Yes, you heard right, that was Kim Beazley saying that he does not condone violence in a democratic system.

But can, he and his counterparts be trusted?

After you have researched the links attached to the ALP Thug File you will see that neither he nor his parliamentary team should be trusted. Quite simply put they are all thugs with flashy facades.

They do not believe in a democracy. They believe in intimdation, deception and the laws of divide and rule.

The dirty work is undertaken by splinter groups of the ALP whose work is financed by the ALP.

These splinter groups are the violent, criminal element that you are not supposed to know about... they are Beazley's Bovver Boys (BBB).

Those identified below are but the tip of the ice berg. They are the left wing radicals who are trying to shut down Pauline Hanson's One Nation because the party is seen as a threat to its current status quo with the Federal Coalition.

BBB Group One - The Marks Royal Commission scandal - Paul Keating's 1995 ALP Cabinet implicated.
BBB Group Two - Left Link - the ALP's on-line link for thugs
BBB Group Three - The "The (so-called) Anti-Racism Campaign" - nothing but a front for ALP thuggery
BBB Group Four - Thugs who frequent One Nation meetings - members of the ALP extreme left wing who instigate violence.
BBB Group Five - The shredding scandal - Wayne Goss' government implicated.
BBB Group Six - The MAI and FSIA - how the "ALP" sold Australia to the multinationals.
BBB Group Seven - Danpork - king "pigs" - ALP Prime Ministers.
The ALP itself - One of the four pillars of Australia's Trojan Horse

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