Brisbane Anti-Racism Campaign response to
Intelligence Report received 15th July 1997

Outright lies are gutter politics - letter to Queensland Times, 23rd July 1997.

Pauline Hanson and her supporters are so concerned to discredit the demonstrations against One Nation that they have resorted to outright lies.

The allegation that the Brisbane Anti-Racist Committee planned to assault Pauline Hanson is a complete fabrication (QT) July 17). I should know, I was there. The committee never discussed this issue nor would it support individual assaults on Pauline Hanson or her supporters. This is not the way to fight racism.

Hansonís adviser David Ettridge, claims the Federal Police are taking the plot to assault Hanson seriously. So seriously they havenít even bothered to interview anyone who was at the meeting. One Nation want to brand their opposition as violent and as an unrepresentative minority.

This is a typical politicianís tactic designed to cloud the issue. The truth is, it is racism that is violent. Already the number of racist motivated attacks on minorities in Australia has increased dramatically.

You only have to look to the former Yugoslavia to see where politics based on hate leads. The thousands who have rallied against One Nation want to stop Australia going down the same road.

Mark Gillespie, East Brisbane
Ipswich Anti-Racism Committee.


  1. We know that at least two people at the meeting WERE interviewed by Federal Police.
  2. Following the interviews Federal Police said that they were taking the claims seriously.
  3. Committee members have confirmed discussing all other points except 5 (Five) which they deny.
  4. Brian Webb of the Anti-Racism Campaign proves their violent intent

The intelligence report that the ARC are reacting to