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Friday 23rd May 1997

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Australia's richest man, Kerry Packer, gets wealthier by Au$1.6 million a day based on the Au$600 million his wealth grew by during the past year.

If he paid the Au$143 million in taxes the Australian Tax Office claim are due that would put a small dent in the figure, but as he has not come up with the money it has all become a bit academic... unless you were the average Aussie the tax office THEN the tax office would be after you with a vengeance... and the few hundred or thousand dollars that were in dispute.

The ten wealthiest people in Australia according to Fairfax's BRW are:

  1. Kerry Packer: Au$3,900 million.
  2. Frank Lowy: Au$1,400 million.
  3. Richard Pratt: Au$1,300 million.
  4. Harry Triguboff: Au$1,200 million.
  5. Smorgon Family: Au$1,000 million.
  6. David Hains: Au$950 million.
  7. Myer Family: Au$750 million.
  8. John B and Tim Fairfax: Au$670 million.
  9. John Gandel: Au$600 million.
  10. Kerry Stokes: Au$600 million.

Just before the launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation you might recall the hoo ha about "police brutality" that was caught on video tape.

Well the people involved in the incident faced court yesterday resulting in the following:

Facing alleged offences (with 30 witnesses to be called) are: The court was shown a 20 minute video clip of the incident - taped by the Ipswich City Council's Safe City monitoring system.

Bet you didn't see that follow-up story of the nationwide incident in your local media.

The mayor of Brisbane, Jim Soorley, has now taken to writing to schools, churches and ethnic groups asking them to participate in a "march on Ipswich" rejecting the views of independent member for Oxley Pauline Hanson.

It has got to be said that the controversial mayor who was threatened not so long ago of being "outed" by the gay lobby.

The outcome of his tax-payer funded unsolicited mail being sent to schools has been swift with most discarding it, however, a school principal at Tivoli, Garry Sherwood, is now being called on by Soorley to step down because he wrote a personal letter back in response on his school's letterhead saying, "In years to come Australia's name will change to Asialand because of the gross influx of non-Australians into our country. Have a nice day with your non-Aussies at the picnic."

Soorley, who is a prime case for a defamation action by Pauline Hanson, (Hanson has more important issues to concentrate on) when he compared her to Adolf Hitler not so long ago.

But, as is the want of the man he is now on the trail of the school principal saying, "I am saddened and frightened these sort of views are being communicated by a school principal. These views are very destructive to our kids' future."

What will be interesting is to see the type of racist, disgusting and divisive signs that Soorley and his mottley crew will lead in the march. We will be there to photograph them and you make your mind up as to who is communicating abusive and destructive views in a democratic system.

A parent of the school, Pat Taylor, said that Mr Sherwood had "never let his personal views affect his work".

Interesting point she raises when she remarks that the distribution of Mr Soorley's little campaign was tax payer funded.... but that's alright then.

Pauline Hanson went on the offensive against church leaders yesterday for urging parishioners to protest against One Nation. Speaking on ABC Radio she said, "I don't delve into preaching to people so I don't want the church to delve into politics.

"Churches are there as a backbone for our community, someone that the community can lean on in time of need and someone there to talk to.

"I am voted in as a politician to voice my opinion in the direction of the country and the people. I think they are two entirely different issues."

The Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane, Peter Hollingworth, who was yesterday quoted as saying that the Australian national anthem should be re-written to accommodate Aboriginal and multicultural themes, said, "We are trying to deal with processes, prejudices and general feelings of division within the community. I don't think you do anything at all to reveal your sources."

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Official home page.


Prime Minister John Howard yesterday said that Ms Hanson's popularity among Australian voters had nothing to do with the tightening of immigration laws insisting that the high level of unemployment was the major reason the cuts had been implemented.

Speaking in response to the Victorian State Leader Jeff Kennett who had suggested that immigration should be raised by 20,000 a year, Howard said, "I believe he (Kennett) is wrong, I believe I am right and that's why the Federal Government has taken the decision and it's our responsibility to run immigration ploicy."

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Pauline Hanson and 60 Minutes

To whom this may concern,

Just a quick note about 60 Minutes, like any other reporters when they don't have any news to report they make it up, just like sundays 60 minutes interview with Pauline, I have a personal friend who had there career wrecked by a 60 minutes interview, and my friend was also told that it would be a good interview, but what did they do? they edited the interview and made him look really bad, but hey what more can you expect from such a cheap show.


Subject: Pauline Hanson and 60 Minutes

I saw the 60 minutes show and althuogh bised towards the journalists personal pioint of view it is only what should be expected from the apologists and feelgooders who masquerade as presenters of truth and fact.

Cynically perhaps however their main concerns, as are those who One Nation is seeking to denounce, is their own highly paid positions as purveyors of infotainment; directed by Packer et al who are ultimately answerable to the vendors of Coke, Chips and Tampons : those who actually pay for the shows.

Until the journalists wake up to the fact that MANY, MANY Australians are tired of political correctness and want to live a decent life here in GODS-OWN without feeling that they are somehow at fault for the innumerable unpleasant things that have happened through the course of our albeit short history.

Keep up the good work Pauline, Australia is behind you.

