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Sunday 27th July 1997

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If Pauline Hanson decides to stand in the new federal seat of Blair she could find herself going head to head with the son of Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen, John a member of the National Party.

John Petersen said yesterday, "I'll have to talk to my wife about it and people in the party, but yes I'm interested."

Just like the Australian Labor Party in the old seat of Oxley a Melbourne Cup field of National Party candidates is expected to compete for nomination in Blair.

On Friday the Australian Electoral Commission split Ms Hanson's seat of Oxley right down the middle - giving her the choice of a new Labor-slanting Oxley seat of the more rurally based seat (National party leaning) Blair.

Ex-Queensland Premier Wayne Goss, who was too scared to take on Hanson based on the old boundaries, is now quite tempted to stand in the new seat of Oxley as it takes in the Inala district (over 22,000 voters) which has a very high percentage of Aborigines and Asians - groups who have distanced themselves from Ms Hanson's party One Nation.

Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock cancelled the visa of US black activist Lorenzo Ervin on Friday.

Mr Ruddock said he took into account Mr Ervin's conviction for air piracy and kidnapping, and his conviction for assaulting a corrections officer.

The minister said he formed the view Mr Ervin was never granted "executive clemency" or a pardon for his convictions, and he weighed these convictions against the factors outlining Mr Ervin's good character.

Mr Ruddock said Mr Ervin flew out of the country earlier today, but the decision means he no longer holds an entitlement to come to Australia.

That man with a mission, journalist Terry Sweetman, is once again at his very bigoted best in today's Sunday Mail with the following comment under the heading, "Kids can counter prejudice":
"Despite some frightening outbreaks of violence, they showed us the way when it came to putting the spotlight and the pressure on the creaky, freaky Pauline Hanson supporters.

"For every bad kid, I reckon I can find you two rotten adults. If only because they have had more years to perfect their nastiness or worthlessness."

There's only one freak here and you have just heard part of what he had to say in page 25 of today's paper - oh, and the article? Well its actually supposedly about young people and jobs - but Pauline Hanson gets thrown into this "journalist's" articles regardless of the topic under discussion. What are the ethics that journalists supposedly follow? Ahh, but this is a News Limited paper - say no more.

Pauline Hanson jump station.

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The Australian Wallaby rugby union team got hammered last night at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The All Blacks cleaning the pool in the Bledisloe cup with a38-18 drubbing. The only winner was tourism with some 10,000 New Zealander's flying the Tasman to be at the game.

An estimated Au$60 million was spent with every hotel in Melbourne being fully booked this weekend. In fact the game was more popular than the widely publicised Formula One race held last year in Melbourne.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another gorgeous day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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