Dandenong Launch -
Resistance protester identifies himself

Voice over: Stephen Jolly of Militant and interviewer on radio.

From: Andrew Gianniotis resistance@peg.apc.org
Organization: Resistance
To: gwb@gwb.com.au

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Dandenong


I am the "young man" who was standing on the "podium" (a milk crate) who was repeatedly asking people to "get active", at the Dandenong protest of One Nation. I am a member of Resistance from Sydney, one of the many Resistance activists in Melbourne at the time for our national conference held between 4 - 6 July.

I am quite perplexed at how you can draw from my urging to ordinary people to get active against racist ideas, that i was inciting people to get more angry?!? Didn't i also say that the only way to defeat racism was to help build an anti-racism movement and that this was what i meant by "get active"!?! If you want a photo of me, it's on page 4 (or 6) of the July 16 issue of Green Left Weekly - the rat bag with the beanie on.

This "news"site is so obviously a pro Hanson propaganda site; you could be more effective in manufacturing consent for racist ideas like Pauline's if you weren't so blatant about it! (not that i want to encourage you).

Just a point on violence at one nation meetings. I wouldn't be surprised if NOT ONE Hanson supporter cares that reports of racially motivated violent attacks on Asians & migrants recorded by the Human Rights Commision has doubled since Hanson's maiden speech. Yet the newspaper headlines scream "DISGRACEFUL!" when *one* person is hurt.

Now let me be clear. Resistance does not support those who say anti-racists should call for Hanson's meeting to be closed down - peacefully or violently. (we certainly don't believe in violence). We don't want racist views to go *back* underground, where they have been the whole time through such glorious periods of Australian history such as the White Australia Policy (founded by the ALP), or the "Stolen Generations" (which Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Senator Jon Herron apologised for by saying some Aboriginal children benefited from being stolen - akin to saying the Jews benefited form the Holocaust).

No, we want them out in the open where we will defeat them openly once and for all. Calling for people to build an anti-racist movement where 50,000 people - not 5000 - will turn up to One Nation meetings to show who really is in the majority, is the best answer. You can do nothing against this strategy except continuing media propaganda like this site which will only slow it down.

See you on the street.

from - just an activist.

Andrew Gianniotis

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