Julian Ludowici

Subject: One Nation Party

Any red headed, white, well-off Australian can claim to know what to be disadvantaged is, can even claim to be so themselves. But has Pauline Hanson ever experienced less than a white upbringing in a predominantly white country? She says she is from "the school of hard knocks" - which to me, taking into into account the figures of unemployment, of life expectancy, of disease for indigenous Australians - is an utter joke. Fair enough, racial minorities receive allowances and schemes, benefits which do not always apply to whites, for example. But isn't the reason for this (funnily enough) because they need them? Only when all races are as advantaged as the next; only then can one take away benefits - this is but mere logic. Looking past racism, if nothing, there is factual evidence to prove that if living conditions and disease are anything to go by, Aborigines are disadvantaged in comparison to whites.

What Hanson is asking is ridiculous - to ask for 'One Nation', where above all, every race considers themselves as Australian, regardless of their rich cultures and religions. Immigrants do not come to Australia because they wish to feed off the whites, to live off their prosperity. They come because Australia allows them to enter, and because they hope for a comfortable life, and to be prosperous in their own rights. Is it fair to strip people of such innocent intent of what makes them different? To force them to conform...diversity is something to be proud of.

Finally, a slight critisism on your page - the fact that an entire section of it is devoted to photographs of protestors and text including references such as "grinning hooligan" and "goons" show what pathetic levels you have had to stoop to to create a basis for your argument. To take this protest as a shocking thing is rather naive..put any group of young people together, whether white, Aboriginal or otherwise, and they will cause a scene. It happens all the time. Are we supposed to feel pity, or pride in heroic Pauline Hanson and her supporters as they braved their way through the "cannibal" Aborigines? The fact that Hanson and her merry bunch could walk into the hall in utter seriousness and with dignity with such absolutely ignorant views is more embarrassing and shameful than the pictures of youths protesting.

I do not claim to have a vast understanding of hardship, I am well off and ultimately but 15 years of age- but I do have the insight and sense to deduce the seemingly obvious - racial minorities are not often seen to be advantaged, and are certainly not more advantaged in Australia.

Peter Roberts

Subject: Pauline Hanson and 60 Minutes

RE: 60 Minutes fax from Executive Producer & other issues

The fax from the EP seems to me to be quite neutral, in fact - if Pauline Hanson and her supporters had any sense they would know by now that the media are only after discrediting pieces, not supportive ones! I can't believe that she can be so naive not to see this - didn't she learn from her first 60 Minutes interview? The questions were all traps and she tripped into each and every one of them, strengthening the argument that she is quite stupid - if she doesn't want to be portrayed in this manner, SHE SHOULD STOP GIVING THEM THE AMMUNITION! She's not going to get any positivy from the media - she should accept it! And the reason she's not going to get it is because she has nothing positive to say!

BTW, I am a little confused as to which song you are referring to when you said everyone sang the "We are one, but we are many..." song. Is it the Seekers' song? The one about (my interpretation at least) multiculturalism? It is a great song but from my perspective it is about living together in harmony even though we are all from different parts of the world - living in harmony is about being tolerant and peaceful - One Nation, on the other hand is about stamping out all cultures other than that of the beer-swilling, pie-eating, footy-loving, Aussie - God bless 'em, I'm one of 'em. However, the great thing about living in Australia is it's rich cultural diversity - I love, for example, sitting on a train and seeing many and varied faces looking back at me - one from Africa, one from Japan, one from Vietnam, one from Greece, one from Italy, one from Croatia, one from Ireland and one from Australia - indigenous Australia, that is. It gives me a sense of belonging to a country without prejudice - how can Pauline say that people from other countries have given this country nothing in return??

Also, I am not University educated (only Year 11, I'm afraid) I was brought up on a farm where I had to chop wood and round up sheep, my parents always struggled for money and I don't like being lumped in a pigeon hole labelled "FERAL, DIRTY, INNER-CITY-DWELLING, VEGO-COMMO-LEZZO UNI STUDENT" I am, by all accounts, part of your "Mainstream Australia" but this little mainstreamer, thankfully, does not swim in your waters.

Yours sincerely
Mary Doyle

P.S. Sorry, no four letter words to whinge about!

Subject: to u, silly bugger

hanson is a really nasty bitch. she is like a fog at the bottom of the well that she has no vision of the future development of australia. without asians, australia cannot integrate into asia and will not share the economic results of asia.

go to the hell, hanson!!!

A correspondent from Honk Kong.. kwliu@HK.Super.NET


The Australian cricket team under Mark Taylor's leadership failed dismilly in their first one day match against England. Taylor, opening the batting, once again led the way after England sent Australia in to bat - being bowled for just seven runs. The rest of the Australian top order managed to reach double figures, but we have to remember that as captain Taylor does hold a special place on the board of the selectors and it seems that, despite his appalling batting performance earlier this year in South Africa, it will take an injury or a sign from god to see him replaced with someone who, on past form, can actually help Australia win a match.


The relentless pursuit of sex is wearing the male of the species down - be it mice, man or monkey according British scientist David Gems.

Gems has concluded that men would possibly live an extra 13.5 years if they stopped chasing females. This figure was based on a study of 319 eunuchs when compared to a selection of sexually intact males.

Other interesting conclusions were:

The things some scientists do for fun!

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another cool morning. Overcast today.

Will be having a bar-b-que this afternoon on the banks of the Brisbane river with some clients.

Have a great day.

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