HEINER AFFAIR: Introduction

Mr Beattie (the Premier of Queensland) said anyone caught destroying evidence could expect to be charged. “Anyone who does that is very courageous and very stupid,” Mr Beattie said on 4BC radio... well "Hello" stupid, said in the most disdainful of terms to Queensland's self-proclaimed media-tart... kind of says it all doesn't it? Makes the late Sir Jo's famous line "Feeding the chooks" pale into insignificance when you understand we are talking about Beattie covering up allegations of paedophilia (yes that's allegations of children being sexually abused) for over eighteen years up to the time of his resignation in September 2007. So where are the "media" - that answer (I believe) is lost in Premier Beattie's tax payer funded army of media advisers (numbering over one hundred) - Anna Bligh maintains this army. Welcome to sunny Queensland, Australia where acts of paedophilia are in effect covered up by the State's Labor leader, the Premier and her Ministry (ask Bill D'Arcy Labor's deputy speaker who served seven of a 13 years jail for acts of paedophilia - he will tell you).. it took over twenty years for D'Arcy's sins to hit the courts - and only after it became too hot to keep the issue quite. And The Courier-Mail were party to the cover-up. Classic Murdoch.

What happened to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and radio host Steve Austin... did they get cold feet? Why was the ABC's Andrew Carroll kicked off the Morning Show after he interviewed Kevin Lindeberg the man who exposed this disgusting affair? Why did Prof Bruce Grundy have his contract torn up at the end of 2007 by the University of Queensland's School of Journalism when he dared to take up Lindeberg's cause through "The Independent" newspaper? These are not conspiracies - contact them they will tell you what I say is true.

Now only this page has taken on the lies, lies and lies of dirty politics from day one. Scott Balson has been targeted by both the Queensland Government (under Beattie) and News Limited for having this page (established in 1996). Despite their attacks he has refused to take this page down.

Sadly the facts laid out in the links from this page reflect the position that government departments in Queensland have become overtly politicised under Labor. They are not there to serve the interests of the people - rather they are there to serve the politicians who have placed their mates (senior executives) into positions of power in these departments. Worse still, well connected journalists at Murdoch's only daily paper in Brisbane, The Courier-Mail, make sure that none of the facts openly and publicly displayed below get revealed to the general population in Queensland. And now their editor, Chris Mitchell, continues to play a leading role in covering up Labor's dirty BIG secret as editor of The Australian. But Mitchell came unstuck when he tried to take me on for carrying this website..

The loop of corruption and cover-up in Queensland is complete.

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