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Wednesday 23rd July 1997

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Here is a transcript of the highly publicised report on how Hanson is effecting Asian trade and an analysis based on our opinion.

We can inform our many readers from a reliable source that Channel Nine's 60 Minutes are apparently in Hong Kong preparing a damning story on how One Nation is adversely effecting trade in Asia.

Our understanding is that interviews are being carefully selected and where the desired outcome (ie Hanson is bad) is not achieved the interview or comments are discarded.

It is believed that the story will be run in the next couple of weeks. Our source is one of those who was not interviewed because preliminary over the phone discussions revealed a neutral stance towards Hanson.

One of Hanson's most vocal opponents, Lord Mayor Jim Soorley (Labor Party), flew back into Brisbane last night after an overseas trip which has been described as a "junket".

Council Liberal Opposition leader June O'Connell said she believed that "sneaky Soorley" had come back to Brisbane "with his tail between his legs because the residents of Brisbane had not stomached his travel junket". She said that she was convinced that Soorley and his partner had taken nothing more than a taxpayer-funded holiday to places like Paris, Ottawa, New York, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Seattle and San Francisco. Soorley said that he had come home early to be at the first council chamber meeting after the recess.

It is believed that the trip cost between Au$30,000 and Au$50,000 and the only good "idea" the Lord Mayor has come up with to date is for childcare facilities at Brisbane airport - after viewing these facilities at Amsterdam.

You be the judge.

Two men accused of attempting to blackmail Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson by publishing explicit nude photos of her on the Internet appeared in a Los Angeles court again yesterday.

26 year old William Holt suffers from a broken knee following a car accident after he was chased by police from the pick up point for the cash bounty to be handed over.

Michael Mishler, the other extortionist and alleged "Elle toy boy" flipped out according to his lawyer Lawrence Young when he found out that Elle was in love with another man.

Both are in jail as they cannot afford to pay the heavy bail imposed by the judge.

Pauline Hanson jump station.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Pauline Hanson

Have you noticed the addresses of those who send Email opposing Pauline Hanson? Almost without exception they have an .edu in the address.

Presumably this means that the taxpayer funds their access to the net. I wonder if the institutions concerned know or care that their funds are being spent to push the political ideas of their staff or students.

S King

Business loan

Recently a mate of mine was retrenched and he went to the CES to see about a small business loan. He was informed that unless he is an Aboriginal or a migrant he isn't eligible for one of these loans. So doesn't that make the Commonwealth Government racist. It goes back to the old saying" If you're a with English speaking male in Australia you are worthless.

I am a member of a One Nation branch and there is no way I am racist, I am a public transport operator and if I was racist don't you think I would never pick up someone that I thought was of different skin tone to me. To tell you, I haven't had one bad letter about me in the three years I've been doing it (Driving Buses).

I have learnt that a zero immigration policy is not a total stop on people entering this country, It is in fact as people leave or died we allow new residents into the country, also those who are going to invest in the country. Every time some-one enters the country and joins the 'dole line' our unemployment rate goes up.

How good are the governments that this nation has seen over the last decade, Boat people come illegally into the country, they are given free legal aid and in turn they sue the government for false imprisonment. Come on Liberals isn't it time we did something about this. Don't lock them up, Tow them back into international waters and send them in the direction they came from. Would their governments let us in if we jumped into a boat an turned up on their shores. I think not.

And finally, How come at all these protests there are placards stating 'Go home racist scum' or 'Pauline Hitler' and at the bottom it say's Socialist party of Australia.

In history at school most people learn that the Nazi party were a socialist party now isn't that the pot calling the kettle .......(you know the rest)



News Limited lifted its stake in Channel Seven to 42.83 million shares (an additional 2.1 million) paying Au$11.25 million on Friday.

With the new Channel Seven equity raising its actual percentage shareholding has fallen from 15% to 13.977%.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another beautiful but cold day in paradise.

Have a good one!

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