Pauline Hanson's visit to Penrith!

Saturday 6th March 1999

Report by Brian Zarth

Full summary of the day by Shondra Briton at this link.
Finally - I know what's wrong with Pauline Hanson! - Chris Fitzgerald

First off Pauline & Dave Oldfield arrived at Panthers for the Hunting & Outdoor Expo.

There were no sign of protestors! Pauline was ushered into the expo to the One Nation Stand, and met the local One Nation Candidates.

Images Left: Left to right - Rick Putra (Mulgoa), Pauline, Wayne Buckley (Blue Mountains), Jean Eykamp (Penrith), Stephen Burke (Londonderry), Noeline Saxiones (Hawkesbury); Right Pauline Hanson with Young Nation's Web Mistress Shondra Briton.

David Oldfield arrived from a speech at the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia AGM.

[left to Right - Harry Ball (nepean branch), Stephen Burke (Candidate for Londonderry)]

Pauline & David both walked around the Expo, they were met with cheers & excitment from the crowd.

It was an excellent reception for One Nation at the Hunting & Outdoor Expo, it was standing room only & the people there were happy to see One Nation, except for the Shooters party. There stand wasn't really as busy as One Nation, but many stalls were displaying Shooters party signs.

Pauline & David then went off to the La Notte Itallian Restaurant for Lunch, and then returned to the Expo for an extra hour.

At 3pm Pauline & Brian Burston left for the Marconi Club in Bossley Park. At the Marconi Club we were welcomed into the club with open arms. we proceeded to a bar to share some drinks with some of the patrons. after we went for a tour of the club. in the Ballroom there was a Ballroom Dancing Competition for 10 yr olds & Pauline stayed to watch for about 10 minutes. when we toured the club further, Pauline was followed by groups of children that were gigling & hiding behind the corners. We could hear them say, "It's really her!". Pauline then met with groups of these children signing their books, and papers.

Pauline then returned to Nepean Branch Member's place Ivan & Pat Casson in Emu Plains. Ivan has been restoring a old Studebaker! and wanted to have some pics of pauline in his restored car.

7:30pm - Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre

As previously reported in @notd signs were posted at the Universities for a protest rally. Well all they could muster up was a group of 20 misinformed half wits that chanted racist slogans & merely highlighted the dropkicks that they really were. They didn't bother us one bit, really they just added to the entertainment.

The event was hosted by Henry Zarth ( Nepean Branch President ) and speeches were given by Rick Putra, Jean Eykamp & Brian Burston.

Then to much applause Pauline Hanson.

After a short break Brian Burston & Pauline Hanson answered questions that were submitted during the break. they touched on many issues relating to the NSW Elections & One Nation Policies, e.g. privitisation, law & order, unemployment, especially Youth unemployment & the family unit. The Question was raised "What do you think of homosexuals?" pauline replied that she treats each person as a person & that there sexual preference does not play a part of it. Pauline said that the homosexual community should have the right to will there property to which ever partner/person they want, but she said that Gay Marraiges & Child adoption by homosexual couples was out of the question. Throughout Paulines address to the public, she kept on reinforcing the Family unit and the rights of the parents to discipline there children. She mentioned that children should be taught discipline respect & responsibility at school, as it was in the past. The Question of Non-compulsory voting was raised. Pauline said that the People of Australia should treat voting as one of the fundamental responsibilities we have in enchange for the freedom that we enjoy in this country.

On behalf of the Nepean Branch Members of Pauline Hanson's One Nation, I would like to sincerely thank Pauline Hanson, David Oldfield, and Brian Burston for there valuable time.

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