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Tuesday 21st October 1997
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We will be shortly providing on-line order forms for the authorised biography of Pauline Hanson. A summary of the book's (Pauline, the Hanson Phenomenon) content is now available on-line. (I can let you in to a little secret here - the book was named during a meeting I had with the author, Helen Dodd, and if you visit our main One Nation page you might just discover the source....)

Yesterday Pauline Hanson One Nation National Director, David Ettridge, released the following statement about the book which is due for release in the first week of November:

"Pauline Hanson emerged at a time in Australia's history when we as a Nation of people were being told by our elected Governments to modify our culture and to change our way of life. After many years of being subjected to politically engineered social changes, and a new concept known as political correctness, it was not surprising that many Australians would resist.

"A social and economic environment was created in Australia which allowed the brave voice of Pauline Hanson to resound through our great land. The need for Pauline Hanson was created by the very politicians who failed Australia and now fear her growing popularity.

"I am proud to say that I have been privileged to work closely with Pauline during this time of historical change in Australian politics. Pauline is a strong, loyal person with integrity, dedication, devotion and determination. Every day she faces her massive workload with fresh enthusiasm and although she is greatly outnumbered by her political opponents, she moves forward in part from knowing that she speaks for so many Australians for whom she is a champion. Her voice is their voice.

"This book will provide Pauline Hanson's One Nation members with an insight into the history of Pauline's achievements and factual information which supports her stance on many issues." 

The relaxed Australian way of life is continually being challenged, and yesterday was no exception with over a dozen Greenpeace protesters taking over the Prime Minister's Sydney residence, Kirribilli House, on the banks of the Sydney Harbour.

The protesters meant no harm, but the security breach and the ease with which the group entered the residence by using aluminium ladders to climb over the front gate to trespass on the property should be of concern. What made the whole event laughable was that the Courier vehicle delivering the protesters was followed by a contingent of television media crews who had been tipped off about the raid.

No one in the media warned the Prime Minister's Office, they just wanted some footage for the evening news.... which they got.

The protesters were drawing attention to the Greenhouse Gases issue and placed a Au$15,000 solar panel system over the roof of Kirribilli house while two of the Prime Minister's children Melanie (23) and Tim (19) were escorted out the back by security.

Two banners were erected one reading "Stop Climate Change Greenpeace" and the other "Go Solar Greenpeace".

Howard was on his way by jet to Canberra when the break-in occurred and said in parliament "No matter what noisy groups such as Greenpeace might do, no matter what demonstrations they might engage in, they will have absolutely no impact on the direction the Government will take."

The whole episode must be of real concern as at the time of the break-in there were only two security officers guarding the Prime Minister's residence and one could tell (from the television footage) that they were fearful of taking any forceful action against the large group.

The protesters who entered the grounds were later arrested and charged with trespass.

Alan Bond, well known for flying by the seat of his pants now appears to be on the ropes as it was revealed that his financial contact in Zug, Switzerland, Jurg Bollag, has been offered an indemnity from prosecution if he comes clean and answers some 7,000 questions to financial dealings with the disgraced Australian businessman.

Bond appears to be very well connected despite his recent bankruptcy and his current term in a West Australian jail for fraud as his lawyers fought against the ruling allowing the Federal police the right to question Bolag.

The indemnity to Bolag was apparently issued by the Commonwealth DPP, Brian Martin QC, about a month ago. A source said, "Mr Bollag did not ask for it and does not require one because he has done nothing wrong." Bollag previously refused to comply with the ruling in May this year, but his meeting with the Australian authorities scheduled for November 3rd might not be so easy to ignore with a jail term of thirty days being a potential outcome if he refuses to co-operate this time round.

The Asian currency crisis continues unabated with Federal Treasurer Peter Costello's latest threat to pull out of the Au$1.4 billion rescue package for Thailand causing a ripple effect across the effected Asian currencies.

In response to Costello's comment the Indonesian rupiah fell another 3.8%, the Malaysian ringgit 1.9%, the Philippines peso 0.6%, the Taiwanese dollar 2.3% and Thailand's baht by 1.1%.

Yesterday the Thai government itself was starting to fall apart at the seams as the proposed financial restructuring package to save the baht was widely rejected by the international community. Dr Thanong Bidaya resigned after just four months as finance minister when the government refused to raise taxes on petrol and oil products.

Yesterday Costello said, "We are monitoring developments closely in Thailand, and we urge the Thai authorities to continue to co-operate with the IMF.

"Australia's contribution is firmly linked to the IMF program and disbursements are conditional on the Thai authorities meeting the IMF conditions."

