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Sunday, 12th October 1997
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It's official a Vietnamese drug gang are behind death threats to Pauline Hanson - according to a top secret police report that has been leaked to (of all media) News Limited's The Sunday Mail.

The gang is believed to have been behind kidnapping, extortion and the multimillion dollar drug trade in Queensland. Casinos are their major point of distribution of drugs with one dealer allegedly turning over Au$1.5 million in three months at Brisbane's Treasury Casino.

The NCA report into Asian crime reveals that an estimated 96% of heroin originates from the Asian golden triangle.

A spokesman for the Queensland chapter of the Vietnamese Community of Australia, Dr Hoa Trung Tran said yesterday, "Most unfair, I don't know what the percentage would be but only a very small number of people in the Vietnamese community are involved in any criminal activity.

"It makes me very angry to see reports like this."

The report claims that Vietnamese gangs were behind the threats to Pauline Hanson - threats which are being taken seriously following the gangland slaying of the New South Wales MP for Cabramatta, John Newman.

The report also claims that Vietnamese gangs are responsible for:

The significant increase in heroin on the streets came soon after the police bust a Romanian heroin ring in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast and the Vietnamese moved in to "fill the gap".

Last week the alleged ringleader of the Vietnamese based heroin distribution was arrested in the Brisbane suburb of  Inala.

What was also revealed by The Sunday Mail was that Pauline Hanson has applied for a gun license to defend herself. Ms Hanson lives on a large 60 hectare cattle property west of Ipswich. Although she is constantly protected by Federal police one would feel that it is understandable that facing death threats from the Vietnamese gangs Ms Hanson has sought to protect herself.

The report by Michael McKenna - the same journalist involved (with Sid Maher) in rigging the Prosper Australia rally figures last week adds this "nice touch" to the story...

"Legislation forbids "self protection" as a basis for a license, but a senior Hanson adviser confirmed the "only reason" she would want a gun was because of the death threats."

David Ettridge said to The Sunday Mail, "That would be the only reason why she would have one. Its not that she runs a shop and has plenty of money on the premises. It would be for personal reasons.

"If I had received death threats and lived on a property like her, I would get a gun for my protection; I would take a cannon to bed."

But perhaps the most telling part of The Sunday Mail's complete lack of credibility is the following extract from the front page report reproduced below:

A spokeswoman for the West Moreton branch of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia said Ms Hanson brought two of her children to its range.

Branch spokeswoman Bev Davies said all three received expert training on the range.

"She came out with her son and daughter and they were all given one-on-one training in firing handguns," she said.

"Pauline told me that she had only ever shot a rifle and that was years and years ago. But I tell you she was a really good shot for her first time on a range; she got a very good score in her target shooting."

Mrs Davies said Ms Hanson would become a financial member of the association.

Two weeks ago, Ms Hanson told Federal Parliament: "Australians have the right to defend themselves and their families in their own homes".

She is expected to release a firearms policy attacking the Federal Government's gun laws before the end of the year."

Underlined points: Mrs Davies denies categorically that she ever made these statements. (The so-called one-on-one training is a condition of visitors who have no training in the use of firearms using guns at the firing range. Whether it had been Ms Hanson or a bus driver the same supervision would have been given).

A very distressed Bev Davies, who I know very well, phoned me at 9am this morning and complained that she had been totally misrepresented by Michael McKenna, the journalist who wrote the front page story. Mrs Davies was expecting a phone call at the time from another "Michael" a photographer with The Sunday Mail.

George Hatchman (member of WMBI) phone Saturday morning saying that a friend of his by the name of Michael, who was a photographer, would be phoning to orgainse a photo shoot of Pauline Hanson out at the club’s range.

Mrs Davies says that she believes her comments were unauthorised because she would not have spoken to Mr McKenna if she had known that he was a journalist.

Her belief that he was a photographer was supported by McKenna's constant reference to "talking with David Oldfield".

She also told Mr McKenna very clearly that she had no position in the club and from this he would have been able to ascertain that she was certainly not any type of spokesperson for the club.

Here is a transcript of Mrs Davies signed affidavit on this "interview".

Copy of statement by Bev Davies regarding "interview" with Michael McKenna of News Limited's The Sunday Mail

Saturday 11 October 1997

Saturday afternoon someone from The Sunday Mail phoned me, who identified himself (only) as Mike from The Sunday Mail. I was under the impression I was speaking to a photographer, at no time did he identify himself as a reporter (See point 8 of the AJA code of ethics).

