You never heard about this on the news? How surprising!

Well, believe me, it wasn't for want of trying!

You see the "news" today is controlled in so few hands that it is no longer news but the biased opinion of the major media proprietors. (Behind the scenes their lobbyists seek special privileges from politicians... of course this is off-limits to us ordinary folk). The blatant unethical behaviour of The Australian in this complaint speaks for itself - those in senior editiorial positions have no fear of the law and no interest in balance. The fact that you are reading these pages, like News Limited already have, speaks mountains! If what I said on this page was defamatory I would have heard from their lawyers long ago. They know the information posted on this website is true and bringing into the courts would have major ramifications on them personally and their master Rupert Murdoch.

The pathetic cowardice of many News Limited reporters is epitomised by Greg Roberts who gladly fabricated a story to score a few browny points with his boss - The Australian's editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell. Listen to Roberts curtail the interview I initiated when I ask him a hard question!

I contacted many television stations including "Sunrise", "A Current Affair", ABC's "Seven Thirty Report" and "Mediawatch"! Not one show responded. They are all caught up with more important issues like Brittany Spear's latest debacle! the Internet-based "bastion of independent thinking" had their slogan tarnished when their reporter Sophie promised to get back to me after a phone call to find out more... but never did!

I contacted Fairfax and the West Australian but neither showed any interest in a story which factually demonstrated how The Australian had knowingly fabricated a story in which they publicly campaigned to blacken the names of people it did not like. Just Ipswich's Queensland Times covered the story.

So while you see politicians being smothered with praise by television shows  and self-serving newspaper reporters along with the self-glorification of their "superstar" hosts the real stories are swept under the carpet.

The tragedy is that the concentration of the media in too few hands in Australia has allowed this to happen. and we just cop it sweet

News is not news. In Australia it carries a heavy dose of bias.

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