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What is the World Wide Web?

When you want to publish a book, you go to a publisher.

When you want to advertise you approach a newspaper.

When publishing your "advert" on the Internet you should go to a WEB BUILDER.

Quite simply put, the Internet is a new media of promotion. There are information providers and information users. It is however revolutionary in its form and offers the ability to provide your information to a potentially unlimited audience and have it constantly up-to-date. It enables you to track exactly how effective it is as a communication medium, by allowing you to know how many people visited and what they looked at. This gives you the targeting mechanism you need to manage your information campaign. No other communication or advertising medium is this accurate.

The World Wide Web (or Web) is the most popular service available over the Internet. The Web is a graphical interface on which YOUR information can be delivered to the computer screens of a global audience - anyone on the Internet! There are approximately fifty million Internet users world-wide. Australians, because of our geographic isolation, are adopting the Internet faster than most other countries. It is estimated that 1500 new businesses (PC User June '95) are joining the Web every month in Australia and over 30,000 people are connecting to the Internet as users. All these Internet users add to the already about 700,000 strong base of Internet users in Australia. The phenomenal growth of the Internet is, in itself, an indicator of its success over the now stagnating circulation of the traditional print media. The growing weekly audience of Global Web Builder's "Definitive LIFESTYLE Guide to (over 5,000) Australian Webs" is now approaching 100,000! The resulting impact for our strategically positioned client's on this guide is their ticket to successful promotion on the Internet.

Until now, getting your information onto the Web (going on-line) has meant a very costly setup; hardware purchases, connection costs, volume charging, server software, authoring tools, staffing and the security issues involved with having your existing systems being open to the world.

Global Web Builders offers you the ability to publish your Business's information professionally onto the Web with a setup cost and a monthly voilume related cost. You control the volume of information you want to be available.

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Some facts about the World Wide Web

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Links to excellent, up to date, Global statistics related to the Internet are available.

Who Are Global Web Builders?

We are more than just a team of Information Technology and Graphic Design consultants. Global Web Builders, a business arm of Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd, pioneered computer based marketing in Australia in 1990. Our clients have included multinationals like News Limited to small one man businesses. Our primary focus is in designing and publishing Australian content on the Web. However, we provide Internet training at all levels as well as advice on all aspects of the Internet and its application for a business. Our aim is to design Web Pages with a style conducive to the client's corporate image while presenting the content professionally for the client's Web audience. In short, to get clients to the Web information and to keep them coming back, by utilising the full potential of Web publishing.

Before establishing Global Web Builders, Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd were project co-ordinators for Ipswich's Global Info-Links project. This project was launched on time, on budget and created national interest in all levels of the media.
We have many Web clients Australia wide. These are mostly Corporate businesses, who have differing requirements for the content they publish onto the Internet. All do however, have common needs in terms of requiring a professional delivery of their content, on a secure platform. Global Web Builders guarantees this as a minimum standard to all our clients.

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Why Global Web Builders?

Because that is just what we are. We boast clients from all over the world. We have clients like Triumph International Japan; NEC Software Ltd and Singapore Technology Parks.
We develop webs in different languages like Japanese. We are a truly international company with web sites all over the world - including the USA and New Zealand.
Our Definitive Global LIFESTYLE Guide with 13 countries participating in our concept creates enormous amounts of traffic for our clients.

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How do you get on -line

There are four major stages in Web publishing; Content development, Structural (interactive) Design, Web Page design and Web publishing. Global Web Builders has expertise in all these areas. We can undertake any or all of these roles for the client.

Typically a client will brief one of our Web consultants. The brief will outline the specifications, objectives, structure and content for the Web Pages as well as an outline of associated links. Our design consultant will inturn inform the client of the design features available for Web publishing and give an estimate detailing the setup costs and the on-going costs for maintaining the specified Web pages.

Once an agreement is made, one of our graphic artists developes a Web look for the client matching the client's brief. This is shown to the client and upon acceptance, the full content and interactive structure is prepared for the client in the agreed style. It is advantageous if the content is already in an electronic format as we do not have to re-key the information during development. This helps to reduces the cost of development for the client.

