Pauline Hanson's letter to the Queensland Times,
January 6th 1996

This letter resulted in Ms Hanson being disendorsed by the Liberal Party and subsequently establishing Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party.

Equal Justice for all

Black deaths in custody seem to be Robert Ticknerís latest outcry.

Pity that as much media coverage or political grandstanding is not shown for white deaths in custody.

As for Ticknerís statement that Aborigines should not go to jail because apparently it is not working: imagine what type of country this would be to live if Aborigines didnít go to jail for their crimes.

One of these men was serving a 12-year sentence and it wasnít just a speeding fine.

Can you imagine then if we had equality, then we would have no prisoners at all.

The indigenous people of this country are as much responsible for their actions as any other colour or race in this country.

The problem is that politicians in all their profound wisdom have and are causing a racism problem.

I would be the first to admit that, not that many years ago the Aborigines were treated wrongly but in trying to correct this they have gone too far.

I donít feel responsible for the treatment of Aboriginal people in the past because I had no say but my concern now is for the future.

How can you expect this race to help themselves when government showers them with money, facilities and opportunities that only these people can obtain no matter how minute the indigenous blood that is flowing through their veins, and this is what is causing racism.

Until government wake up to themselves and start looking at equality not colour then we might start to work together as one.

Pauline Hanson, Ipswich

The irony is that, just 12 months later, the Liberal Prime Minister John Howard echoed the sentiments highlighted in bold blue above.

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