What has been totally overlooked by the media at the time the Australian bureaucrats threw the money at Thaliand was Hanson's suggestion regarding the amount of food aid that North Korea could have been supplied with for humanitarian purposes.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


While former Democrat leader Cheryl Kernot relaxed in her Gold Coast home after a hectic weekend during which she joined the Australian Labor Party (ALP) the short term effect that she has had on the mood of Australian voters was not lost on the Federal Coalition who, for the first time since winning office over 18 months ago found themselves below the ALP in the latest Newspoll.

The latest Newspoll, which is a far more established and better researched survey of Australian voting preferences makes a joke of the Sunday Mail's efforts.... maximum margin of error 4%... as Scrooge would say, bah, humbug!

The latest NewsPoll results:

PartyOct 17-19Oct 10-12Sep 26-28Sep 19-21Sep 5-7 Aug 22-24Aug 8-10Jul 25-27Jul 11-13June 27-29 June 13-15 May 30-June 1 May 16-18 Election - March 1997
Coalition 39%43%42%43%41%42%43%42%4243% 44% 43%41%47%
ALP 45%39%37%37%40%39%37%36%40%37% 36% 37%37%38.7%
One Nation 3%3%5%4%4%5%6%7%6%6% 7% 7%9%N/A
Democrats 5%55%6%5%5%4%5%4%6% 3% 5%4%6.8%
Greens 1%2%1%2%3%2%2%3%2%2% 2% 1%2%1.7%
Others 7%8%10%8%7%7%8%7%6%8% 8% 7%7%5.8%

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Kernot Kapers

Dear Sir,

After another couple of days of tossing around the Kernot debacle I feel that there is still much to be said on this important subject.

1) The mainstream media are touting Ms. K as the Messiah, the answer to Labor's problems, the first woman Prime Minister of Australia etc. etc. The mainstream media only push a barrow when they are instructed to do so, as has been proven innumerable times in the past. This leads me to ask just why the powers that be would want Cheryl Kernot in such a powerful position. The most obvious answer that springs to mind is that she is available and can be easily bought as was proven by the ALP.

2) Anyone who watched "Today on Saturday" a couple of days ago would have heard ex-ALP Senator Graeme Richardson state that he knew that negotiations had been going on between Kernot and the ALP for two years and that she almost jumped ship before the last federal election. As we know from history that Richardson never tells lies (hmmm...), I would imagine from a Democrat perspective that this revelation would make the Kernot defection to be even more treacherous.

3) The mainstream news is telling us that the waters of the ALP are parting to allow the smooth passage of the Messiah all the way to the top. Get real ! Kernot will have to be a good jumper as she has quite a few big names, big positions, big party services but more importantly very big egos to get over before assuming the throne. I would imagine from an ALP Branch perspective (namely Dickson) that, unless you were a complete and utter blockhead, you would be totally insulted by the insertion of Kernot into the system. Perhaps the threat of "hellfire and brimstone" has pulled the rank and file into line.

4) Both Kernot and the ALP can cut the rubbish about the direction in which the present Government is leading Australia. They very well know that Howard and Co. are only finishing the job that Labor began in 1972 and that Kernot has been a party to it for the past 17 years. Modern day Government in Australia has nothing to do with Australia. It is about big business and the repaying of political debts, the "Little Aussie Battler" has been relegated to the bottom of the heap and not just by accident. 5) If you were a female member of the ALP, and you weren't a blockhead, then how could you not be insulted by this action. The ALP is telling you that out of all the women members in the whole of the nation, there was not one that was worthy of this task. Insulted....I'd be livid.

God help my country if this is an indication of the "New Labor".

Allan W. Doak

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

In reply to Les Burger, I would dearly love to reply to your e-mail, but I think it would be such a waste of time as you must be pretty Naive thinking that the resistance party knows how to get this country out of it's Labor/Liberal economic mess.

Unemployment is never going to drop when you bring in up to 100,000 new citizens a year. Yes, that can be 100,000 job's found in one year but unemployment still stay's at the level it was because of all these new citizens joining our jobless lines.


Personal trivia, from the global office:

My young son, Alexander, has once again made the Australian Internet finals with his Alex's Scribbles - Koala trouble web site. Uniquely, he has made the shortlist under two categories, Site for Children and Primary Education Site.

Last year he won the award for the Best site for children under 15 years.

Another gorgeous day in paradise... the rains have gone... the valley is green and glowing in the sun and the cockatoos are at play at the feedtable.

Have a great day!

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