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Received April 30-May 1, 1997:

The West Australian:

The inside page of the West Australian rag today:"Hundreds Rally Against One Nation Bid", claims that threats of civil war have been made by the 'fascists' who support One Nation.

All such threats I have seen on the net are coming from the parasites that can see the public teat being removed from their maws, not the 'fascists'; they are the ones paying!

Anyway, if it did come to civil war, the chattering class would come of second best as it voted to surrender its guns; the poor trusting fools - in the face of all the evidence - still believe that human nature has been changed by their chattering.


Received April 26-27, 1997:

Subject: Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party


I happened to find your page on Pauline Hanson. I Read as much as I could before becoming so disheartened I gave up. I know I am not "racist" I am so sick of that word. Yet I feel the aggressive and disgusting behaviour directed towards your group can only becalled racist itself. Please excuse my poor spelling.

I may not agree with what you say, but I defend to the last your right to say it, with out fear of attack, be it physical or otherwise.

You are so right, we are not One Nation. I hope this may change.


Received April 25-26, 1997:

Dear sir,

Keep up the good work, I am amazed at the lengths the media is going to to try and descredit Pauline Hanson. It just shows that the fat cats are scared of something. Perhaps Australia has at last found someone who will "Keep The Bastards Honest"

Murray Hallam

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Funny isn't it? Pauline supporters sound and act decent and human, yet her opponents spit venom and threaten violence like typical hate-crazed racists. Funny, that.

Graham S.

Received April 24-25, 1997:

Subject: Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Kindly pass on my best wishes for this ambitious woman and her prospects as a true blue, salt of the earth true Australian. I agree with her in every regard. It is time the political correctness of this nation was made accountable for the misdeeds of the past which has drgaaed this country to it's knees.

We are about to celebrate ANZAC Day.... What a farce!!!!

Those who paid the ultimate sacrifice would now be turning in their graves to see the disgraceful antics of our so-called leaders actions. I personally consider some our their decisions as tantamount to being traitorous to this country and our future.

There could have been many lives saved if their forefathers had simply surrendered, however THEY had the belief we had a country worth fighting for.

GOOD ON YOU, Pauline! It is about time we saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish you and your party every success and please keep me informed as the progress, you're a National Treasure.

Best and sincerest regards,
Ray Schmidt

Received April 23-24, 1997:

Subject: Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party


Pauline Hanson deserves and is intitled to the support of the Australian Community. It is amazing how speaking the basic simple truth terrifies the ones who seek power and influence without the desire to serve the community.

Paul & Marion

Subject: Aborigines and racism

Dear Sir,

It's been a while since I last dropped you a note, but rest assured, I read this page every day. Pauline Hanson is my local member, and I have followed her rise and rise since before the last federal election.

The one thing I would like to point out is that I really cannot read hatred in anything she says or does. I think she has hit the nail right on the head, when she calls part of her opponents "the aboriginal industry". This is exactly what it is. A bunch of leftist, bleeding heart fat cat bureaucrats and lawyers, sucking off the Australian taxpayer just as hard as they can.

Aboriginal people have generally the same aspirations as the rest of us - financial security, a future for their children, and a roof over their heads. There are a number of aboriginal people who are successful in our community, and this is a credit to their hard work and persistence, in what can be at time an intolerant and prejudiced society.

By the same token, I live in Ipswich, and have had my car broken into twice by aboriginal youths. I understand one of the boys had over 200 convictions, and not a day in jail. He was 17.

I think Paulines point is that despite the expenditure of around $1billion per year for a number of years, there are still aboriginal communities without even the most basic amenities. I know from first hand experience, because in my travels, I have seen and visited communities in northern South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

In South Australia, I saw opthalmia (eye disease), early death from alcoholism, petrol sniffing, and sugar diabetes. I also saw dog-shit squalor, which shocked and sickened me. In north Queensland, I saw much better living conditions, but still great social problems, such as petrol sniffing and murder, due to idleness. In the Northern Territory, I saw poverty, mosquito fever (first hand experience), open latrines and one water tap between five families.

I would have to say in all cases, the aboriginal people I have met and got to know are kind, intelligent, and friendly. But something is missing, and I think it is leadership from within the aboriginal communities - urban and rural. Also, there is no need for these people to be "economically viable", because of the handout mentality engendered by quarter of a century of the welfare state for aborigines.

Despite all the money that has been spent, the problems are as bad as they have ever been. In fact, in terms of health, employment, and self-respect, much of the aboriginal community was probably better off in the old paternalistic, bad old days of missions and "black feller wages".

So rather than trying to "shoot the messenger", more aborigines should stand up and be counted, and be part of the positive change that has to happen.

In terms of words of hate, division within the community, and offensive behaviour, I think we need look no further than some of Pauline's more vocal detractors. If you want to see violent racism, look no further than the feral gangs of aboriginal youths who have beaten up American and Singaporean soldiers visiting Australia over the past six months.

Brian White

Received April 22-23, 1997:

Subject: One Nation

Dear Pauline,

Hooray for you! I am not familiar with Australian polotics but I am a Floridian and very aware of the issues you are now addressing in your country.

As an example: in the Florida Legislature a black representative from south Florida has introduced legislation that would get rid of our State Song..."Old Folks At Home" or better known to most of the world as "Way Down Upon the Swannee River" - he claims it is a racist song.

Are you familiar with our State Song? Do you think it is racist? It is ridiculous with all the things that need changing or improving in our State that this man has nothing better to do than try and make something into an "issue."

You are right...all people in a democracy should be treated equally. We all know slavery was wrong, but like you, I never owned a slave, nor did my mother or my grandmother or my great grandmother...let's give it all a rest and try and "live and let live"

In our country the "politically correct" are paving the way to Hell. People have lost their sense of humor. We need Will Rogers and Mark Twain to come back to life and give us a good talking to!

Good luck with your efforts to bring equality to all australians...white, brown or otherwise!

As far as the Asian influx goes...they are going everywhere...but then, where can all the people go? We just have too damn many! A little birth control would be good. Of course you don't have a border! Try Mexico! In Florida we just have Cuba at our backdoor. What a beautiful island! My parents spent their honeymoon there. Why can't we all just try and get along? Seems like when one crisis is resolved then a new one pops up! Since it's not Russia for us anymore...I guess it will have to be China. Kinda scary since they are really in your neck of the woods. The sad thing is, the Chinese people are just like you and me...they want to live, raise a family, have a job etc. human beings just aren't that's the governments! who invented those things?

Sorry for all the chatter but I just read your speech and it hit a nerve...I know it took courage to say them in a publlic forum. Good luck with your campaign.

By the way, I've never met an Aussie I didn't like! and I've met them all over this planet! What grand folks!

See ya,
Susan Curtis
Steinhatchee, Florida (a little coastal fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico)

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