One Nation launch in Dandenong
7th July 1997

Voice over: Stephen Jolly of Militant and interviewer on radio.

Comment on what happened at Dandenong:

"Hanson’s a failure, no white Australia!" Eggs, tomatoes, potatoes and urine-bombs are thrown with increasing frequency. I am right in the middle of the crowd with a guy behind who appears to be very interested in the contents of my bag. I am offered more pamphlets and an "anti-racist newspaper"

"It is now 6.45pm and I am near the back of the protest where a table covered with pamphlets has been set up by the protesters. Near that table, a young man (Andrew Gianniotis) is standing on a podium repeatedly asking people to "get active." He is clearly inciting people to display more anger. There are now so many protesters in the street that walking 10 meters to get a decent photograph of him is a real struggle."

"A man (who is not on this photograph) came from behind and king-hit him (Keith Warburton) with a right hook to the right side of the face. I took a photo of the man who punched him but for legal reasons, it cannot be published here."

The full report of the branch launch of One Nation at Dandenong chronicles what happened. There are a number of images and incidents covered, including a first hand experience of the guest being king hit from behind by protesters.

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You say:

Pauline Hanson's critics (9/7/97) have missed the point entirely.

Without any commentary, the facts speak for themselves. Australians whoattend meetings of a legal political party are being verbally andphysically abused, even to the extent now of being hospitalised. The hate,venom and violence is coming from the protesters.

Australia is supposed to be a democracy which enjoys free speech. Lets takemigration as an issue of interest to Australians. The existing governmentpolicy is multiculturalism, which even its architect has repudiated asdivisive. Mrs Hanson believes in assimilation, as leading to superiorsocial outcomes. The protesters believe in multiculturalism. In a democracythe citizens of the country have the right to disagree with and argue themerits or otherwise of government policies. Citizens also may PEACEFULLYprotest.

Mrs Hanson expresses her view peacefully in the democratic tradition. Theprotesters - at least the ones we see at the forefront - withhate-contorted faces scream obscenities and insults, hurl urine-filledballoons and other missiles at their fellow Australians trying to exercisetheir democratic right to attend a meeting. Only the presence of policeprotects Mrs Hanson's supporters from physical assaults by the protesters.

I know who are the fascists.

Antonia Feitz

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Dandenong

I was just in the Age newspapers site and they quoted a protest organiser as saying "the incident(the 59yo man being bashed)wasn't as bad as it seemed". I have news for you, a 59 year old gentleman being found in the gutter unconsciouse is as bad as it looked on national news,remember 'a picture tells a thousand words'. Listen protesters Mike Tyson did it now you are doing the same, being beaten and fighting dirty.

If it wasn't for you lot Pauline Hanson wouldn't be on the news every day, so keep it up Lunatic Left, you're giving her all the publicity the party needs and giving yourselves a rotten name and the press is starting to see it how it is so keep it up Scum Bags.


Subject: Launch of One Nation at Dandenong

I am a major supporter of the One Nation party. I am greatly involved in the setting up of a local branch. I enjoy your commentry of the ON meetings but may I suggest one thing, When you talk about the people entering the meeting why do you always call them supporters, A lot of these people are just open minded people who would like to further their knowledge of the party, that doesn't class them as supporters.

Keep up the good work, it is a top site for us Supporters too keep informed of the progress of the party.


Subject: Launch of One Nation at Dandenong

I attended the protest at dandenong. I was protesting, as i believed i was doing my part in standing up aganst racism and racist beliefs. I was not surprised the coverage by the media took the direction it did, the cameras are always shut off during address to the crowds. Where i believe the real issues are brought up and publicised. It was unfortunate that projestiles were thrown and a man was assaulted, i believe, although i was amonst the protestors, as it just hampered the image of the protest. I was extremely encouraged by the diversity of age and ethnicity amongst the crowd. I met several elderly men and women in the 60's and 70's, as well as children in their late single digits.

In regards to the ever popular criticsm of the roudy "rent-a crowd" i say that it is simply a different political action. Like marxist and socialists politicl idoloogy, radical and revolutionary action is held very dearly. The fact that these "crowd" are attending the hanson protests is because racism, a structural form of oppression confllicts with their values. It is not right for the media, nor one nation to criticise opposing methods of political activity in the manner it has as it further adds to the sensationalism and negitvity, clouding the minds of people who do not think!

Yes i was proud to be there, standig in the cold taking part, doing my bit, being active. i did not throw eggs, i chose not to. i was proud be be alongside my chinese, jewish, gay and elderly fellow human beings, joing in the chrous against the unfair, racist, blame and oppression one nation is perpetuating.
I will be there again in werribee next week. we are all humans. there is a definite gap between the ideology of one nation and what it actually claims.

And yes i HAVE read the maiden speech. It is something i would wipe my arse on.

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