I was asked where the club was, and I explained that it was the old Airforce rifle range. He then asked me the name of the club, and I told him West Moreton Branch Inc (WMBI). He asked if Mrs Hanson had been out there, and I told him yes she was at our Christmas party last year.

He then asked me if there were any photographs taken, and I told him no as it was a social day and we wanted her to have a break from photographers. He then asked did they have a shoot that day, and I said yes. He asked rifles, and I said no pistols, he then asked if the kids had a shoot and I said yes, under supervision one-to-one.

He then asked if she was an honoree member of the club and I said no SSAA do not allow that, but we presented her with a club T-shirt. He then asked me if she was a member of our club, and I said no. He also asked me if she was joining our club, and I told him she had mentioned at one stage that she would like to join a club. He asked how good a shot she was and I told him a very good shot. He asked me my position in the club and I told him I was the ex-treasurer and no longer held any position. He said he would be in contact once he had confirmed with Mrs Hanson for a time to have the photos taken. We were never contacted.

Bev Davies

(Note Mrs Davies has had no prior experience in dealing with the media before this "interview").

Yesterday a Christian got so upset about the disgusting photographic exhibition in Melbourne featuring the Andre Serrano work "Piss Christ" that he tore it down and tried to destroy it before he was apprehended.

Unfortunately it appears that the picture survived the assault which occurred while about 100 Roman Catholics protested outside the entrance to the art gallery.

Curators now fear that Picasso works might be targeted in reaction to the gallery's decision to display the rubbish.

Fuel prices are set to rise by 8 cents a litre in Queensland from tomorrow following the decision by the High Court in August. The High Court ruled that states could not collect taxes on cigarettes, fuel and other commodities.

Queensland is the only state that did not apply a tax to fuel - so to equalise the redistribution of tax on a Federal level a set tax is now being applied on fuel as a form of revenue collection across Australia.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.


email the editorFollowing yesterday's surprise report on voting preferences in Queensland Pauline Hanson's One Nation chief adviser David Oldfield said that the party has not ruled out running candidates in the state election to be held next year.

You say:

Subject: SA (South Australian) Election

Dear Sir,

Link to the SA electoral office URL for your information:

There is not much federal impact from the SA election results. It was a very boring campaign, and nobody took much interest in it. The death of Princess Diana and the first Adelaide Crows AFL football premiership pushed politics from the headlines, and we had what is now being called the "5 day campaign".

The main message from the result:

The electorate dislikes the Liberals, but most of the protest vote went via the Democrats (who still couldn't win a single House of Assembly seat). However, the Labor party still seem to be extremely happy with the result. Maybe someone should tell them that they lost, and they've got another 4 years in opposition!

Some independent liberals look like winning some seats, and it also looks like a National party candidate may get in (there weren't any before the election).

No doubt is will be hard for most (non SA) Australians to believe, but the SA state liberal & labor politicians are even more inept than their federal counterparts. Unfortunately Pauline Hanson's One Nation party is still in its formation stages in SA, and it wasn't ready to contest the election. Therefore all we could do was try to pick the better of two evils - at the moment that means the Liberals. Next time, we might have a real choice and get to vote for somebody we actually want to win.................

Subject: heroin trials Australia


I have a school project , year 10 debate negative on the subject "that heroin trials should be attempted in Australia". I came across your site by accident and it has been extremely helpful and I am sure myself and my mates will use it a lot. Do you know of any more sites that may be helpful on this topic

Brad Lambert

Subject: Pauline Hanson's Prosper Australia rally

Ahh, pure delight, those voices in your page are wonderful, they express the repetitiveness of Pauline's boring and old messages. Instead of playing this one line loop, why not do the same to your beloved Pauline, it would stop so many more people than the current loop.

Dean Price

Subject: Anti-racism Committee

BullShit (freedom of speech), How can one possibly link communism to anti-free speech. Also how can one who constantly rejected the fascist, Hitler, Pauline link, make such superficial Judgements about political position?

"Come on Pauline, What the Fxxx (censored) do you mean?"

All for freedom of speech that is based on reasonable judgement or criticism, not superficial stereotypes

Dean Price


The new superfish of the swimming pool is Grant Hackett who conclusively beat Olympic gold medallist Kieren Perkins by over 20 seconds in the 1500 metres crawl last night.

Hackett's time of 15 min 1.46 secs was just outside his target of beating the magical 15 minute mark. Only 8 swimmers have beaten this mark in the past. Daniel Kowalski came second pushing Perkins out of the upcoming international meeting.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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