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Thursday 14th August 1997
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A message from Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin - courtesy of the Australian Labor Party....

"...and as I promised you I would begin to conduct the international boycott against the white Austrailian government. This has begun even as we speak. i have set up the Boycott 200O Coalition in those 17 countries which protested my false imprisonment in Australia, and I assure you that many others, white, Black, Asian, Native Americans, Mexican-Americans, and the whole of humankind will hear of your plight, and join you to obtain the birthright to which you are entitled: land and independence.

"Your letter is so important because it not only makes your wishes known, but it confirms our statements that an international boycott of these bread and circus Olympic games, on stolen land soaked with the blood of your ancestors, is really the way forward to winning the human rights of the Indigenous people in the land known as Australia."

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

An extract from the letter posted by the ALP/ACTU's "national organisation" Left Link

So when a boycott of the Sydney 2000 Olympics is organised remember that it was our friends at the ALP and the ACTU who promoted and supported it on the Internet.

The letter by Ervin is in response to a statement by the Nyungah Circle of Elders..... who say on their home page, and I quote, "The smell of the white man is killing us" but that is not a racist comment... oh no, it only works one way!

we also uncovered what appears to be Lorenzo Ervin's Official Home Page (of sorts) - located here in Australia and run by our "Angry" friends....

Here's one News Limited didn't tell you... I wonder why? Rupert Murdoch flew into Australia last week with one object in mind - to go and visit John Howard while laid up in bed.

The changes to media ownership laws are currently being reviewed by Howard's front bench so you can guess two things:

  1. Murdoch's primary purpose was not to wish Howard a speedy recovery.
  2. This "global citizen" is doing a deal which will have no benefit to you and I.
We might think that the official recognition of races in Australia is bad but take a moment to consider where we are going.... after all we always seem to follow the US. In the US they now have five different race classifications on official government forms. When you send your child to a school you have to let them know which "race" you belong to...

Racist? I think so.

The level of disinformation about Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party's policies has been lifted to another height of dishonesty that will see politicians from the major Australian parties working with senior diplomats to try to discredit the party and Ms Hanson overseas.

The elite images of an Australia unit, headed by senior Australian diplomats, will target the Asian media and international news agencies (with a little help from News Limited, no doubt) to combat the negative image of Australia fuelled by the mainstream Australian media's slanted coverage of Hanson's rising prominence.

The discrediting strategy will be headed by foot-in mouth Downer's foreign ministry.

Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer said that the recent meeting of senior diplomats with Japanese leaders was "not only boosting our relations but dealing with those elements who would sabotage and divide and destroy those trading relations".

"That is something internal to government, but it reflects a government getting on with the task of seeing Hanson off the stage," Fischer told reporters.

This move follows a secret campaign by the foreign affairs department to actively discredit Hanson, throughout the region. Pauline Hanson has responded by organising a visit to selected Asian countries to state her case. This follows the revelation that the foreign affairs department had been ordered by the Coalition government to run the anti-Hanson campaign, translating speeches and other information discrediting her and giving it to foreign governments and media.

In Japan, popular comic strips have started to draw "the Hanson phenomenon" into their story-lines, painting her as a racist and by so doing damaging Australia's reputation this largely thanks to the man who visited Howard in bed last week. (No guesses as to the deals being done then are there?) Great democracy we have here in Australia!

Foot-in-mouth Foreign Minister Alexander Downer attacked Hanson's policies during a speech earler this week in Singapore saying that they were "ethically reprehensible'' and would undermine Australian prosperity.

In the meantime Australia's billion-dollar tourism industry welcomed the establishment of the Images of Australia unit with Tourism Council of Australia chief Bruce Baird saying, "Positive images of Australia throughout Asia are essential to the future of the Australian tourism industry.

"We cannot afford to endanger this industry in any way."

Hanson also found the Credit Union Services Corporation (CUSC) to have rather strange and impolite methods.

She gets a letter from the chairman of the CUSC inviting her to a parliamentary reception to hear what they have to say about banking... when she accepts they tell her that the invitation was sent to her by mistake and that she is no longer invited.

Nice way to treat a party that will have the balance of power in the Senate in the next few years...

Yesterday Pauline Hanson released a statement on the CUSC's actions.

Making the news.


Little Johnny Howard has told his biggest porkie-pie since he became Prime Minister by stating that a new proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) would not be introduced if it increased the tax burden on anyone.

A simple equation shows that a percentage of the population will be better off with such a radical change in the tax system - so to balance the system others have to lose... but they won't according to Howard - leaving the Federal Government with a multi-billion dollar hole in their budget...

Tell me another Johnny.

Howard in selling the idea yesterday said that Australians are now ready to accept a broadbased consumption tax so his implementation plan would go as follows:

  1. High level task force to examine options for tax reform.
  2. Special premiers conference to address imbalance in Commonwealth-state funding.

  3. No rise in the overall tax burden.
  4. Cuts in personal income tax.
  5. A broad-based indirect tax, replacing some or all current indirect taxes.
  6. Compensation for those who deserve special consideration.
  7. Reform of Commonwealth state finances.
Of course Beazley immediately slammed the idea describing the move as a "fudge" and warning that A GST would hit small business and families.

All this has come about with such haste because of the 4-3 decision by the High Court last week to deny states the right to collect taxes on retail items like cigarettes, alcohol and petrol... causing a Au$5 billion hole in state tax collection.

Yes the High Court does it once again by the vote of just one person.... remember how Wik started?

"I think anybody is capable of being won over on a GST provided a GST is not seen as a core of tax reform," Howard said.

Beazley said, "Mr Howard's intention to put in place a goods and services would mean they (families) would have to bear the brunt of the taxation system."

While Democrats leader Cheryl Kernot said, "It's the same old bribes as Fightback, the same old unfairness as Fightback, the same old winners and losers as Fightback.

"It's the classic case of giving a tax cut with one hand and taking away, by making you pay A GST, with the other."

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