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Wednesday 29th January 1997

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Issues - The banking system under the spotlight.


The Australian Budget has blown out Au$3 billion according to the Treasury Department.

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello responded to the revelation by saying that there would be further pain in May's Federal Budget for the year ahead. He said that the cuts would not be as savage as the Au$7.2 billion slashed from the Budget this year saying that key areas such as social security would be spared.

Costello released the mid-year economic report in Canberra yesterday saying, "We've broken the back... we've got to do some further tidying up and make some progress. We can't say the battle has been won. We can't sit back and we can't relax.... but we have made a very substantial start."

Areas which could face further budget cuts include defence and the National Party's holy grail, the diesel fuel rebate for farmers.

The main points of Costello's report were:

You say:

Subject: Re Redfern, Sydney

I would like to comment on news that has not been reported on your page. The subject is the continuing street gang problems in Redfern in inner Sydney.

For far too long, these gangs of under-aged, dare I say it, "Aboriginal" criminals have been allowed to roam free. Law abiding citizens travelling Everliegh Street have been bashed and robbed, had their cars hikacked and the like and nothing has been done. We now have the situation where the Police and other state and local government bodies and assorted bleeding heart do-gooders have held a meeting to discuss the problem. While they were deep in thought on the best way to handle the situation, an ordinary couple minding their own business driving through this area were stopped by one of these gangs of little mongrels. They were forced from their car at knife point, robbed and their car was stolen and torched.

How long will it be before some innocent person is killed?

It's about time that the government of New South Wales stopped worrying about the Aboriginal Legal Service screaming discrimination every time a cop even speaks to an Aboriginal and did something about this situation. The whole situation can no longer be classified as kids breaking the law. It can now only be described as "urban warfare".

We don't need do-gooders to tell us about underprivildged kids. We don't need the Aboriginal Legal Service screaming discrimination. We don't need Aboriginal activists telling us it's all our fault because we stole their land. What we need is these little bastards to be taught a lesson. If the Government can't or won't do it, then rest assured that thirty or forty Vietnam Veterans with baseball bats will.

Thank you for allowing me to express not only my opinion, but that of the other thirty or forty Vietnam veterans who are once more prepared to march into battle.



It's not often that Kerry Packer gets "caught with his pants down" in a business deal - but if Channel Seven television has its way Packer's shareholding in Optus Vision could be forfeited in the courts - at a substantial loss!

The Seven Network have lodged default acquisition notices against fellow shareholders Optus Communications, Continental Cablevision and Publishing and Broadcasting (Packer).

On the basis of a valuation that Seven commissioned on Optus Vision it has suggested that the value of the Pay TV company has halved in the past two years.

The notices served on Seven's fellow Optus shareholders mean that if the television network is successful in its current action claiming a breach of the Optus Shareholders' agreement, it will buy the 98% of Optus Vision it does not own.

On the basis of the special purpose valuation of Optus the price of the shares would be about half that paid originally by Optus Communications who own 46.5% of the shares. The other major shareholder is a close business associate of the Packer camp, Continental Cablevision with 46.5%.


Michael Bevan was the star once again on the fourth day of the test between Australia and the West Indies. Bevan landed up with a total eleven wickets through his bowling prowess - six in the second innings and five in the first. This after scoring 85 not out in Australia's match winning first innings. The West Indies were skittled out for just 204 runs in the second innings - well short of the target set by the Australian team.

The Australians go into the fifth test assured of the Frank Worrell Trophy as they now lead the series 3-1.


A disturbing report just released claims that 75% of women serving in the military have been sexually harassed in the past 12 months. A quarter of those making the claim say that they had to fend off a male colleague who tried to stroke, kiss or fondle them. 20% of those making the allegation claimed that they had been "stalked".

The report by the Defence Department's Psychology Corps Major Kathryn Quinn paints a disturbing picture of Australia's military.

60% of women interviewed said that they had been treated differently because of their gender while 62% said that they had to put up with offensive, sexist remarks.

The report which covered 2,500 women and 2,500 men in the defence force arrived at the following complaints by women:

Men were not exempt from the sexual harassment with 5% claiming that they had been the victims of unwanted fondling.

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Beautiful outside but overcast. The rain has cleared...

Last night we entertained Mr Joe (Joseph) Byrnes a well-known public speaker based in Sydney. Next week I will be joining the "speaker trail" talking to about 1,000 Queensland business people on doing business on the Internet.

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