and phrases)

CUI World Wide Web Catalog

EINet Galaxy (Searches 3 databases. Use several words separated by spaces)

JumpStation (Choose search type)

NetMall Directory of Internet-based businesses (Enter single search word)

SavvySearch Simultaneous search of several Internet search engines (Choose number to search)

Spry Internet Wizard

WebCrawler Search WWW document content

WWW Worm (Choose search options)

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Meta - Search Pages

Netlink Server. keeps and index of major starting sites in the Internet, both gopher and world wide web
W3 Search Engines From CUI
All-in-One Search Page
CUSI at Northwestern University
SavvySearch at CSU

Other searches include:
Search WAIS Databases
The Wais databases are full text databases, This is a link to a complete list sorted in alphabetical order. You can also search the titles to find a relevant database.

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Search specific databases

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Other Search Pages

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Explaining Major International Search Engine Options:

Alta Vista           Search        Add Help      +usenet
Excite               Search Browse Add Help News +usenet +reuters
GNN                         Browse Add Help News         +reuters
Infoseek             Search Browse Add Help News +usenet +reuters
Inktomi              Search        Add Help
Lycos                Search        Add Help
Magellan             Search Browse Add Help News
Open Market          Search Browse Add Help
Open Text            Search        Add Help
Point                Search Browse Add Help News
TradeWave            Search Browse Add Help
WebCrawler           Search        Add Help
WWW Virtual Library         Browse Add Help
Yahoo!               Search Browse Add Help News         +reuters

      Search   Enter words to search for and generate a custom results page
      Browse   "Surf" a directory by category
      Add      Submit a URL to be added to a directory
      Help     View a directory's help resources
      News     Read current world news and features
+usenet  indicates that the site can search Usenet news archives
+reuters indicates that the site publishes current Reuters news updates

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