Launch of Ipswich branch of One Nation
30th July 1997

The launch of the Ipswich Branch of One Nation took place last night in the same building as the Humanities Centre from which the Ipswich City Council barred the meeting. All the media were there but they left early because only five very timid looking protesters arrived in an old car. They were from Green Left and Resistance and did not have a successful evening - selling none of their $2 papers.

I had the opportunity to give a "free" copy of Pauline Hanson's launch of One Nation speech to the young fellow holding the sign (above right), advising him to read it and discover, for himself, that she was not a racist.

Surprisingly he took up the offer.

Last night the anti-racism committee advised that they would not organise demonstrations outside the venue - and guess what we had those few well-behaved, non-violent protesters.

Snap - despite what they say, these Labor stooges are the violent arm of the protests.

There were over 100 guests attending the launch - which closed peacefully at 9pm. I was snapped with another guest with our heartfelt One Nation messages emblazoned across our t-shirts. There were people of all ages and all races and from all major parties signing up.

Wonder what Cr Paul Tully has to say for himself now?

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