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Quote by Professor Field (Bond University)
Its one thing to stand there with no clothes on, but its another to paint yourself pink.
(Source: Queensland Independent - University of Queensland - June 2004)

In Queensland there are two sets of rules when it comes to the delivery of Justice - one for the political heavyweights and another for the rest of us. This is the "accountable" Beattie Government in action. Read on..... but not if you believe the current (2004) Labor Attorney-General when responding to a valid citizen's petition to appoint an independent prosecutor into the shredding of the Heiner Inquiry documents:
Naturally the Government supports the principle of equality before the law, and that the law should be applied consistently. This is why decisions relating to the charging and prosecution of alleged offenders are not made by the Government.  

Image left: Wayne Goss.
Click on image for the full Labor cabinet implicated in the shredding of the Heiner Inquiry documents - the Beattie Government has used its numbers in Parliament to stiffle any proper inquiry into this illegal act.

The Lindeberg Petition by whistleblower Kevin Lindeberg tabled in Queensland Parliament - The document (Murdoch's) The Courier-Mail censored debate on.

Click on image right to uncover Queensland State Premier Peter Beattie"in the pink" lies and deception... Queenslanders think of the mind of that man behind the predictable smile and quirky remarks... it's a real worry.

"What amuses me is there has been seven inquiries into my inquiry and this has been the first time I have ever been called," Mr Heiner said. "Had I been approached closer to when it (the shredding) had occurred, my memory would have been excellent."
Noel Heiner was the retired Magistrate who compiled the documents that were shredded. Despite being the central figure none of the inquiries established by the Beattie Government called him to give evidence. It was only a House of Parliament driven inquiry that called him to give evidence - prompting the above response. Heiner earlier refused a request to attend or give evidence to the enquiry.

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"Like a mini-watergate, the real harm came not from the original decision but from subsequent efforts to justify it and to minimise the damage."

and, The threat to Beattie is that he had Goss ministers involved in the shredding recommissioned into his Government and he personally has perpetually defended the Goss Government's actions.
Christopher Hurley, Victorian Government Chief Archivist.

Premier Peter Beattie, based on what you will read here, makes well known Queensland conman Peter Foster look like a complete amateur in comparison and this page casts new light on why Christopher Skase would not have had to flee Queensland if he had been a Labor MP.
Scott Balson

Standing Queensland State Labor MPs implicated in Shreddergate as of 1999:
David Hamill, Bob Gibbs, Terry Mackenroth, Paul Braddy and Dean Wells. Beattie was chair of the Parliamentary Criminal Justice Commission in 1990 at the time of the shredding and is now State Premier of Queensland.

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