Enemy Of The State
by Scott Balson

Balson's latest book (release 4th Oct 2000): INSIDE ONE NATION


What happens when an ordinary citizen, Scott Balson (right), challenged the integrity of a corrupt media and corrupt two party system?

The corrupt establishment pits all its forces against the individiual in an attempt to silence him.

Balson was charged with naming  Labor MP "Bill D'Arcy as a man facing child-sex charges on the Internet" in July 1999. At the time D'Arcy faced fifty child-sex charges including rape and was sitting in Parliament as the Deputy Speaker  supporting Peter Beattie's minority Labor State government. (D'Arcy presided as acting-Speaker during discussion on paedophilia in Parliament in 1999!) Balson is the only person to have ever been charged under an obscure 20 year old Act, unique to Queensland, that prevents the naming of a person facing child sex charges before they are committed to trial. He was acquitted by an Ipswich Magistrate 9 months after being charged and arrested.

Balson was arrested on the direct instructions of Labor MP Matt Foley (Attorney-General) just three days after The Courier-Mail laid an official complaint against Balson with the DPP and obviously with this paper's blessing.

This book is a true story detailing the disturbing background to the motivation for charging Balson and how he fought back and used the system against itself - destroying the credibility of The Courier-Mail and the fallacy of political democracy in the Queensland judiciary system.

Balson's battles with the system continues as he seeks a return of power to the people.

The grand hypocrisy
Balson (targeted by corrupt system) Establishment (above the law)
Arrested within two days of The Courier-Mail lodging a complaint with the DPP (27 July 1999). Direct instruction by Matt Foley Bulletin magazine breaches act in January 2000 - June 2000 no charges laid by Labor Attorney-General Matt Foley.
Corrupt judiciary in Queensland - see Lindeberg petition. Matt Foley has intentions of becoming a Supreme Court Judge when he leaves politics... God save us! - Matt Foley on human rights
On the 25th July 2000 a member of the public phoned Bills and Papers at Parliament to get a copy of the Lindeberg Petition. He was informed that it would cost $10.74 and the clerk then referred to the "free" version" on the Internet - ie at the link opposite. This is quite extraordinary as only the official version with the parliamentary stamp holds any credence. Check for yourself phone 3406 7111
Defends himself after running up nearly $10,000 in legal expenses during trials aborted because of police incompetence. Alleged paedophile Bill D'Arcy resignes from Parliament in early January 2000 just days before being charged on 50 child sex charges - takes a $660,000 cash payout.
The Courier-Mail and State Premier Peter Beattie name D'Arcy as the man facing child sex charges weeks before he was charged. The Courier-Mail lodge the official complaint eight months later alleging that Balson had named D'Arcy on the Internet. This trashy paper then uses its pages to deny this fact. Never setting the record straight when it's lies are exposed in Court. The Courier-Mail article at this link Separate law for Laws clearly demonstrates what happens when a paper compromises its ethics.  
Found not guilty exposes the role of The Courier-Mail in trial by media. The Courier-Mail run series of articles denying involvement and claiming Balson guilty. Have not mentioned Balson since they briefly reported that he was found not guilty.

"Enemy of the State was
tabled in the Queensland Parliament on 13th April 2000

"Scott Balson's "Enemy of the State" is a superlative demonstration that the courage of a determined individual causes ripples in the stagnant pond of monopoly. Such courage is badly needed in the Australia of 2000. It should be read by journalists, politicians and ordinary citizens if they want to understand what is happening to the "lucky country".

Jeremy Lee, author and publisher, Toowoomba, Queensland

Balson's April/May speaking tour of Queensland

The book is over 300 pages with 16 pages of colour plates and documents.

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