Once the Web pages are designed and finalised, they are published onto the World Wide Web. This can be done by using Global Web Builders' Web Server as a live Web Site. A monthly volume fee is then charged for the provision of the Web Page service. This is based on the volume of the Web Pages.

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How do my Web Pages get found by Internet users?

Our client's Web Pages are marketed through various Web channels via search engines which represent the "Yellow Pages" of the Internet. We also negotiate hypertext links from relevant industry Web pages to the client's Web Page. Similarly we provide hypertext links on the client's Web Page to allow users to point to other associated Web Pages. This is a service for which we supply free when first publishing Web Pages with Global Web Builders. Through the DEFINITIVE LIFESTYLE GUIDE TO (over 5,000) AUSTRALIAN WEBS we provide our clients with a "front page" location through this guide which is now a major gateway for both local and international traffic.
In November we released The Definitive Global LIFESTYLE Guide. This global vehicle has been franchised to 13 countries with one aim in mind. To create traffic for our clients. The Definitive Global LIFESTYLE Guide through joint promotion and participation through a common home page will create enormous traffic for our clients.

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How much does it cost?

Global Web Builders pricing schedule highlights the full range of services we offer.

All services are charged at a rate of Au$85 /hr. We are also available on a pre-determined retainer basis to maintain and update your web site.

A monthly volume fee is charged for the posting of the client's Web Pages on Global Web Builders' Web Server. This is dependant on the size of the Web Pages being run. The cost to develop a Web Page and subsequently publish it is different for every client. Think of it in terms of developing a publication. The more graphics and layout work, the more expensive but better the look. We quote on Web Page design based on a brief from the client. If you would like to have an estimate for your Web Pages, please contact us.

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Comparative Pricing and Longegivity of other Publishing Media

To publish a full-colour set of Web Pages with global circulation and 365 day per annum, 24 hour access, and to "in effect" undertake the marketing and distribution of the information for you costs around $85 per month with Global Web Builders. (Based on a 12 month term). Longegivity: as long as you need it!

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How long does it take to get on-line?

From design to Web publish ready, we have an average turn around time of two to six weeks for new Web Pages. It does depend on the size and complexity of the web site. This means that within two weeks of your content being developed, we can, in most cases, have it available for the world to see. Existing Web Pages can be updated within a day if required by the client, although a weekly or monthly update period is regarded as the most cost effective. We provide clients with the option of retaining our services for site maintenance on a retainer basis.

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Connecting to the Internet as a User

In the process of publishing on-line Web Pages, the client will usually want to subscribe themselves to the Internet as a user. This involves the client registering with one of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Pegasus or Global Info-Links. We can arrange this as well as hands-on training for the client. This allows the client accepting or sending email as well as being able to receive electronic orders from users of their Web Pages, or, as in some cases to take over the web development and maintenance after a "hand holding" stage.

Many clients use email as a way of providing us with updated content for their' Web Pages. This is quick, effective and digital! It also saves money. Connecting as a user to the Internet should cost around $30-$40 per month and allow 1-2 hours a day access.

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What's next?

Global Web Builders will help you maintain your Web Pages as you see that your content needs updating.

Once you have Web Pages on-line, it is very simple to update any of the content. Typically this involves adding a few new pages or a new feature such as new services or offers. Most successful Web Pages have their data frequently updated, giving the target audience a real reason to keep coming back. As new Web Page features become available, through developments in Web standards and bandwidth increases, we will keep you informed. In the very near future, we will be seeing real-time walk through graphics and real-time motion video/video conferencing available across the Internet and from Web Pages.

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Benefits of publishing on the Web with Global Web Builders

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Who Is Using the World Wide Web to Publish?

Our clients are typically businesses and organisations that see an advantage in doing business on-line. The World Wide Web is becoming a de-facto standard in electronic commerce, for which many businesses see the potential of reaching larger audiences as well as enhancing their existing client bases with the interactive features of the Web. We have organisations that have a need to reach an Australian wide audience, where the Internet is the ideal transport mechanism. Other organisations are using the Web for publishing on-line shopping catalogues. Others are using Web pages to publish monthly newsletters and maintaining email subscriptions, whereas Government has adopted the World Wide Web as a public information channel.

On-line services are the future.

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We can provide the following:

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Web Page features available:

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